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Bonnie Scotland was bred by Wm. l'Anson, in the spring of 1853, of Spring Cottage, Malton, England, and imported by Capt. Cornish, in the fall of 1857. He is a rich bay; stands 16 hands high ; clear of white except a star in his forehead ; with immense power and substance, and perfectly sound.

That he was one of the best horses of the day, is shown by his performances, he having won in a canter, the Liverpool St. Leger, the Doncaster Stakes, at Doncaster, carrying 5 lbs. extra, beating Ellington, (the winner of the Derby the same year,) and several other first class horses ; also, running second for the Great Doncaster St. Leger in 1856. His blood, as well as being the most fashionable, is remarkable for stoutness; this combined with his great power and fine action, can not fail to render him invaluable, as a sire of race horses. On his arrival at New York, the Tribune published the following notice of him, written by Wm. H. Herbert.-[Frank Forester.]

" In the ship Baltic, from Liverpool, among other animals brought to this country for the purpose of making profit for their owners, and if possible, of improving our native stock, is a thoroughbred bay Stallion, called “Bonnie Scotland.” He is a blood bay, black-legged horse, without one spot of white about him, except a star on his forehead--the richest colored bay that we have ever seen. He stands full 16 hands high, has the longest shoulder, deepest heartplace, best forehead, shortest saddle-place, and most powerful quarters of any horse now before the public, in our opinion. “Bonnie Scotland” is half brother of “ Blink Bonnie,” the only winner of the Derby and the Oaks since Sir Charles Dunbury's · E'eanor,' which won on those two great events' in 1801. He is the biggest race horse, the best walker, and the best trotter we have yet laid our eyes upon, in the shape of an importation ; and it is worth observing, that he runs back four or five times, into the Herod, Matchem, Partner and Regulus blood, which invariably nicks with our own nearly identical early Sir Archie strain. There is no richer or purer blood than this in England. “Bonnie Scotland” is held by his owner, at $10,000 “Queen Mary,' the dam of “Bonnie Scotland,” is the mother of six very remakable animals: 1, Harricot; 2, Braxey,; 3, Bal. rownie ; 4, Blooming Heather ; 5, Bonnie Scotland ; 6, Blink Bonnie. She was in low condition, with three offspring, when purchased on the merits of Haricot, by Mr. Wm. l'Anson, of Malton. 1st. ·HARICOT,' at three years old, won ten races out of thirteen, the Beverly cup iacluded. She was not entered for great events, but ran a most stout and honest mare. 2nd. BRAXEY' also ran most stoutly and honestly, but being a Scotch mare, ran chiefly for provincial stakes. 3rd. • BALROWNIE,' (now in N. England,) the first horse which ran in England, in Mr. l'Anson's hands, ran four times. Doncaster St. Leger-placed fourth.

Doncaster stakes, won. Pontefract cup, won. Kelso St. Leger, won. 4th. “BLOOMING HEATHER,' ran twice. York, Spring St. Leger, won. Epsom Oaks, placed second. 5th. • Bonnie SCOTLAND,' ran four times. Liverpool, St. Leger won easy against a large field. York, Yorkshire Stakes, placed fourth. Doncaster St. Leger, placed second. This race was won by Warlock, by a length ; Bonnie Scotland and Artillery running a dead heat for the second place. Doncaster, Doncaster Stakes won. In this race he beat Ellington, winner of the Derby, in the same year, brother to · Bird-on-the wing,' and other cracks. 6th. • BLINK Bonny,' winner of the Derby and Oaks, and every race she has started for, when in condition.

PEDIGREE OF BONNIE SCOTLAND." Bonnie Scotland" is by Iago; his dam Queen Mary ; g. dam by Plenipotentiary ; g. g. Myrrha, by Whalebone ; g. g. g. dam Gist, by Young Gohanna; g. g. g. dam sister to Grazier by Sir Peter; g. g. g. g. by Trumpator, &c. &c. [Sud Book, Skinner's Ed. p. 629.] “Iago” is by Don John, (winner of the St Leger in 1834.) His dam, Scandal, by Selim; g. dam by Haphazard; g. g. dam by Precipitate ; g. g. g dam Colebri, by Woodpecker ; g. g. g. g. dam, Camilla by Trentham, [great grand-sire, in the female line, of Sir Archie ;] g. dam sister to Regulus, Godolphin Arabian, Gray Robinson, Bald Galloway, Snake, Old Wilke's mare, daughter of Hautboy, &c. “Don John” is by Tramp or Waverly, dam by Comus ; g. dam Marciana by Stamford; g. g. dam Marcia by Coriander; g. g. g. dam Faith by Pacolet; g. g. g. g. dam Atalanta, by Watchman; g. g. g. g. g. dam Lass-ofthe Mill, by Oronoko ; Old Traveler ; Miss Mabeless, by Young Greyhound ; Old Partner ; Woodcock; Croft's Bay Bard; Makeless ; Brummer; Dickey Pierson; Burton Barb Mare. For Selim, Haphazard, Precipitate, Woodpecker, Trentham, Regulus, Tramp, Waverly, &c. &c. see the English Stud Book, Weatherby's or Skinner's American edition.

