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not worthy of a premium. And here we beg leave to suggest to the State Board
the propriety of a note of caution, as to more especially prevent the oft repeated
occurrence of inferior stock being offered for premiums, and thereby giving offense
to farmers who only look at the premium list and not to the clause in the rules
governing committees.
All which is respectfully submitted.



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1. D. McMillen, Jr., Xenia, O., bull, Duke of Thorndale; cows, Prize Flower,

Queen of Tees, Sunbeam and Darling. 2. D. McMillen, Jr., Xenia, O., bull, Belted Knight. 1. (Error in original) D. McMillen, Jr., Xenia, O., cows, Sunbeam II., Elsie,

White Lily and Arabella. 1. (Error in original) D. McMillen, Jr., Xenia, 0, bull, Duke of Thorndale. 2. D. McMillen, Jr., Xenia, 0, cow, Xenia. do

do cow, Prize Flower. do

cow, Queen of the Tees. 5 do

cow, Sunbeam.

co c ow, Darling. 3. (Error in original) James Fullington, Milford, Union county, bull, Starlight

II., 4 years ; cows, Lady Watson, Strawberry, Delightful and Myrtle. 7. James Fullington, Milford, Union county, bull, Starlight II. 8. Walter A. Dun, Oak Forest, Madison county, O., bull, Dacotah, 3 years ;

cows, Lavender III., 9 years, Nanina, 5 years, and Lady Kate. 9. Walter A. Dun, Oak Forest, Madison county, O., bull, Dacotah, 3 years. 10. do I do

cow, Lavender, 9 years. cow, Nanina, 5 years.

cow, Lady Kate, 4 years. I do

cow, Annie Daviess, 2 yrs. 14. C. Cottingham, Sharon Centre, Medina county, 0., Short-horn bull, Lord

of Clydesdale, 15. Cyrus Hornback, London, Madison county, O., Short-horn bull, Don Pedro,

2 years. 16. James Rankin, London, Madison county, O., Short-horn bull, Gladiator, 3




17. Brutus J. Clay, Paris, Bourbon county, Kentucky, Short-horn bull, Ken

tucky Duke, 3 years; cows, Belle and Emma Hickman, 3 years ; heifers,

Ellen and Lizzie, 2 years. 18. Robt. Geo. Dun, London, bull, Mogul ; cows, Viola, Mignionette, Alma and

Elvy. 19. Robt. Geo. Dun, London, bull Mogul (best bull of any age). 20. R. G., W. A. & J. G. Dun, London, bull, Colonel, and 5 calves. 21. R. G. Dun, London, cows, Viola, Mignionette, Elvy and Alma (best cow of

any age). . 22. R. G., W. A. & J. G. Dun, bull, Colonol (best bull of any age.) 23. Jno. G. Dun, La Fayette, Madison county, bull, Volunteer, 1 year. 24. David Seltzer, London, bull, Sir Robert Alexander, 1 year. 25. G. M. Coulter, Reeseville, O., bull, Challenger. 26. Alfred Coulter do bull, Richard Booth. 27. Thos. Aston, Elyria, bull, Noble, 1 year. 28. do do bull, Noble; cows, Duchess, Beauty, Nancy, Pretty

Maid. Herd.
29. Jos. Kennedy, Dayton, O., bull, Gov. Corwin.
30. J. Duncan, Paris, Kentucky, bull, Duke of Airdrie.
31. do do do bull, Grand Duke.
32. do do do cow, Louan VII.

cow, Louan X.
cow, Zenaida.

bull, Duke of Airdri; cows, Louan VII , Louan X., Louan XIII. and Zenaide. 36. Henry Wendel, Washington C, H, heifer, 1 year. 37. 8. Meredith, Cambridge, Indiana, bull, Crusader, 8 years. 38. do

do bull, Lord Languish, 3 years. 39., do

cow, Lady Albert 6 years.
cow, Maid of Oakland.
cow, Dolly Madison.
cow, Carrie.

cow, Fashion.
- do

do cow, Keepsake. 45. do

do do bull, Crusader; cows, Lady Albert, Maid of Oakland, Dolly Madison and Carrie. First herd 46. S. Meredith, Cambridge, Indiana, bull, Lord Languish ; cows, Fashion,

Clara Moreland, Ida Vinton and Keepsake. Second herd. 47. S. Meredith, Cambridge, Indiana, bull, Crusader, and 5 calves.




