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Second best brood mare, over 4 years old, S. Eldred, Lebanon...........
Best brood mare, 3 years old, D. D. Moore, Xenia.......
Second best brood mare, D. Mason, Waynesville..........
Best brood mare, 2 years old, A. J. Ryan, West Jefferson.............
Second best brood mare, 2 years old, A. J. Ryan, West Jefferson...
Best filly, 1 year old, D. P. Larkin, Selma...................
Second best fills, 1 year old, Simuel A. Andrews, Dayton.....
Bessucking mare colt, M. Bergdill, Bellbrook .......................

REPORT OF COMMITTEE ON ROADSTERS. The judges appointed to report on the following "classes” have attended to the duties assigned them, and respectfully submit the following report:


R. C. FULLER. Mr. John B. Hedrick was obliged to leave the ground before the examination was completed.


1. Wm. R. Webb, Milford Centre, Union county, stallion colt, Defiance II, 1

year. 2. Jonah Bull, Dayton, mare colt, 1 year old, gray. 3. Peter Arnold, Brant, Miami county, stallion, Count Piper; 9 years old. 4. R. C. Stewart, Seven Mile, Butler county, mare, over 4 years old, Patts. 5. do


do filly, 2 years old, Flora Duncan. 6. John Stewart, do'

mare, over 4 years, Highlander. 7. do


do colt, sucking mare. 8. W. C. Stewart, do

filly, Jenny Lind, 3 years old. 9. do


do colt, sucking horse. 10. J. D. Molleson, Franklin, Warren county, stallion, Eclipse, 9 years, brown. 11. Roland D. Evans, Harshmanville, Montgomery county, mare, Snap, 9 years,

bay. 12. Wm. Burger, Milton, Canada West, stallion, Pride of Canada, 6 years old. 13. A. J. Ryan, West Jefferson, Madison county, mare, Bolly, 3 y's old, sorrel. 14. Jesse P. Jones, Lebanon, Warren county, mare, 5 y's old, dark bay (Bell

founder stock).


15. Charles Fullington, Milford Centre, Union county, stallion, Cleveland Bay,

5 years old. 16. Charles Fullington, Milford Centre, Union county, stallion, Cleveland Bay,

colt, 1 year old. 17. Samuel A. Andrews, Dayton, O., mare, Fly, 10 years old, bay. 18. Isaac Keefer (error), Harshmansville. 18. Henry Broadstone, do m are, Julia, 7 years, dark bay. 19. Fletcher Emley, Franklin, O., mare, Jenny Lind, 4 years, dark bay. 20. J. K. Woods, Miamisburgh, O., gelding, Frank, 3 years, dark bay.

21. John N. Bonner, Dayton, O., filly, Topsy, 1 and under 2 years, bay. 22 do

do do Fan, 1 and under 2 years, bay. 23. Morgan Hatfield, Centreville, stallion, Whip Tiger, 4 years, dark bay. 24. John H. Stansel, Centre ville, stallion, Jack Clay, 4 years, bay. 25 D. H. Cleipner, Johnsville, O., mare, Doll, 1 year old. 26. Jobn McClelland, Mt. Liberty, Knox county, stallion, Prince William, 4 y's

old, bay. 27. G. E. House, Mt. Gilead, O., stallion, Black Figure, 10 years old, black. 28. David Young, Dayton, mare, Larry, 7 years, gray. 29. do do do Kate, 3 years, bay. 30. James Wycoff, Middletown, stallion, Edwin Forrest, jr., sorrel, 2 years old. 31. Henry Weller, Centreville, stallion colt, William Wallace. 32. do do mare, Jule, 6 years. 33. Z. Brown, Darrtown, stallion, Highlander, 3 years. 34. do do do Perfection, 2 years. 35. do do mare, Lady Brock, 3 years. 36. J. M. Boatman, Hamilton, stallion, Victor, 3 years. 37. M. P. Vionedge, do do Belmont, 2 years. 39. Jcbn Allen, Centreville, filly, Fox Eclipse, 3 years. 40. William C. Davis, Dayton, stallion, Trustee, 5 years. 41. do

do colt, Woodside Duke, 1 year. 42. D. A. Cooper, do colt, John, 1 year. 43. do

do mare, Fanny Fern, 4 years. 44. W. Bain, Xenia, stallion, Young Highlander, 4 years. 45. Sam'l Stewart, Xenia, stallion, Champion Bellfounder, 4 years and over. 46. D. P. Larkin, Selma, Clark county, brood mare, colt at side, 4 yrs. and over. 47. do do do stallion, 1 year. 48. do do do sucking mare colt. 49. Geo. E. Webber, Hinkley, Medina county, stallion, Eastman Morgan, 12 yrs.


