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would estimate the average yield per acre of the several crops mentioned above, as follows-viz : Grass, 1 ton ; corn, 40 bushels ; oats, 40 bushels ; wheat, 15 bushels.

Total receipts from all sources....

...... $800 91
Total expenditures.................................... 757 92

Balance in treasury............................ $42 99 OFFICERS.—Horace Reed, President, Rootstown ; J. W. Clark, Vice-President, Streetsborough ; Julien C. Harmon, Secretary, Ravenna ; W. W. Hinman, Trea. surer, Ravenna. Directors—R. E. Osgood, R N. Andrews, R. H. Peck, T. Gorby,

PREBLE COUNTY. The eleventh annual Fair of the Preble County Agricultural Society was held at the Society's grounds, near Eaton, on the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st days of September, 1860. The number of entries was large in most departments, and our Fair for the two first days promised to be a good and successful one. On the third day we had a storm of wind and rain, that served to lessen our receipts very much ; and also the United States Fair-within two hours' ride of ours, and on the same days, hurt us much ; and then the political fever was never higher in our locality than it has been the past season ; it seemed to be contagious, and raged as an epidemic. But the Treasurer's report, notwithstanding all hindrances, shows our Society in good condition financially.

The principal crops raised in Preble county are corn, wheat, barley, oats and flax-seed.

Corn in our county never gave so uniform and good a yield as has been realized the past season. One hundred bushels and over to the acre seems to be no uncommon product; we think we will have an average of 50 bushels to the acre the county over.

Wheat gave an average yield in quantity, and of excellent quality. The greatest yield per acre reported to our Society was by Mr. H. Beckdale-374 bushels from one acre.

Barley, but little sown the past season ; yield good per acre.

Oats gave an excellent yielu, and of good quality. Fifty bushels to the acre is very commonly claimed-forty bushels about an average. Experience has taught us to sow just as early in the spring as the ground comes into good condi. tion to work.

Flax-seed about a common yield- ten bushels per acre. There is a manufacturing company located at Eaton, that pay from five to eight dollars per ton for

the straw after the seed has been separated therefrom, which proves quite an addition to the profits of the crop.


Total receipts from all sources....... .......... $1,589 34
Total expenditures ............... ............ 1,570 22
Balance in treasury ....

$19 12 OFFICERS.-H. W. Dooley, President; J. M. Daugherty, Vice-President ; J. P. Brookins, Treasurer ; John Eastman, Secretary Directors—Samuel Duffield, Enoch Taylor, David Patton, Frank McWhinney, John A. Caylor.

ROSS COUNTY. The principal crops raised are corn, wheat, oats, barley and potatoes—the two first mentioned largely, and the remainder moderately.

The average number of acres and yield of each is about as follows:

Corn 80,000 acres, 40 bushels; wheat 36,000 acres, 10 bushels; oats 4,000 acres, 40 bushels; barley 100 acres, 10 bushels; potatoes 700 acres, 100 bushels.

The grain was injured to some extent by weevil and fly. It is of a very superior quality.

The proceedings of our society have generally been characterized with great interest, giving conclusive evidence of great usefulness.

We have the satisfaction of reporting ourselves out of debt, al hough our receipts show a diminution, owing in part to the unpropitious weather during the Fair, and in part to indifference manifested by the attention being directed to the elections.

I have the pleasure of reporting our membership as 184.

Total receipts...................................... $1,625 44
Total expenditures...

1,313 78

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SANDUSKY COUNTY. The Sandusky County Agricultural Society held their Annual Fair on the 2d 3d and 4th days of October, and exceeded that of any previous Fair, both in quality and quantity of the articles exhibited, and the increased interest in our Fair among the people generally.

Number of members, 405.

The exhibition of cattle, horses, hogs and sheep was large, and the improvement manifest over previous Fairs.

In the handywork of the ladies, flowers, agricultural implements and machines, mechanic arts, domestic manufactures, farm and dairy products, we had a good show-making Floral, Mechanic and Farm Products' Halls aitractive features of the Fair.

The principal crops raised in this county are wheat, corn, clover seed, oats, hay and potatoes. Crops of every kind have been good the past season, being more than an average in quality and quantity. The average per acre of wheat is about 16 bushels. The corn crop is very heavy, and of good quality; average per acre about 50 bushels. Clover seed, oats and hay good crops. A large field of potatoes, but rotting badly.

The principal market town of this county is Fremont, and, with its railroad facilities and river navigation, its advantages as a market place are not surpassed in this part of the State.


Total receipts ...................................... $1,147 61
Total expenditures.............

........... 1,129 06 OFFICERS For 1859.-James Valette, President ; James Parks, Vice President; Wm. E. Haynes, Secretary; 9. Buckland, Treasurer. Managers—Dr. La. Q. Rawson, Hon. Ches. Powers, W. B. Lemon, Martin Wright and Jacob Winters.

