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forming a Joint Stock Associatton, and purchasing grounds. In this manner we succeeded in getting stock enough taken to make the first payment, and to pay part on our improvements. By a united effort and great perseverence, we succeeded in getting the grounds cleared off, well enclosed, a good floral hall, office, and a number of pens and stalls erected, and determined that we would hold a Fair on the 4th, 5th and 6th days of October. Our time was short, and but few farmers had enlisted, so that we had many fears. But our first Fair under the new organization was held, and to our joy, and the disappointment of the many croakers, it was a decided success. We closed with 318 members. Number of entries, 621.

The show of horses was fine, particularly of young stock. We had two or three Morgan stallions, with their products of one and two years old, which are rarely equaled in older counties.

The exhibition of cattle was not large, but there was many fine specimens. Hogs were few in number, but of the very best breeds. The exhibition of sheep was not large, but for quality cannot be surpassed in the State. The “chicken fever" having abated, the show of chickens was small.

The exhibition of farm and garden products was large and of a superior quality. The exhibition of fruits was not large, but of a superior quality. The Floral and Mechanic's llalls were well filled, and done great credit to the exhibiters. The show of farm implements was not as extensive as was desirable.

Much credit is due to the ladies for their efforts in decorating and furnishing the hall.

Fine specimens of field crops were exhibited. The competition on field crops was not such as we should liked to have seen ; one acre of corn only being entered, the produce of this one acre was 102 bushels.

Altogether we feel gratified at our success, and think that with proper care, our course is onward. For beauty of location we think our grounds are not surpassed in the State.

OFFICERS -Jas. A. Wells, President; S. Alex. Leckey, Secretary, and John Duncan, Treasurer.

STARK COUNTY. Our Society has purchased a beautiful grove of twenty-five acres on the banks of the Nimisilla, and our Fair for 1860, held on the new grounds, on the 4th, 5th and 6th of October last, was more largely attended, with a greater amount of entries for premiums, and a greater receipt of money from visitors than ever before. The arrangements in our Floral Hall were beautiful; and when it is remembered that we had three other successful Agricultural Fairs in Stark county immediately preceding our County Fair, no one can doubt the lively interest our people take in these exhibitions.



Total receipts ..................................... $5,547 81
Total expenditures................................. 5,112 81

Balance in Treasury ......................... $435 00 OFFICERS FOR 1861. — Madison Raynolds, President; David Lind, Vice President; J. P. Rex, Treasurer ; G. G. 6. Greenwood, Secretary. Directors-Jacob Sherrick, E. D. Albert, James H. Speakman, James Medowell, Edward Brooke.

OFFICERS FOR 1861.- Samuel Lind, President; C. Aultman, Vice President; J. P. Rex, Treasurer; G. G. B. Greenwood, Secretary. Directors-James H. Speakman, David Lind, John Bretz, George Wolf, John Rank.

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The Annual Fair of this Society was held in “Summit Grove," in the heart of the town of Akron, on the 2nd, 3d, 4th and 5th days of October, 1860. The site is beautifully elevated, commanding a fine view of the village surrounding it, and an extended slope of rich natural scenery.

The exhibition this season, although a little deficient in one or two departments, has been a marked success, evincing a general interest among our citizens for agricultural and manufacturing improvement. Stock growing is a feature also of public interest-horses, cattle and sheep, are especial objects of attention and development. Wool also is of superior production, both in quality and quantity. This county is becoming famous for the large amount and superior quality of wool sold in it.

Field crops were well represented in the exhibition, showing yields of superior quantity. Forest trees transplanted by the road side have received encouragement with satisfactory results.

The mechanical and manufacturing interests have not received proper encouragement for their exhibition, although they exist of a high order. It will doubtless be the object of the Board, at the ensuing Fair, to show their appreciation of those interests in the form of increased inducements to bring them out, which will receive a positive respouse.

On the whole, the Society has fairly assumed its proper influences, having recently been re-established on a firm basis, and is now in a flourishing and healthy condition. It is destined to take a high rank among similar institutions in Ohio, if indeed it has not that rank already. There are few county societies, in Northern Ohio, at least, which has offered the inducements, in form of premiums, surpassing this-ils aggregate list this year exceeding $1,700,

The number of members for 1860 was 760.


Receipts from all sources.....................

$2,092 53 Paid for premiums and expenses ........

1,563 43 Balance in the treasury for the year. ............. $529 10 OFFICERS FOR 1860-H. P. Canon, President; Wm. Wise, Vice President; James Mathews, Secretary; Jno. R. Buchtel, Treasurer. Directors—Andrew Hale, E. H. Cole, Wm. Buchtel, George Sackett, Vincent Harris, Henry Daily, George Crause, Julius Pond, C. A. Collins, S. W. Harrington, J. C. Wallace, Chas. Coe, Avery Spicer, J. E. Hurlbut, John Ewart, V. M. Thompson, C. Sackett, and L. Alling

OFFICERS FOR 1861.-P. C. Cruthers, President; C Coe, Vice President; Jas. Mathews, Secretary; Jno. R. Buchtel, Treasurer. Directors—Ezra Munson, E. H. Cole, T. Beardsley, George Sackett, James Hammond, Charles Rineheart, A. A. Kepler, Jno. Markillis, John Johnson, S. W. Harrington, John Wilson, Charles Miller, J. H. Wise, D. B. Alger, John Ewart, A. T. Combs, L. Alling, and F. H. Wright.

