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26. And they gave forth their Lots, and the Lot fell upon Matthias, and he was numbred with the eleven APOSTLES.



1. The Apostles filled with the Holy Ghost, and speaking

divers Languages, are admired by fome, and derided by others: 14. W bom Peter disproving, and foewing that the Apostles Spake by the Power of the Holy Gbost, that Jesus was risen from the Dead, ascendes into Heaven, had poured down the same Holy Gboft, and was the Meffiah, a Man known to tbem to be approved of God by his Miracles, Wonders, and Signs, and not crucified without his determinate Corinfel, and Fore-knowledge. 37. He baptizeth a great Number that were converted; 41. Who afterwards devoutly and charitably conversed together the Apostles working many Miracles, and God daily increasing bis Cburcb.

. W Hither fhall I go


Ver. 1. AND when the Day

from thy Spirit ?

Or whither shall I fee from thy was fully come, they were PRESENCE ? all with one accord in one PS. li. 10. Create in me a clean Place.

Heart, O God, and renew a right

Sririt within me. ! And suddenly there,

11. Caft me not away from thy came a Sound from Heaven Presence ; and take not thy HOLY as of a rushing mighty Wind, Spirit from me. and it filled all the House thy SALVATION: and uphold me

12. Restore unto me the Joy of where they were fitting. with thy free SPIRIT. 3. And there appeared

Prov. i. 23. Turn you at my Re unto them CLOVEN Tongues,

proof : Behold, I will POUR Out

my like as of Fire, and it fat known my Words unto you.

SPIRIT unto you, I will make upon A Gh of them.

Isai. xliv. 3. For I will pour Wa4. And they were all filled ter upon him that is thirsty, and with the HOLY GHOST, and will pour my SPIRIT upon thy

Floods upon the dry Ground : I began to speak with other Seed, and my BLESSING upon TONGUES, as the Spirit thine Offspring,

Chap. 1v. 1. Ho, every one that gave them Utterance.

THIRSTETH, come ye to the WA5. And there were dwel. Ters, and he that hach ao Money; ling


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ling at Jerusalem Jewis, come ye, buy and cat, yea, come,

, , · devout Ñen, out of every ney, and without Price. Nation under Heaven.

Ezek. xi. 19. And I will give 6. Now when this was them one Heart, and I will put a noised abroad, the Multitude will take away the stony Heart

NEW Spirit within you ; and I came together, and were con- out of their Flesh, and will give founded, because that every them an Heart of Fleth: Man beard them fpeak in Seatutes, and keep inine Ordinan

20. That they may walk in my his own Language.

ces, and do them: And they shall 7. And they were all a- be my People, and I will be their

Gon. mazed, and marvelled, say

Chap. xxxvi. 26. A new Heart ing one to another, Behold, also will I give you, and a new are not all these which fpeak Sririt will I put within you, and Galileans ?

I will take away the story Heart 8. And how hear we eve you an Heart of Flesh.

out of your Flesh, and I will give ry Man in our own Tongue, 27. And I will put MY SPIRIT wherein we were born ?

within you, and caufe you to walk 9. Parthians, and Medes, keep my JUDGMENTS, and do

in my STATUTES, and ye shall and Elamites, and the Dwel- them. lers in Mesopotamia, and in

Zech. xii. 10. And I will POUR Judea, and Cappadocia, in upon the House of David, and up

on the Inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Pontus, and Asia,

Spirit of GRACE, and of Sup10. Phrygia, and Pam- PLICATions, and they shall look phylia, in Egypt, and in the upon me whom they have pleRC

ED, and they shall mourn for him Parts of Lybia, about Caj- as one mourneth for his only Son; rene, and Strangers of Rome, and shall be in Bitterness for him,

as one that is in Bitterness for his Jews, and Proselites,

First-born. 11. Cretes and Arabians, John iji. 5. Jefus answered, Vewe do hear them fpeak in rily, verily 1 say unto thee, Excepe our Tongues the WONDER- of the Spirit, he cannot enter in

a Man be BORN of WATER, and FUL WORKS of God.

to the Kingdom of God. 12. And they were all a- 6. That which is born of the mazed, and were in doubt, Flesh, is Flesh ; and that which is

born of the SPIRIT, is SPIRIT. saying one to another, What

Chap. v. 32. There is another meaneth this?

that BEARETU WITNESS of me, 13. Others mocking, faid, and I know that the Witness which

he witnesserh of me is true. These Men are full of new

Chap. vii. 37. In the lact Day, Wine.