48. H. J. Starr, Carey, O., heifer, Romantle.
49. G. M. Coulter, Reeseville, O., cow, Eglantine.

do cow, Eglantine II. 51. do do bull, Challenger; cows, Eglantine, Eglantine

IL, Sunbeam and Princess. Herd. 52. W. H. Reed, Reese ville, O., bull, Duke of Wellington. 53. W. Palmer, Bloomington, O., bull, Warrior and 5 of his calves. Herd. 54. do do bull, Warrior. 55. J. & J. H. Perrine, Lebanon, O., bull, Captain Crusader. 56. do .. do cow, Lady Jane Trimble. 57. G. C. Palmer, Bowersville, cow, Emma IV. 58. do do heifer, Emma VI. 59. Brutus J. Clay, Paris, Kentucky, bull, Kentucky Duke.

cow, Belle Hickman. do do cow, Emma Hickman. - do do do cow, Ellen.

do do do cow, Lizzie. Chas. M. Clark, Spriogfield, bull, New Years Day. 65. do

cow, Easter Day. 66.

do cow, Flora Bell. 67. Wm. Palmer, Bloomington, O., cow, Red Rose. 68. do

heiser, Lindie Bell. 69.? J. Fullington, Milford Centre, cow, Lady Watson.

cow, Delightful. 71. do do . cow, Strawberry.

cow, Jessie. The committee submitted no report, but made the following awards. Best herd of 1 bull and 4 cows, J. Fullington, Milford Centre ........... $200 Second best herd of 1 bull and 4 cows, Brutus J. Clay, Paris, Kentucky.... 100 Best breeding bull and 5 calves, 1 year old, R. G., W. A. & J. G. Dun,

London....... ............................................... 100 Second best breeding bull and 5 calves, 1 year old, W. Palmer, Bloomington 20 Best bull of any age or class, Jas. Fullington, Milford Centre........... Best cow do do Brutus J. Clay, Paris, Kentucky..........












1. Joseph Baird, Franklin, Warren Co., stallion, Nimrod Cadmus, 8 years old. 2. Geo. W. Gregg, Circleville, Pickaway Co., stallion, Woodpecker Jr., 13 yrs.

old, bay.' stallion, Gov. Trimble, 1 yr., and

under 2, sorrel. mare, Mattie C., 4 years old,

chestnut. mare, Fannie Robertson, 21 yrs,

dark bay. sucking colt, Fanny Smith, 5

months, bay. 7. John Sutphin, Middletown, stallion, Edwin Forrest, 8 years, sorrel. 8. J. H. McCowen, Harveysburgh, stallion, Tariff, 7 years. 9. do

do do Burlingame, 2 years. 10. Wm. C. Davis, Dayton, stallion, Tom Salter, 1 year. 11. Wm. Bain, Xenia, mare, Belle of Tennessee, 5 years. 12. R. G. Corwin, Dayton, mare, Mattie, 7 years. 13. Reber & Kutz, Lancaster, stallion, Bonnie Scotland, 7 years.

mare, Fashion, 23 years. 15. I do

do do Young Fashion, 5 years. do do stallion, Revenge, 2 years. 17. do

stallion colt, Surprize, 4 mos. 18. H. Wilson, London, stallion, Mickey Free, II., 1 year.

do do stallion colt, May Flower, 4 months. 20. do do mare, Sally Ann, 9 years. 21. do do filly, Flora, 1 year. 22. John M. Morgan, Grove City, Franklin Co, filly, Bell Cora, 2 years. 23. Henry Gery, Rosedale, Madison Co., stallion, Bellair, 6 years. 24. J. C. Vance, Urbana, stallion, Fear-Naught, 4 years. 25. do do filly, Lady Lightfoot, 3 years. 27. M. H. Tatman, Osborne, Greene Co., stallion, Ashland, 7 years. 28, G. S. Hardenbrook, Piqua, stallion, Big Wagner, 7 years.

John Cattick, Franklin, mare, Spy Lottie, 9 years.




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