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The committee submitted no report, but made the following awards : Best stallion, 4 years and over, Horton Ferguson, Milton, Inde ........... 850 Second best stallion, 4 years and over, R. H. Burgdill, Jamestown........ Best stallion, 3 years old, Israel Slack, Marysville...............

do 2 do Bigger & Roney, Marysville........

do 1 do James Marshall, Xenia....
Best sucking stallion colt, R. Marshall, Xenia.............
Second best sucking stallion colt, John Shroyer, Brant.........
Best brood mare, over 4 years, J. R. Marshall, Xenia............
Second best brood mare, over 4 years, Adam Garlaugh, Alpha........
Best brood mare, 3 years old, Wm. Swails, Troy..................
Second best brood mare, 3 years old, J. H. Roney, Marysville...........
Best brood mare, 2 years old,

do do
Best filly, 1 year old, Charles Fullington, Milford Centre.......

MATCH HORSES AND MARES. 1. George S. Keiffer, Tiffin, Ohio, saddle horse, Washington, 7 years. 2. 8. Eldred, Lebanon, Ohio, 1 pair coach horses, Brown Highlanders, 5 years. 3. Samuel Wiggim, Dayton, Obio, gelding, Bill, 8 years, bay. 4. Joseph Baird, Franklin, Greene county, gelding, 5 years, bay, harness. 5. E. D. Andrews, Alexandersville, Montgomery county, gelding, dark brown,

6 years, harness. 6. Peter Baker, Alexandersville, Montgomery county, gelding, bay, 7 years,

barness. 7. Joseph Fenstermaker, Alexandersville, Montgomery county, gelding, sorrel,

8 years, harness. 8. Jonathan Evans, Harshmansville, Montgomery county, gelding, bay, Mor

gan, 5 years, harness. Morgan stock. 9. Jacob Link, Dayton, Ohio, geldings, Jack, 7 years, and Joe, 9 years, match

farm or draft horses. 10. Jacob Link, Dayton, Ohio, gelding, Joe, 9 years, saddle. 11. Wm. M. Richards, Jamestown, Greene county, Obio, mare, Nelly, 6 years,

sorrel, harness. 12. Wm. Burger, Milton, Canada West, mare, 7 years, harness. Sire, Sir Tat

ton Sykes, dam, Yellow Rose. 13. A. J. Ryan, West Jefferson, Madison county, gelding, Doctor, 4 years, bay,

harness. 14. A. J. Ryan, West Jefferson, Madison county, gelding, Billy, 4 years, sorrel, 15. Isaac Keefer, Harshmansville, Montgomery county, geldings, Michael, 7


years, and Niger, 8 years, blacks, match draft. 16. Isaac Keefer, Harshmansville, Montgomery county, gelding, Jim, 13 years,

black, saddle. 17. J. V. Nauerth, Dayton, gelding, American Boy, 5 years, dark bay, harness. 18. Joseph Hare, Carlisle Station, mare, trotter. 19. Henry Russell, Xenia, mare and gelding, match draft or farm, 7 and 5 yrs. 20. Wm. Neibel, Alexandersville, Montgomery county, gelding, Logan, 6 years,

dark iron gray. 21. Wm. Neibel, Alexandersville, Montgomery county, mares, Fanny and Liney,

4 years, bays. 22. Houston Lowe, Dayton, stallion, Milo, 3 years, black. Shetland pony. 23. A. Horst, Alexandersville, gelding, Chas. Zapp, 7 years, chestnut sorrel,

harness. 24. C. M. Michel, Centreville, Ohio, gelding, Dave, 5 years, gray, harness. 25. Peter Long, Dayton, geldings, Jim and Jack, 6 and 7 years, blacks, match

horses. 26. David Young, Dayton, gelding, Charlie, 4 years, bay, saddle. 27. Jonah Bull, Dayton, gelding, Prince, 8 years, harness. 28. Asbury Brock, Cedarville, mare, Flora Jane Douglas, 6 years, saddle. 29. Wash. Durin, Dayton, gelding, harness. 30. John. E. Allen, Centreville, gelding, Charlie Allen, 5 years, light harness. 31. Wm. Reed, Monroe, Butler county, geldings, pr. matched horses, harness. 32. J. M. Lafever, Dayton, mare, Jane, 5 years, light harness. 33. do do gelding, Reuben, 3 years, saddle. 34. Isaac Imboden, Miamisburg, gelding, B. Black, 6 years, saddle. 35. do

do gelding, Tobias Lane, 7 yrs., harness and saddle. 36. S. B. Andrews, Alexandersville, mare, Fanny Lightfoot, 5 yrs., light harn. 37. Horace Phillips, Dayton, Frolic and Millie, 3 and 5 years, Shetland ponies,

matched roadsters. 38. John Allen, Centreville, pair matched farm hörses, Reuben and Dick, 5 and