that great Day of the Feast, Jofus 14. But Peter ftanding stond and cried, faying, If any Man with the Eleven, lift up and DRINK

THIRST, let him come unto me, up, his Voice, and said unto them, 38. He that BÉLIEVETH on me, Ye Men of Judea, and all as the Scripture hath fald, out of

his BELLY Thall Aow RIVERS of ye that dwell at Jerufalem,

LIVING WATER. be this known unto you,


39. But this fpake he of the Srihear



hearken to my Words:

RIT, which they that believS 15. For these are not drun- on him should receive: for the Ho

LY Ghost was not yet given, beken, as ye suppose, seeing it cause that Jesus was not yet gloriis but the third Hour of the fied. Day.

Chap. xiv. 16. I will pray the 16. But this is that which ther COMFORTER, that he may a

Father, and he shall give you anowas spoken by the Prophet bide with you for ever ; Foel*,

See Joel ii. 31. 17. And it shall come to 17. Even the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, pass in the last Days (faith whom the World cannot receive

, God) I will pour out of my knoweth him : but ye know him;

because it seech him not, neither SPIRIT upon all FLESH : for he dwelleth with you, and shall and your Sons and your be in you. Daughters shall prophefy, unto you, being yet present with

25. These things have I spoken and your young Mentali

you. see Vifions, and your old 26. But the COMFORTER, which Men shall dream Dreams :

is the HOLY GHOST, whom the

Father will send in my Name, be 18. And on my Servants, shall Teach you all Things, and and on my Handmaidens, I bring all THINGS to your re: will pour out in those Days membrance, whatsoever I have faid

unto you. of my SPIRIT, and they

Chap. xv. 26. But when the they shall prophely: COMFORTER is come, whom I

19. And I will shew Won- will send unto you from the fa ders in Heaven above, and which PROCEEDETH from the fs

ther, even the Spirit of TRUTH, Signs in the Earth beneath : ther, he Mall testify of me. Blood, and Fire, and Va. Chap. xvi. 7. Nevertheless, I tell

you the Truth ; it is expedicat for

you that I go away : for if I go 20. The Sun shall be turn- not away, the COMFORTER will ed into Darkness, and the not come unto you; but if I de Moon into Blood, before that part, I will send him unto you.

8. And when he is come, he will great and notable Day of reprove the World of Sin, and of the Lord come.

RIGHTEOUSNESS, and of JUDG21. And it shall come to

12. I have yet many Things to pass

, that whosoever shall say unto you, but ye cannot bear CALL on the Name of the them now. Lord shall be SAVED.

13. Howbeit, when he the Spi.

RIT of TRUTH is come, he will 22. Ye Men of Israel, guide you into all Truth: for be hear these Words ; Jesus of Ihall not speak of himself, but Nazareth, a Man approved her fpeak, and he will thew you

whatsoever he shall hear, that shall of God among you, by Mi- Things to come. racles, and Wonders, and 14. He Mall GLORIFY me : for Signs, which God did by he shall receive of mine, and thai him in the midst of you, as


pour of Smoke.


thew ic unto you.

Luke xxiv. 49. And behold, I ye your felves also know:

fend che PRONISE of my Facbe

23. Him

to 11s.

23. Him being delivered upon you : But tarry ye in the City by the determinate Coun- with Power from on uloti.

on Jerusalem, until ye be encueil SEL and FORE KNOWLEDGE Rom v.s. HOPE makerh not 2of God, ye have taken, and hamed, because the Love of Gois by wicked Hands have CRU- Holy Ghost which is given un

is tlied abroad in our Hearts, by the CIFIED, and SLAIN. -24. Whom God hath Chap viji. 11. But if the SPIRIT

of him that raised up Fifus tiom RAISED up, having loosed

the Dead dwell in your; he that the Pains of Death : be- raised up Chrift from the Dead, shall cause it was not possible that allo Quicken your mortal Bodies, he should be holden of it.

by his SPIRIT that dwelleth in

you. 25. For David speaketh

* See Psal xvi. 8,_11. concerning him, * I fore-law the LORD always before my ye ihal die : but if ye through the

13. For if ye live after the Flesh, Face, for he is on my right tpirit do mortity the Deeds of Hand, that I should not be the Body, ye shalí live. moved.