50. Elisha Swoards, Bellbrook, O., mare (brood), 4 years and over.'
51. C. B. Jackson, Centerville, Ind., stallion, Halcorn, 9 years.
52. Isaac Dingler, Bellbrook, O., mare, Bellfounder, 3 years.
53. John Kennedy, Dayton, stallion, Ben Franklin, 8 years.
54. W. A. G. Arthur, Ticonderoga, N. Y., stallion, Gray Lion, 7 years.
55. John Shroyer, Brant, Miami county, mare (brood), 8 years.
56. do do do sucking horse colt.
57. A. C. Jennings, Urbana, stallion, St. Lawrence, 6 years.
58. Wm. Ball, Urbana, mare, Natwood Belle, 6 years.
59. Warren Wright, Xenia, stallion, Monarch, 9 years.

do do mare, Highland Queen, 3 years.
61. Jas. Houk, Troy, stallion, Bull of the Woods, 2 years.
62. Ivans Davis, Lebanon, mare, Flora, 2 years.
63. Henry Schæffer, Middletown, O., brood mare, 7 years.
64. do

do sucking horse colt, 4 months. 65. Leonard Yinger, Sidney, O., stallion, Count Piper, 4 years. 66. J. M. Morgan, Grove City, O., stallion, Prince Charles, 4 years. 67. E. F. Lemon, Urbana, O., stallion, Jacky Thompson, 7 years. 68. do

do stallion, Western Eclipse, 3 years. 69. Jas. Hopping, Xenia, O., stallion, Uncle Tom, 4 years. 70. Wm. Reed, Monroe, Butler county, O., stallion, Perfection, 7 years. 71. John Long, Seven Mile, Butler county, stallion colt, George, 1 year. 72. Franklin Heck, Trenton, Butler county, filly, Victoria, 2 years. 73. Sam’l McKee, Seven Mile, stallion, Bourbon, 2 years 74. J M. Robinson, Maysville, Union county, mare, French Betsy, 3 years. 75. Jas. Daniface, Perrysburgh, O., stallion, Buckeye Boy, 2 years. 76. Aaron Wright, Piermont, Montgomery county, stallion, Bellefounder, 4 yrs. 77. John Evans, Lebanon, O., stallion, Proud America, 10 years. 78. H. Emerick, Columbus, O., stallion, Buckeye Morgan, 3 years. 79. John Cattick, Franklin, O., stallion, Ben Franklin, 3 years. 80. R. Bicket, Jamestown, O., stallion, Bill, 3 years. 81. Peter Buzzard, Germantown, O., stallion, Napoleon, 6 years. 82. Cunningham Rhodes, Hebron, O., stallion, Young Sir Thomas, 2 years. 83. B. J. Bidwell, Tecumseh, Mich., stallion, General Gifford, jr., 8 years, 84. Philip Pontius, Groveport, O., filly, Fan, 3 years. 85. Austin Long, New Jasper, Greene county, mare, Fan, 4 years. 86. Isaac Stansel, Centerville, 0, brood mare, 6 years. 87. Louis Claggett, Xenia, O., illy, Black Rosetta, 1 year.

88. Sam'l Ball, Xeria, O., sucking colt. 89. M. D. Harris, Eaton, O., stallion, Champion, 10 years. 90. ^ Chas. Rece, Sandusky City, stallion, Young Erie, 8 years. 91. Elisha Swoard, Bellbrook, O., brood mare, 7 years. 92. Isaac Smith, Eaton, O., stallion, 1 year. 93. Wash. Coleman, Franklin, O., stallion, Ohio Chief, 2 years. 94. G. Schwartz, Dayton, filly, Nellie, 2 years. 95. Jesse P. Jones, Lebanon, O., etallion, Wagner, 1 year. 96. O. Colwell, Woodstock, Champaign Co., stallion, Young America, 3 yrs. 97. Schenck & Pugh, Franklin, O., Black Hawk Morgan, 9 years. 98. Joseph Herin, Chillicothe, stallion, Henry Clay, 1 year. 99. Wm. Prest, Middletown, O., sucking mare colt. 100. Martin Hines, Alpha, Greene county, O., Stallion, Sailor, 3 years. 101. Warren Wright, Xenia, O., stallion colt. 102. do do s tallion colt. 103. do d o stallian, Young Monarch, 2 years. 104. Richard Nevins, Columbus, stallion, Joe Godwin, 6 years. 105. W.C. Davis, Dayton, stallion, Tom Salter, 1 year. 106. M. B. Walker, Dayton, stallion, Tom Benton, 3 years. 107. Henry Shæffer, Middletown, O., stallion, Perfection, 1 year. The committee submitted no report, but made the following awards :

