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OATS.—The field, on which the crop was raised, has been mowed for a number of years ; was plowed in December, 1858, and planted in corn the following season. The soil varies from clay to black loam. The ground was well plowed ; oats sowed about the middle of April, and as well harrowed as the condition of ground, on account of heavy rains, would admit. The field contains by measurement six and one-fourth acres of ground cultivated ; and the number of bushels raised was three hundred and forty-five-averaging fifty-five and one-fifth bushels per acre.

Total expense, $22 29.
By 345 bushels oats at 28., $86 25.

The following is a statement of a crop of oats, raised in 1860, on ten acres of ground, by G. W. Strager:

Previous crop, corn ; no manure. The soil black and loose ; used no manure. Sowed (broadcast) 21 bushels oats on ten acres the last of March ; harvested the last of July, and thrashed the first of August. The actual yield by measure 790 bushels.

In breaking the ground, used one of W. D. Miller's loose-ground medium plows Plowed about five inches deep, and harrowed both ways.

MR. KLIPPART: I here make a statement of the mode of culture, etc., of one. half acre of turnips :

The variety, the Norfolk, of which I sent you; sowed the 1st of August, after wheat harvest; with one plowing ; and sprinkled on, before sowing, two loads of fine manure; then covered with a bush about one-third of a pound of seed.

178 bushels of turnips at 25 cts. (being what I sold at). $44 50
The tops being equal to 800 ibs. of bay ............. 400

- $48 50
Two loads of manure

$ 75 To plowing .................................... 75 To harvesting .......

..... 2 00 To marketing...

...... 1 50

$5 00

Total amount net

... $43 50 Or $7 per acre. Some think the crop not worth much. I had one and a half acres, and have wintered a large lock of sheep on them, and never had them do better, not losing ope.

One thing that is very essential is, that great care should be had as to the seed SOWN. I 80w none but what comes from the seed store. One rod, through the centre of my field, was sown with chance seed; the yield was not worth gathering. I heard a man say, when I was a boy, that the secret of raising turnips was in the seed, which has been worth dollars to me.


The following is a statement of Comstock, Ferre & Co., of Urbana, of two square rods of onions raised by thera :

Previous crop, a crop of onions on the land manured with half cart load horse manure. Soil, mixture of clay and black loam. Location, ne mile south of Urbana. Manure used on the present crop, 1} bushels wood ashes applied on the top of the ground after the second weeding. Seed sowo, Wethersfield Large Red Annual Onion. March 29th, plowed, harrowed, raked and sowed in drills fourteen inches apart, with a hand drill; weeded three times. Oct. 1st, time of gathering, measured thirteen and one-fourth bushels, valued at 65 cents per bushel, market price at that time in Urbana. Total estimated expense, one dollar and fifty cents.

Expenses ......
Thirteen and one-fourth bushels, at 65 cents .....
.......................................... *1 50

.. 8 61

Net proceeds.......

....... $7 11 ORVILLE NOBLE.

The following is a statement of one-fourth acre of Chinese Sugar Cane raised by Sampson Jaquith :

Ploughed the ground (upland sod) early in the Spring, once; planted 10th May, 10 seeds to the hill; distance, four feet north and south, by three feet east and west, at a cost not exceeding twenty-five cents; hoed once, when quite small, cost not exceeding twenty-five cents ; cultivated once north and south, cost not exceeding twenty-five cents ; cultivated once east and west, cost not exceeding twenty-five cents ; hoed once, and cultivated twice, north and south, cost not exceeding thirty-seven and a half cents. October 2d, cut, ground, crushed and manufactured on Cook's Evaporator; measured the amount of syrup from forty average hills, being quarts—there being 907 hills to the one-fourth acre, the amount would be 476 quarts, or 119 gallons.

Sampson Jaquith being duly sworn, does make solemn oath that the above statement is true in every particular.



In order to show the interest manifested and the support tendered to County Agricultural Fairs, I have endeavored to collect statistics on this subject, and to compile them in such a manner as to show at a glance the patronage of each. It is much to be regretted, that all the Societies in the State have not deemed it proper to comply with the request named in the circular issued to them soliciting information. Some Societies replied that the books were in such a condition that it would require great labor to furnish the information ; others replied that it would be a matter of impossibility. Others, perhaps influenced by the adage that “ comparisons are odious," did not desire to have the results of their labors compared with others.

The officers of County Agricultural Societies should bear in mind that County Agricultural Societies are legal institutions, and are in part sustained by a fund set apart by legislative action, and that proper returns and statements from them are just as much in accordance with law, as County Auditors' returns of the valuation of property.

These returns show that a greater interest is taken in these annual exhibitions, than one would naturally suppose. The salutary influence which they exert on the improved method of agricultural processes—the introduction of improved domestic animals, and improved agricultural implements—cannot well be estimated in dollars and cents, but can best be determined by the high position accorded to the State for the progress, intelligence and enterprise which she so fully merits.


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