OFFICErs for 1860.-Daniel Capper, President; John S Gardner, Vice Presi. dent; John M. Smith, Secretary; Theo. Clapp, Treasurer. Managers—S. S. Rathbun, Benj. Inman, Jesse Emerson, Timothy Wilcox and Alfred Black.


SCIOTO COUNTY. I inclose you a statement of our Agricultural Society. We have one hundred and twenty five regular members. The amount of money received by treasurer, as per report, during the year, was $701 20 The amount disbursed for premiums was $559 27. The difficulty of obtaining the desired information is such that I cannot give you as full a statement of statistics as I would hope to. Our farmers, as a general thing, do not take as lively an interest in our annual meetings as they should do ; I therefore give you as near the facts as I am able to do.

Our show of stock was equal to any previous year. The society, like most others I visited this fall, make the horse ring the principal attraction, and thereby lose sight of the great principle of agriculture, or many useful and valuable benefits to be derived from those annual meetings. They are now studying the anatomy of the horse.

The principal crop raised in this county is Indian corn. Some of our farmers are turning their attention more to wheat, and have purchased steam power for threshing, &c. Reapers and mowers, within a few years, have become common utensils with most of our farmers. It is difficult to fix an average upon crops upon our lands, as we have every variety of soil, from the rich alluvial to the most sterile in the State ; some of our lands producing 150 bushels of corn per acre, and others not 10. The season has been favorable, and crops of all kinds are good : corn, wheat and oats, over an average ; rye and buckwheat, scarcely any raised; potatoes good, and in fact all root crops good; hay, not a sufficient amount raised for home consumption ; we have the land, but farmers prefer to raise other crops, although there is no more profitable crop raised here ; fruit, a fair crop, but not sufficient for home consumption. I am pleased to say that our farmers are turning their attention to this important branch of husbandry, and have planted fine orchards, and in a few years we will have a surplus of fine fruit, as I believe our county. well adapted to raising it.

OFFICERS.—John A. Turley, President; E. Glover, Vice President; Thomas Dugan, Treasurer. Directors—W. S. McColm, Lee L. Salady, W. M. Veitch. Clark Gallager, George Turner and J. S. Fulson.

SENECA COUNTY. An Agricultural Society has become a permanent institution in this county; to deprive our citizens of their annual reunion and friendly competion, would be a great deprivation indeed, and one that they would not willingly forego. Our society is increasing in numbers yearly, and all classes of our citizens manifest a deep interest in its success. We are satisfied that the society has been a benefit to stock raisers, agriculturists and mechanics.

Our tenth annual Fair was held at Tiffin on the 3d, 4th and 5th days of October, the weather was good during the Fair, and taking into consideration the fact that nearly all the counties adjoining this held their Fairs during the same week, there was a very large attendance.

There was between eleven and twelve hundred entries, and all classes were well represented, excepting field crops, in which there were no entries. In cattle we had a large display for this county, and some very fine animals were exhibited showing a great improvement in this class. In horses the display was very creditable, but there is room for much improvement in this class in our county ; there are very few, if any, stallions in this county for which a reliable pedigree can be furnished. The Dorgan strain of horses are mostly encouraged in this county.

In sheep we had a fine exhibition, including Spanish Merinos, Saxons, Silesians, Southdowns, Cotswold and Leicestershire. The farmers of our county pay a great deal of attention to this class of stock, and furnish annually a large amount of wool for market. In swine the display was good, showing a marked improvement in quality.

The classes of agricultural implements, mechanical products, dairy products, garden products, grain, fruits, household fabrics, needle and fancy work, and flowers and shrubbery, were well represented and attracted a good deal of atten. tion. Taking into consideration all of the classes, we think our last fair was de. cidedly the best ever held in the county, giving us satisfactory evidence of increase ing interest on the part of our citizens, and an evidence of the future prosperity of our society.

The Board of Managers, during the past year, made additional improvements to the Fair Grounds; amongst others they had raised seats prepared, so constructed that they can be put up during the days of the Fair, and then taken down and stored away in the ball until wanted for use again. We found these seats to be a great accommodation to visitors, and not much expense to the society. It is the intention of the new Board to have more of these seats prepared before our next Fair, and also to erect another building upon the grounds for the display of agricultural implements and other mechanical products.


Balance on hand last year........

.... $2,527 51 Amount of disbursements.................. $1,207 69 Premiums and accounts unpaid, about....... 200 00

1,407 69

Balance in Treasury.............

$1,119 82 OFFICERS FOR 1861.-Lewis Baltzell, President, Tiffin, 0.; Thomas J. Baker, Vice President, Tiffin, 0.; Leander Stem, Treasurer, Tiffin, 0.; J. H. Pittenger, Secretary, Tiffin, 0. Managers— Gamaliel Cowles, Erastus Jones, Sr., James H. Brinkerhoff, George W. Lutz, Wm. Barrick.

SHELBY COUNTY. An attempt has been made for a number of years to establish an Agricultural Society in this county, but in the end it proved a failure, and the cause was attributed to the fact, that the society owned no grounds. In March last it was determined by a few, that we would again make an effort, which we have done by

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