HORSES FOR GENERAL PURPOSES. Best stallion, 4 years old and over, A. C. Jennings, Urbana....... Second best stallion, 4 years old and over, William Reed, Monroe......... Best stallion, 3 years old, Z Brown, Darrtown........ Second best stallion, 3 years old, John Catling, Franklin............... Best stallion, 2 years old, M. P. Vinnedge, Hamilton........ Second best stallion, 2 years old, Samuel McKee, 7 Mile... Best stallion, 1 year old, John Long, 7 Mile................. Second best stallion, 1 year old, Isaac Smith, Eaton....... Best sucking stallion celt, Henry Shæffer, Middletown........ Second best sucking stallion colt, Henry Weller, Centreville........ Best brood mare, over 4 years, R. C. Stewart, 7 Mile....... Second best brood mare, over 4 years, Elisha Swoards, Bellebrook..... Best brood mare, 3 years old, Warren Wright, Xenia..... Second best brood mare, 3 years old, Philip Pontius, Groveport.......... Best brood mare, 2 yrars old, R. C. Stewart, 7 Mile....... ...... ..... Second best brood mare, 2 years old, Evans Davis, Lebanon ...... .....

[blocks in formation]

Best filly, 1 year old, D. H. Clemmens, Jobnsville......
Second best billy, 1 year old, J. Bull, Dayton.,
Best suckiog mare colt, John Stewart, 7 Mile.......
Second best sucking mare colt, D. P. Larkin, Selma........






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1. Martin Hines, Alpha, Greene Co., stallion, Sailor, 3 years old. 2. R. H. Bargdill, Jamestown, Green Co., stallion, Higbiger, 7 years, bay. 3. Chas. Fullington, Milford Centre, Union Co., stallion, Clydesdale, 9 years old.


do mare, Norman, 8 years old. do


do colt, do i do

do mare, half Norman, 5 years. Adam Garlaugh, Alpha, Green Co., mare, Nell, 4 years, roan.

spring horse colt. do


mare, Bet, 8 years, roan.

do spring horse colt. 2. Jacob Paff, Alexandersville, mare, Lize, 8 years. 13. Jesse R. Marshall, Bellbrook, stallion, Young Napoleon, 4 years and over. 14. J. P. Mumma, Dayton, stallion, Sampson, 5 years. 15. do do mare, Tip, 15 years. 16. do do mare colt, Clara, 4 months. 17. Horton Ferguson, Milton, Wayne Co., Ind., stallion, Emperor, of Ky., 12 yrs. 19. John Shroyer, Brant, Miami Co., mare, Fly, 10 years. 20. do

do horse colt, 4 months. 21. David Brown, do stallion, Ben, 7 years. 22. George Myers, Springfield, O., stallion, French Cobham, 7 years. 23. Wm. A. Shook, Xenia, O., stallion, Timoleon, 4 years. 24. Israel Slack, Marysville, O., Buffalo Charley, 3 years. 25. Jas. H. Roney, Marysville, O., Gilly, Flora French, 3 years. 26 do do filly, Tell, 2 years., 27. Bigger & Roney, do stallion, Little Giant, 2 years. 28. E. R. & I. D. Glenn, Urbana, 0, stallion, Virginia Marcus, 8 years. 29. B. J. Bidwell, Tecumseh, Mich., stallion, Tecumseh Chief, 5 years. 30. Jas. Marshall, Xenia, O., stallion, Norman, 1 year. 31. do do stallion, spring borse colt. 32. Jesse R. Marshall, Xenia, O., mare, Jane, 5 years. 33. Richard Burrows, Alpha, O., mare, Mary, 7 years. 34. J. R. Marshall, Xenia, O., spring horse colt. 35. Wm. Swailes, Troy, 0., mare, Mary, 3 years.

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