8 years. 39. Jas. Alexander, Jamestown, Ohio, stallion, 4 years, pacing, saddle horse. 40. Wm. Hagler, Washington C. H., gelding, 4 years, for saddle. 41. — Beall, Xenia, stallion, Flaxtail, racking, saddle. 42. B. Dilly, Dayton, gelding, Billy, 5 years, light harness. 43. Jas. Hopkins, Bellbrook, Ohio, mare, Belle, 6 years, saddle. 44. A J. Stover, Spring Mountain, Coshocton county, Ohio, mare, Coshocton

Belle, 4 years, light harness.

45. A. J. Stover, Spring Mountain, Coshocton county, Ohio, mare, Coshocton

Belle, for fastest trotter. 46. A. B. Darst, Dayton, gelding, Punch, 8 years, dun. 47. do do gelding, Punch, for trotter. 48. Milton McNeill, Centreville, Ohio, gelding, 8 years, for harness. 49. Michael Smidner do gelding, for saddle. 50. E. H. Dolph, Dayton, gelding, grey, 9 years, harness. 51. Jno. Shroyer, Brant, Miami county, gelding, Barney, 4 years, harness. 52. W. H. Callender, Dayton, gelding, Bodwell, 6 years, light harness. 53. A. C. Jennings, Urbana, mare, Alice, 6 years, light harness. 54. do do mare, Rachel, 6 years, light harness. 55. J. R. Young, Dayton, horse, Nailer, 8 years and over, black, light harness. 56. Wm. Stansel, Centreville, mare, Topsey, 6 years, bay, light harness. 57. P. P. Lowe, Dayton, geldings, 1 pair, Mike and Bill, coach horses, 6 years. .5o. Wm. Dixon, Dayton, gelding, Carey, 6 years, harness. 59. Geo. E. Webber, Hinkley, Medina county, stallion, Eastman Morgan, for

fastest trotter. 60. Daniel Beckel, Jr., Dayton, gelding, Pet, 6 years, harness. 61. Adrian A. Schenck, Franklin, Warren county, gelding, Doc, 7 years, saddle. 62. D. H. Schepck,

do gelding, Selim, 7 years, single harness. 63. D. H. Schenck,

do mare, Dolly, 7 years, single harness. 64. D. Mason, Waynesville, stallion, Tom Benton, for fastest trotter. 65. J. C. Vance, Urbana, gelding, Benicia Boy, 4 years, saddle. 66. A. J. Thompson, Belleville, Richland county, gelding, Dan, 7 years, saddle. 67. Thos. White, Centreville, gelding, Black George, for light harness, over 4. 68. N. Seffurman, Dayton, gelding, George M. Patchen, single harness, over 4. 69. W. R. S. Ayers, Dayton, gelding, Jack Walker, single harness, over 4. 70. J. D. Pugsley, Dayton, pair roadsters, matched. 71. do do gelding, saddle horse. 72. Charles Harris, Dayton, Shetland ponies and colts. 73. J. H. Gorman, Dayton, 1 pair matched roadsters, 6 and 8 years old. 74. do do 1 single horse, Frank, for harness, 8 years. 75. Joshua Brown, Paintersville, 1 single mare, for saddle, 8 years. 76. do d o stallion, 3 years old, trotter. 77. Wm. Reed, Monroe, Butler county, 1 pair coach horses. 78. Richard Nevins, Columbus, mare, Flora, 6 years, light harness. 79. V. Winters, Dayton, 1 pair matched horses.


80. J. A. Johnson, Urbana, gelding, Black Jim, 4 years, harness. 81. W. Palmer, Bloomington, gelding, Willis, 4 years, bay, harness. 82. Dan. Perrine, Le banon, gelding, Abe Lincoln, 3 years, harness. 83. do do do Brother Jonathan, 5 years, for fastest trotter. 84. Hatfield & Boone, Lebanon, geldings, pair matched roadsters, 5 years. 85 David Kemp, Dayton, gelding, Canadian Barney, 8 years, harness. 86. Wm. Gamble, Dayton, mare, Belle, 4 years, light harness. 87. Henry Pasel, Springfield, gelding, George, 3 years, light harness. 88. D. D. Moore, Xenia, stallion, Sam, 5 years, for saddle. 89. do do gelding, pacer, D. Webster, 6 years old, for saddle. 90. C. Fullington, Milford Centre, Union county, 1 pair draft mares. 91. B J. Bidwell, Tecumseh, Michigan, mare, Flora Temple, 4 yrs., light barness. 92. Pbilip Sutton, New Jasper, Green county, gelding, Sam, 4 years, light