TRUMBULL COUNTY. The Fair this year was held on the 4th, 5th and 6th of October, and the result of it was a complete success. The outlay made by the Society during the two years past, and the necessity of making the receipts at the Fair go as far as possible toward paying the installments becoming due upon the debt for fair-grounds and buildings, induced the Managers of the Society to diminish the amount of premiums (not the number), and to appeal to the farmers of the county to exbibit their stock and products without so large a stimulus in the shape of prizes as heretofore.

The members of the Society nobly responded to the call, and there never has been a finer display upon our fair-groun is, although we have so netines seen a

larger array of articles on exhibition. The principal difference in the display of stock noticed was that grade cattle were very scarce, nearly all the exhibiters bringing full blood Shorthorns, thus showing that the standard pure breeds are becoming almost universally diffused, and nearly all our farmers have some ani. mals of this strain.

The early frosts spoiled the display of flowers, but Floral Hall was beautifully adorned with works of art and evergreens, and compared well even with seasons in which the flowers have been abundant.

As was remarked in our last report, the fair-grounds, known as “Oak Grove," twenty acres in extent, was bought at a cost of $3,000, and buildings, costing about $2,000, were erected the money being raised by a stock subscription. Forty per cent. on the stock has been collected, and the regular receipts at the Fair are confidently relied upon to pay the balance, and repay the stockholders within five years.

The total receipts from the Fair this year, including the amount received from the State fund are $2,035 37. The amount of premiums paid is $415. After paying the installments due this year upon the grounds, new improvements, the expenses of the Fair and premiums, the Treasurer reports $165 in the treasury.

OFFICERS FOR 1861.-Josiah Robbins, President; Leman Palmer, Vice-President; Junius Dana, Secretary, B. N. Robbins, Treasurer; D. W. Jameson, Marshal. Managers-H. B. Perkins, John Reeves, H. D. Freer, Geo. Hapgood, Franklin E. Stowe, Geo. K. Pelton, C. G. Beardsly, Ira L. Fuller, S. 8. King, Abner Rush.

TUSCARAWAS COUNTY. The annual Fair of the Tuscarawas County Agricultural Society was held on the three last days of September, upon the Society's grounds, situated between Canal Dover and New Philadelphia, containing about eleven acres, substantially enclosed with convenient and excellent fair-ground buildings, for the accommodation and protection of stock.

Floral Hall, for the exhibition of fruits, flowers and fancy articles.

Farm Product Hall, for the display of bread, butter, cheese, honey-farm products and articles appertaining to this class.

The Fair passed off bigbly satisfactory to visitors, exbibiters, and the officers of the Society. The entries, exhibition, attendance and receipts were larger than any former Fair. The exhibition, in some departments, showed a marked superiority and improvement over any former fair. The season has been highly pro

pitious, more so than for a series of years, and the people have made the best use of the abundance.


Receipts from all sources............................ $1,169 91

Gross expenditures ................................ 1,169 91 OFFICERS.—B. D. Downey, President, :Canal Dover ; John Walters, VicePresident, Shanesville ; B. B. Brashear, Treasurer, Canal Dover; Geo. Welty, Jr., Secretary, Strasburg. Managers—U. C. Deardorff, David Johnson, Josiah Walton, Jno. M. Hodge, Samuel Scott.

UNION COUNTY. Our Fair was first appointed to be held in the month of September, but the State Fair being subsequently appointed for the same time, ours was changed to the 17th, 18th and 19th days of October. The late date at which it was held damaged it in some of its departments, but, taken altogether, it was quite equal to any that preceded it. In the receipts, and the number in attendance, it was ahead of all its predecessors.

There is a manifest tendency of our Fairs to run into stock shows. Something can be done to check this tendency by increasing the number and value of premiums on the other departments. But people admire “ hosses" and cattle, and no doubt these will continue to be the leading features of our Fairs.

The crops of oats, hay, wheat and corn were good-better than for some years past. Potatoes were abundant, and of excellent quality. There was a fair crop of apples.

The premium corn crop was raised by D. G. Cross, and was 114 bushels to the acre. Thaddeus Wood raised 40 bushels of wheat on an acre. E. Burnham raised 125 bushels of potatoes on one-fourth of an acre.

There has been a great deal of prejudice against much of the land of this county, because too flat and wet. But as the country is more cleared up, and drainage is introduced, this prejudice gives way. Indeed the land formerly condemned as too wet is now considered the best land for corn and hay. The corn crop of Mr. Cross, above named, was raised on a piece of land too wet for cultivation until drained, and this is the second crop grown upon it since it was cleared. There is no swampy or springy land in this county. The land we call wet is so only because there are not suitable drains to take off the surface water.

Tile draining has been tried on a small scale, and has proved satisfactory, Mole

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