14. For as many as are led by

the 'SPIRIT of God, they are the 26. Therefore did my Sons of God. Heart rejoice, and my Tongue 26. Likewise the Sririt also was glad : Moreover alo, helpeth our INFIRMITICS : for

we know not what we thould pray my Fleih Mall rest in Hope, for as we ought: but the Spirit

27. Because thou wilt not itself makech Interceliion for us, leave my soul in Hell, nei- with Groanings which cannot be ther wilt thou fuffer thise


27. And he that searcheth the Holy One to see Corrup- Hearts, knoweth what is the Mind tion.

of the SPIRIT, because he makerb 28. Thou hast made known Intercession for the Saints, according

to the Will of GOD. to me the Ways of LIFE; 1 Cor. ii. s. But as it is written, thou shalt make me full of Eye hath not seen, nor Ear heard; Joy with thy Countenance.

neither have entred into the

HEART of Man, the Things which 29. Men and Brethren, let God hath prepared for them that me freely speak unto you of love him the Patriarch David, that

10. But God hath revealed them he is both dead and buried, Spirit searcherh all Things, yea,

unto 115 by his SPIRIT : for the and his Sepulchre is with us the deep Things of God. unto this Day.

11. For whac Man knoweth the 30. Therefore being a Pro- of Man which is in him ? E en lo

Things of a Man, live the Spirit phet, and knowing that God the Things of God knowe h nd had sworn with an Oath to Man, but the Spirit of God. him, that of the Fruit of his the Spirit of the World, buie the

12. Now we h?ve received, noc Loins, according to the Flesh, Spirit which is of God ; that we he would raise up Cunist, might know the Things that are to fit on his Throne.

freey given to us of God.

Chap. xii. 4. Now there are Di31. He seeing this before, versities of Gifts, but the fans Ipake Spirit.


2 Cof,


fpake of the RESURREC- 2 Cor. iii. 17. Now the Lord is TiON of CHRIST, that his

that SPIRIT : and where the Sri:

Rit of the Lord is, there is LiSoul was not left in Hell, berty. neither his FLESH did fee 18. But we all with open Face, Corruption.

beholding as in a Glass the Glory

of the Lord, are CHANGED into 32. This Jesus hath God the same Image, from Glory to RAISED up, whereof we all Glory, even as by the Spirit of

the Lord. are Witnelles. 33. Therefore being by the ed us from the Curse of the Law,

Gal. iii. 13. Chrift hath redeem. right Hand of God exalted, being made a Curse for us : for it and having received of the is written, Cursed is every one that Father the PROMISE of the

hangeth on a Tree :

14. That the Blessing of AbrsHoly Ghost, he hath Shed ham might come on the Gextiles forth this which ye now see through Iefus Chrift ; that we and hear.

might receive the PROMISE of the

Spirit through Faith. 34. For David is not afcended into the Heavens : * See Plal. cx. I. but he faith himself, * The Lord said unto my Lord, God hath sent forth the Spirit of

Chap. iv. 6. Because ye are Sons, Sit thou on my right Hand, his Son into your Hearts, crying,

35., Until I make thy ABBA, Father. Foes thy Footstool.

Ephef. i. 12. That we should be

to the Praise of his GLORY, wdo 36. Therefore let all the first trusted in Cbrif, House of Irael know aflur- 13. In whom ye also trusted ofedly, that God hath made ter that ye heard the Word of

Truth, the GOSPEL of your SALthat fame Jefus whom ye vaTION : In whom also after tha hare crucified, both Lord ye believed, ye were sealed with and CHRIST.

the Holy Spirit of PROMISE, 37. Now when they heard Inheritance, until the Redemptizo

14. Which is the Earneit oi oa: this, they were pricked in of the purchased Possession UDI their Heart, and said unto the Praise of his Glory.

Tirgus iii. 4. But after that the Peter, and to the ren of the

KINDNESS and Love of God oor Apostles, Men and Brethren, Saviour toward Man appearec, What Thall we do?

s. Not by Works of Righrolle 38. Then Peter said un

nels, which we have done, but a

cording to his Mercy he fared as to them, Repent, and be by the washing of Regeneration, haptized every one of you, and renewing of the Holy Ghost ; in the Name of Jesus Christ, dantly through Jesus Christ our Sa

6. Which he shed on us abue. for the Remiflion of Sins, viour. and


Shall receive the Gita Heb. ii. 4. God also bearing the of the Holy GHOST.

witness, buth with Signs and Wor 39. For the Promise is and Gifts of the Holy Ghost,

ders, and with divers MIRACLES and to


Chil- according to his own Will. dren, and to all that are afar 17oho v. 6. This is he that are

by Water and Blood, even my of

unto you,

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