harness. 93. Wm. Kilgore, Jeffersonville, gelding, Dusty Bob, 8 years, saddle. 94 Isaac Stansel, Centreville, gelding, Morgan, 6 years, saddle. 95. J. R. Marshall, Xenia, 1 pair draft mares. 96. M. D. Harris, Eaton, gelding, racking saddle horse, 4 years. 97. Jacob Routsoung, Dayton, gelding, Frank, 6 years, harness. 98. T. P. Kelley, Gratis, mare, Dolly, 6 years, light harness. 99. D. Shæffer, Springfield, 1 pair matched roadsters, 6 years. 100. J. H. Denise, Middleton, gelding, Billy, 9 years, light harness. 101. Stephen Eldred, Lebanon, 1 pair matched roadsters. 102. A. Harris, Centerville, gelding, Charlie, 6 years, harness. 103. Andrew Roosa, Lebanon, gelding, light harness. 104. W. R. S. Ayers, Daytɔn, 1 pair matched roadsters, geldings, 5 years. 105. G. W. Enslie, Dayton, gelding, Frankfort, 8 years, harness. 106. J. D. Phillips, Dayton, gelding, Reuben, 11 years, harness. 107. F. O. Scath, Dayton, gelding, Pony, 4 years, saddle. 108. G. W. Ross, Washington, C. H., 1 pair matched coach horses, 5 years. 109. Charles Ells, Dayton, 1 pair geldings, 7 years, harness. 11. T. M. Sailor, Urbana, 1 pair farm horses, 4 years. 111. S. Hankins, Ret se ville, 1 pair matched roadsters, 4 years. 112. D. Shæffer, Springfield, 1 pair matched coach horses, 6 years. 113. Adam Garlaugh, Alpha, Greene county, 1 pair matched farm mares, 4

and 8 years. 114. J. Earnshaw, Canton, gelding, Mac, 5 years, saddle. 115. A. C. Jennings, Urbana, Alice and Rachel, 6 years, matched roadsters. 116. - Woodward, Dayton, mare, Fandy Fern, 6 years, light barness.

The committee submitted no report, but made the following awards : Best pair of coach borses, D. Shæffer, Springfield. ......... ......... $25 Best pair of farm or draft horses, R. Marshal, Xenia....... Best pair of matched roadsters, Siephen Eldred, Lebanon..... Best gelding for light harness, 4 years, A. Roosa, Lebanon....... Second best gelding for light harness, 4 years, D. Perrine, Lebanon....... Best mare, for light harness, 4 years, R. Nevins, Columbus............ Second best mare for light harness, 4 years, A. C. Jennings, Urbana.... Best gelding for saddle, 4 years, Wm. Hagler, Washington C. H........ Second best gelding for saddle, 4 years, A. A. Schenck, Franklin......... Best mare for saddle, Ashley Brock, Cedarville........................ Second best mare for saddle, Joshua Brown, Paintersville............... 10 Best and fastest trotting stallion, G. C. Webber, Hinckley............Sil. Med. Best and fastest trotting mare or gelding, D. Perrine, Lebanon........ Sil. Med.

SWEEPSTAKES. 1. James Duniface, Perrysburg, Wood county, Ohio, stallion, Buckeye Boy,

2 years. 2. Philip Pontius, Groveport, Obio, filly, Tom, 3 years. 3. Himes, Alpha, Green county, Obic, stallion, Sailor, 3 years. 4. J. D. Molleson, Franklin, Warren county, stallion, Eclipse, 9 years, brown. 5. G. W. Gregg, Circleville, stallion, Woodpecker, Jr., 13 years, bay. 6. do do mare, Mattie C., 4 years, chestnut. 7. do do mare, Fannie Robinson, 21 years, bay. 8. H. Simonton & Son, Columbus, Ohio, stallion, Count Piper, 7 years, bay. 9. John McClelland, Mt. Liberty, Kaox county, stallion, Prince William, 4

years, bay. 10. John Sutphin, Sr., Middlesex, stallion, Edwin Forrest, 8 years, sorrel. 11. Wm. C. Davis, Dayton, stallion, Trustee, 5 years. 12. W. Bain, Xenia, mare, Belle of Tennessee. 13. do do stallion, Young Highlander. 14. D. P. Larkin, Selina, Clark county, brood mare, 4 years and over. 15. do do do do do 16. Elisha Swoards, Bellbrook, brood mare, 4 years and over. 17. Reber & Kutz, Lancaster, stallion, Bonnie Scotland. 18. do

do mare, Fashion. 19. do

mare, Young Fashion. 20. Horton Ferguson, Milton, Wayne county, Indiana, stallion, Emperor of




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