“Queen Mary,” the dam of “ Bonnie Scotland,” is by Gladiator, her dam by Plenipotentiary, out of Myrrha, by Whalebone, &c. [See Stud Book.] “Gladiator" is by Partisan ; his dam Pauline, by Moses ; g. dam Quadrille, by Selim ; g. g. dam Canary Bird, by Whiskey; g. g. g. dam Canary, by Coriander ; g.g. g. g. dam Miss Green, by Highflyer ; g.g.g. g. g. dam Harriet, by Matchem ; g. g. g. g. g. g. dam Flora, by Regulus, son of the Godolphin Arab, Bartlett's Childers, Bay Bolton Mare. “Plenipotentiary” is by Emilius, bis dam Harriet by Pericles, (son of Evander,) g. dam by Selim ; g. g. dam Pipylina, by Sir Peter; g. g. g. dam Rally, by Trumpator, &c. “Emilius" is by Orville, out of Emily, by Stamford, Whiskey, Dorimant, Blank, Driver, &c. The pedigree of Evander, Selim, Sir Peter, Trumpator, &c. are so well known that it were useless to follow them up.

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PERFORMANCES OF BONNIE SCOTLAND.--Bonnie Scotland made his first appearance on the turf on the 11th day of July, 1856, (then three years old) in the Liverpool St. Leger, 23 subscribers, which he won in a canter, beating Omar Pasha, Tom Thumb, Illuminator, Queen of the South, &c. &c. His second race was for the great Yorkshire Stakes, on the 22d of August, 178 subscribers. This race was won by Fazzoletto. Bonnie Scotland was placed fourth. His next race was for the great Doncaster St. Leger Stakes, 133 subscribers. This is one of the great races of England, and stands next in importance to the Derby. The best three year olds of the Kingdom try their fortunes in this great contest. It was won by Warlock, Bonnie Szotland and Artillery running a dead heat for the second place. Ellington, the winner of the Derby was in this race.

His last race was run on the 19th of September, of the same year, for the Doncaster Stakes, at Doncaster, carrying five lbs. extra, 93 subscribers. He won this race with ease, again beating Ellington, (the winner of the Derby,) Manganese, Aleppo, brother to Bird-on-the-wing, Callurnia, and a large field. For bis performance in this race, the London Sporting Journals classed him among the best three year olds of his year. Bonnie Scotland had two other engagements, ' but in training, he struck his cannon bone in changing his feet, which lamed bim,

and threw him off. He is now entirely well, and in as fine condition for training as be ever was.

Iago the sire of Bonnie Scotland was celebrated as a race horse, and ranked among the best of his day, in England. At the Newmarket First Spring Meeting, he ran second to Pyrrhus the First, who won the Derby of the same year-was beaten half a length by Sir Tatton Sykes, for the Doncaster St. Leger, in 1846. At the Newmarket first October meeting, he won the Grand Duke Michael Stakes, beating Sir Tatton Sykes by a length, and other cracks.

At the New Market Craven, he won two races in gallant style, beating the winner of the Riddlesworth and the Colum Stakes. Was beaten after a hard contest by Pyrrhus the First, for the New Market Stakes; won the Racing Siakes at Goodwood ; was beaten by a head by Poynton, for the great Yorkshire Stakes ; thirteen started; won the three year old stakes at Doncaster, &c. &c. Don John the sire of Iago, won the St. Leger, in 1838, and many other races; was the best borse of his day-ran until aged, and at all distances.

The committee submitted no report, but made the following awards : Best stallion, 4 years and over, John Sutphin Sr., Middletown ............ $50 2d " " " George W. Gregg, Circleville............ 25 Best " 2 years old, Reber & Kutz, Lancaster...

Best stallion, 1 year old, G. W. Gregg, Circleville.........
Second best stallion, 1 year old Joseph Hirn, Chillicothe.....
Best sucking stallion colt, Reber & Kutz, Lancaster........

“ brood mare, 4 years old, G. W. Gregg, Circleville...... Second best brood mare, 4 years old, R. G Corwin, Dayton...... Best brood mare, 3 years old, J. C. Vance, Urbana...........

