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badge system ; consequently, our receipts were much less than they ought to have been.

The society have leased a beautiful grove near Lima, and have enclosed the same with a substantial portable board fence, and erected a floral and mechanical hall, and made sundry other improvements for the convenience of the society The number of entries this year was 307. The ladies' departments were well represented ; and I venture to say that our floral and mechanical hall, in point of beauty, would compare favorably with any county in the State. The society now numbers 245 members. Our premiums were paid in agricultural bcoks and papers, with good results. Our farmers say they are better satisfied with such premiums than they would be with cash premiums.

Crops of all kinds are good in this county this year.



Total receipts from all sources.......................... 8573 25
Disbursements ........................................ 557 73

Balance in treasury ........................ $15 52 OFFICERS FOR 1860.- Hon. Thomas K. Jacobs, Lima, President; Dr. R. E. Jones, Gohmer, Vice-President; 0. E. Griffith, Lima, Secretary; Geo, W. Overmeyer, Lima, Treasurer ; F. Ashton, Sen., A. Bogd, C. W. Jacobs, David Mitchell, David Crall, J. 8. Pillars, A. E. Hadsell, J. R. Hughes, Charles Crites, Directors.


By a resolution of the society, no membership tickets were issued to others than exbibiters, wbich greatly reduced the number of members in comparison with other years : 149 members for 1860.

The number of entries at the last Fair was not near so large as on previous occasions, the principal reason for which was the holding of an independent fair, in Lorain county, on the same days, by means of wbich the north tier of townships

of our county were not represented as usual. The numbers in attendance, and · receipts, were fully equal to previous years.

The principal crops of the county are wheat, corn, oats and barley. The secretary has no data upon which to found an estimate of the amount of each kind raised; the northern part of the county is more devoted to grazing. In some of the clayey upland regions, the wheat, to some extent, was winter-killed, but in other localities was very fine, and the berry unusually plump and heavy.

The season was remarkably fine for spring crops, and the yield and quality more than an average.

The potatoe crop was full, but in some localities, and among some varieties, the rot has been extensive, particularly so with the blue neshannock.

Total Receipts ....................................... $802 41
" Expenditures....................

.. 676 12 Balance on hand......... ............... $126 29 OFFICERS.—Jos. H. Boyd, President; D. G. Templeton, Vice-President ; Wm. Osborn, Treasurer ; Wm. B. McCarty, Secretary.


The society held its fourteenth annual Fair, September 11th, 12th, and 13th, at Jefferson. The first and second days of the fair were rainy and disagreeable, but notwithstanding, a goodly number of people were in attendance on the second day, many perhaps to see and hear Governor Dennison, who had been invited to deliver the annual address to the society. But at the hour for the address, it scemed as if the windows of heaven were opened, for the rain descended in torrents. Every one was on the look-out for shelter. The hall was crowded to overlowing ; carriages were driven as near as possible, all well filled with eager eyes and ears for the governor. Presently he appeared, and the welkin rang with cheers. After being introduced he made a few remarks, but on account of the inclement weather would not detain his vast audience with an address.

The last day was fine for the occasion ; the attendance was unusually largeperhaps larger than at any preceding fair.

There were four township fairs held in the county this year, viz : Orwell, Conpeaut, Ashtabula, and Pierpont, all of which are in a prosperous condition. The managers of the county society have made several valuable improvements the past season ; that of extending the grounds, erecting sheds for cattle and horses, a sup. ply of pens for sheep and swine, and the grading of a fine track one-quarter of a mile in circumference for exbibiting horses ; all of which seemed to prove satisfactory to visitors and competitors.

The patrons of fairs seem to be divided into three classes, viz: those who sustain fairs, believing it will promote agricultural pursuits, and have a beneficial effect upon the country : second, those who spend their three or more days, and their "almighty dollar,” because their is a prospect of its yielding a large percentage in premiums : third, those who do not take any particular interest in fairs, only as a sort of holiday or chance of amusement. Of the last class we do not particularly complain, from the fact that they can not be induced to take any responsibility, for were they once harnessed into the work, we think they would not hesitate to " kick over the traces,” provided a little sport would be obtained thereby.

But of the second class we have greater grounds for complaint, because they labor to make fairs “pay" a few dollars into their own pockets, even though, by so doing, they sap the finances of the very society from which they receive their gains. Verily they are the drones in the bive, anxious to appropriate the sweets equally well earned by others.

The large number of entries this year is a good indication that the interest in fairs is on the increase. In classes of “Shorthorns” there was a very fine exhibition. This county prides itself upon some as cine specimens of this breed of cattle as can be found in the State. Of Devons there are but few in the county, and a small exhibition at the fair. Our farmers do not pride themselves much upon grades, but we have some good specimens. The show of horses was very large, but few of which were “ thoroughbred.” .

There seems to be a marked improvement in the stock of horses, yet it is much to be regretted that this is somewhat behind some other counties in rearing this noble animal. What we have are generally horses-of-all-work.

