Will the World End in 2012?: A Christian Guide to the Question Everyone's Asking

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Thomas Nelson Inc, Apr 19, 2010 - 208 pages
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Will life on earth really come crashing to a halt on December 21, 2012?

Will solar storms trigger devastating earthquakes and volcanoes that obliterate humankind? Will a large-scale science experiment go awry, destroying our civilization? Is Earth on a collision course with an obscure planet? Will any of these events herald the end of the world? Dr. Raymond C. Hundley analyzes the predictions of the ten most prominent apocalyptic theories in the 2012 doomsday movement. He investigates the claims of scientists, theologians, mathematicians, technologists, and ancient prophets along with the credibility and probability of each theory. The 2012 predictions of the Mayan calendar are considered alongside the parallel calculations of 16th century astrologer Nostradamus. Dr. Hundley takes a close look at the speculation originating everywhere, from evangelical Christianity to secular academia.

Will the World End in 2012? Dr. Hundley’s conclusion may be what you least expect.  He challenges Christians to respond to these predictions not with fear, but with hope and joy. For believers and nonbelievers alike, Hundley’s logical evaluation of Earth’s potential demise provides a fascinating road map of where our civilization could be heading and how we can prepare our hearts and minds for what lies ahead.



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It would appear that a staggering number of people are concerned about the impending demise of the earth – in 2012.
In “Will the World End in 2012?”, Raymond Hundley reviews and analyses ten of the most prominent theories supporting a 2012 apocalypse, ranging from ancient Mayan prophecies and collision with “Planet X” to scientific predictions of solar storms and eruption of the supervolcano lurking beneath Yellowstone National Park. Although he himself is a Christian, he seeks to consider each of these theories based on their own merits and come to a conclusion separate from his faith.
Being brutally honest, I was blissfully unaware of this growing concern. However, the title of the book did catch my eye. Coming from the vantage point of ignorance in this matter, I appreciated Dr. Hundley’s clear exposition of the various theories, along with his Christian epilogue. I was slightly disappointed, however, in the depth of analysis: I was hoping for something more meaty. But I do believe Dr. Hundley reaches a sensibly thought out (and perhaps, therefore, unsurprising) conclusion.
While I aimed to approach the book with an open mind, I am, in hindsight, inclined to believe that some guarded scepticism remained. However, I found myself being drawn in by the subject. A quick and interesting read, I would recommend this book as a good summary of the various apocalyptic theories.
~ Lisa (mylifebyfaith.wordpress.com)
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Raymond C. Hundley has written a clear piece on Will the World End in 2012? First of all, his writing is clear and it concise. Such a topic as this deserves attention and it Hundley shows attention to the topic with strict detail. Hundley sticks to the facts of each viewpoint and does not stray for the purpose of his own bias…until the conclusion of the book.
Will the world end on Deecember 21, 2012 (?) is a question that is drawing attention as the date draws nearer. Within this text are 12 chapters dealing with the possible answer to this question. The first ten chapters represent ten different views and they are…The Mayan Factor, Solar Storms, CERN & the Large Hadron Collider, Nostradamus Predictions, Magnetic Pole Reversal, Collision(s) w/ Planet X, Earth’s Alignment w/ Galactic Plane, Super Volcanic Eruption, Web-Bot Project & Religious Predictions.
Hundley gives a final conclusion on which hypothesis’ are worthy of attention/concern & which are absurd. Hundley proves within the first ten chapters that he did quality research. Hundley earned my respect throughout the text by his careful consideration for each hypothesis. He handled other’s opinions well and to conclude his writing he offers the reader the opportunity to prepare for the end of the world by examining your heart & the eternal direction your life is going. He presents a clear understanding of trusting Jesus to both the believer and the non-believer.
It is evident that Hundley is concerned for people and this is why I believe he wrote this text.
Raymond C. Hundley, PHD has been a youth worker, pastor, missionary, seminary professor, Cambridge scholar, university professor, author & international conference speaker. He received his Master of Arts in Religion in hermeneutics from Asbury Theological Seminary, a Master of Letters in theology from the University of Cambridge, and a PhD in systematic theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their BookSneeze.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


The Mayan Factor
Solar Storms
CERN and the Large Hadron Collider
The Predictions of Nostradamus
The Reversal of the Magnetic Poles
Collision with Planet X
Earths Alignment with the Galactic Plane
Eruption of the Super Volcano
Final Evaluations
Preparation for the End of the world
Epilogue for Christians
Major Works Cited
About the Author
Study Guide for Individuals or Groups

The Web Bot Project
Religious Predictions of the End of the world

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Raymond C. Hundley, PhD. Recibio su maestria en Religion en hermeneutica del Asbury Theological Seminary, una maestria en Teologia de la Universidad de Cambridge, y un doctorado en Teologia Sistematica de la escuela Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

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