" " 2 years old, J. M. Morgan, Grove City.........
“ filly, 1 year old, H. Wilson, London.........
" sucking mare colt, G. W. Gregg, Circleville.......

REPORT OF COMMITTEE. We, the committee on blood horses, examined the stock presented before us, and have passed the pedigrees and decided on premiums, as recorded in the fore. going pages.



5. G. W. Gregg, Circleville, O., mare, Redskin, 3 years and under 4, sorrel. 6. do do stallion, Eagle, 17 months, grey. 7. A. J. Ryan, West Jefferson, Madison Co., filly, Donna, bay, 2 years old. 8. do


do do Polly Hopkins, 2 years old. 9. Samuel A. Andrews, Dayton, filly Lady Belle, 1 year and under 2. 11. H. Simonton & Son, Culumbus, O., stallion, Count Piper, 7 years old, bay. 12. W. C. Davis, Dayton, colt, Nutwood, 1 year. . 13. Wm. Bain, Xenia, stallion, Young America, 4 years. 14. do do do Duke of Orleans, 3 years. 15. D. P. Larkin, Selma, Clark Co., brood mare, with colt at side, 4 years. 16. do do do stallion, 2 years. 17. do do do filly, 1 year. 18. Elisha Swoards, Bellbrook, stallion, Sir Arehy Bellfounder, 4 years and over. 19. Jesse Parsons, Alexandersville, stallion, Searcher, 6 years. 20. H. B. Farr, Fort Ann, N. Y., stallion, Tom Sherman, 6 years. 21. A. C. Jennings, Urbana, stallion, Moro, 3 years. 22. do do do Long Island Cloud, 5 years. 23. Warren Wright, Xenia, stallion, Young Monarch, 2 years.

24. D. Mason, Waynesville, O., stallion, Tom Benton, 7 years. 25. do do mare, Jenny Lind, 3 years. 26. H. W. Reed, Sidney, O., stallion, Black Hawk Morgan, 8 years, roan. 27. Cowan & Morris, Sidney, O., stallion, Mohawk Chief, 6 years, chest. sorrel. 28. M. Bozarth, South Solon, Madison Co., Copper-bottom, 1 year. 29. Richard Nevins, Columbus, O., stallion, Joe Godwin, 6 years. 30. J. B. Rollin, Dayton, O., mare, Fandy Fern, 5 years. 31. Jacob Egbert, Lebanon, brood mare, 8 years. 32. P. W. Taylor, London, O., stallion, Alaric, 6 years. 33. Wm. McClure, Gilboa, Putnam Co., mare, Florizel stock, 7 years. 34. D. D. Moore, Xenia, O., mare, Fanny Fern, 3 years. 35. Chas. Ells, Dayton, O., mare, Kitty, 11 years, sorrel. 36. Thos. Warder, Springfield, O., stallion, Henry, 2 years. 37. B. J. Bidwell, Tecumseh, Mich., stallion, Bussorah Morgan, 8 years. 38. S. R. Morton, West Randolph, Vermont, stallion, Mayflower, 7 years. ' . 39. W. B. Sailor, New Carlisle, O., stallion, Trustee, 3 years. 40. M. B. Walker, Dayton, O., stallion, Count Piper, 6 years. 41. do do do Tom Benton, 3 years. 42. do

do sucking colt. 43. A. J. Murphy, Bellbrook, O., mare, Dolly, 4 years. 44. 8 Eldred, Lebanon, O., brood mare, 8 years. 45. A. C. Voris, Middletown, O., mare, Doll, 3 years. 46. M. Bergdill, Bellbrook, O., sucking mare colt. 47. Warren Wright, Xenia, O., sucking horse colt. 48. James Houk, Troy, 0., stallion, Chestnut Monarch, 2 years. 49. J. A. Smith, Logansville, Logan Co., stallion, Jim, 3 years. 50. J. A. Kyle, Jamestown, O., mare Filly, 7 years. 51. H. Emerick, Columbus, O., stallion, Buckey Morgan, 3 years.


AWARDS ON ROADSTERS. Best stallion, 4 years old and over, A. C. Jennings, Urbana.............. $50 Second best stallion, 4 years old and over, H. Simonton, Columbus........ Best stallion, 3 years old, William Bain, Xenia Second best stallion, 3 years old, W. B. Sailor, New Carlisle..... Best stallion, 2 years old, Warren Wright, Xenia........... Second best stallion, 2 years old, D. P. Larkin, Selma....... Best stallion, 1 year old, W. C. Davis, Dayton............. Second best stallion, 1 year old, G. W. Gregg, Circleville....... ..... Best brood mare, over 4 years, W. Bal), Urbana...............

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