The show of sheep was perhaps the largest ever had in the county. Farmers are paying considerable attention to wool growing. The Spanish Merino, Cotswold and Southdown are fast taking the place of the native sheep, but which will gain the ascendency is yet to be determined. Hogs are kept in small quantities, but a very good quality. Farmers place but little dependence on this kind of stock for market. But little is raised more than for their own consumption.

Dairying is the principal pursuit of the larger portion of the county, yet all our farmers cultivate more or less of wheat, corn, oats, and potatoes. Wheat is not as sure a crop as either of the others. The average yield, according to the best information, is from sixteen to eighteen bushels per acre ; corn, 35; oats, 33. An abundant crop of hay, fruits of most all kinds in abundance.


Total receipts ............cccccccc

........................ $1,626 00 ." expenditures ..................

...................... 2,423 00 Deficit...........

......... $797 00 OFFICERS --Calvin Dodge, President, New Lyme ; Abel Krum, Vice-President, Cherry Valley ; C. L. Bushnell, Secretary, Monroe ; James Norris, Treasurer, Jefferson ; J. P. Jennings, Harrison Loomis, Stephen Daniels, E. D. Chapman, Lewis Colby, Managers.

ATHENS COUNTY. Athens County Agricultural Fair, 1860, was held at Athens, O., 25th, 26th and 27th of September, 1860.


· Receipts from all sources...... ................... $938 56 Expenditures............

830 72 Balance .........

$107 84 OFFICERS.-W. P. Johnson, President; N. P. Hoisington, Vice President; N. H. Van Vorhes, Treasurer ; H. T. Brown, Secretary. Directors.-H. T. Hoyt, M. M. Green, J. A. Caldwell, Jno. D. Brown, Jno. Dew, Geo. Putnam, Isaac Stanley.

Number of members, 415.

BROWN COUNTY. The Brown County Agricultural Society held its Eleventh Annual Fair, on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th days of September, 1860. During the first two days the weather was very unfavorable, it raining both days, consequently, the attendance was not as large as it otherwise would have been; but the last two days proved more favorable, and we had a good attendance. There has been a steady and growing interest manifested in every department of agriculture in this county since the organization of Agricultural Societies within its borders, and it is with some degree of satisfaction, that we are able to record the fact, that the last year has been the most successful in the history of our society. We do not, as members of the Board, claim any credit for ourselves for such a result, but attribute it solely to the popularity of the institution, and to the firm hold it has attained on our population. The efforts, heretofore, of worthy predecessors, have been such as to place it on a solid basis, and bring about this happy state of things.

The exhibition in every respect was superior to any former one, every department being well represented. The competition in horses was large and spirited there being a larger number of entries than at any other previous Fair, and better stock. Number of entries, 333.

Our show of cattle was very fair. The only improvements attempted here, as yet, is in short horned Durhams, and the present indications are that all our farmers, who care enough for their cattle to take care of them, will soon be owners of " short horners.”

In sheep our exhibition was not large, as was also that of hogs. The principal breeds of sheep in this county are the French Merinos, Cotswold, Leicesters and Southdowns.

The grain, vegetable and fruit departments were all well represented, as was the same in the mechanical department.

The rioral, embroidery, and domestic department was all that could be desired, and the ladies deserve great credit for their untiring energy and perseverance in fostering and maintaining a department which is so necessary to the success and prosperity of an Agricultural Society.


Receipts ..........
Disbursements .....


...... $1,602 09
..... 1,172 45

Balance ...... ..........

$429 64 OFFICERS FOR 1860.-Col. Benj. Dugan, President ; P. L. Wilson, Vice President; Wm. Hays, Secretary; J. W. King, Treasurer. Director:-Jackson Dugan, Geo. R. Shields, Walker Ellis, Jacob Warner, Jno. T. Cox.

OFFICERS FOR 1861.-P. L. Wilson, President; Jackson Dugan, Vice President; Wm. Hays, Secretary; John W. King, Treasurer. Directors— Geo. R. Shields, Walker Ellis, Jacob Warner, John T. Cox, John G. Cochran.

BUTLER COUNTY. The tenth annual Fair of the Butler County Agricultural Society, which was held October 2d, 3d, 4th and 5th, 1860, was a complete success. The amount of receipts closely approximate $5,000, the membership cards alone amounting to over $2,700. The whole number of entries, 2,109. During the whole Fair we were blessed with October's serenest smiles, free from rain or dust, heat or cold. We never before had so fine an exhibition of horses, cattle, swine, farm products, mechanics' work, fruits, vegetables-in fact all the classes were filled with the very best articles ever exhibited at any Fair.

The citizens of “ Old Butler” are truly proud of the Fair fame that they had justly acquired heretofore, and they felt themselves called upon for an extra effort this year, inasmuch as we had had the “ National Fair" in the adjoining county on the south, and the “State Fair" in the adjoining county on the north, and we were to have the “World's Fair" at Hamilton. But the society is chielly indebted to the ladies— God bless them—for its success for the interest they manifest in its prosperity, each year making " Floral Hall” more and more attractive by their

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