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Act No.

1. Amending act relative to primary elections; special primary.

2. Act creating state administrative board.

3. Act providing for auditing of claims against state.

4. Amending act preventing importation, etc., of diseased sheep.

5. Amending act relative to primary schools; annual meeting in districts

under special act.

6. Amending act to prevent unlawful wearing of certain badges and buttons.

7. Amending act providing for school districts in cities of 100,000 and less

than 250,000; estimate of tax necessary, etc.

8. Amending act creating state board of equalization; preparation of assess-

ment rolls by supervisors.

9. Amending general highway law; good roads districts, formation, etc.

10. Amending general village law of 1895; filling of vacancies.

11. Repealing sections of general highway law relative to rescinding vote adopt-

ing county road system.

12. Amending election code; filling vacancy in office of judges of courts of record.


Act creating state department of agriculture.

14. Act forbidding ownership, etc., of firearms by unnaturalized foreign-born

residents within the state.

15. Act prescribing qualifications for admission to home for widows, etc., of

soldiers, etc.

16. Act prohibiting taking of minnows from Lyon lake, Calhoun county.

17. Act creating conservation department.

18. Act regulating number, etc., of deputy, etc., circuit court clerks in certain


19. Amending election code; notice of alteration, etc., of precincts.

20. Amending act authorizing tax to pay for certain school district bonds; sink-

ing fund.

21. Amending general village law; general powers defined.

22. Amending act providing for construction, etc., of highways; improvements,


23. Act protecting fish in Hopkins lake, Mason county.

24. Act prohibiting taking, etc., of fish in Otsego lake, Otsego county.

25. Act protecting grass pike and pickerel in Lake Gogebic.

26. Amending act for erecting, etc., of fish shutes, etc.

27. Act to repeal and charge out unexpended balances of certain appropriations.

28. Act to fix the salary of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

29. Act authorizing townships to appropriate money for fire protection in un-

incorporated villages therein.

30. Amending motor vehicle law; motor trucks to be equipped with mirror or

reflecting device.

31. Amending act to revise, etc., laws relating to public instruction and primary

schools; bonds for schoolhouse sites.

32. Amending law providing for publication and distribution of laws and docu-

ments; distribution of public acts.

33. Amending act permitting taking of cisco in Cass county; open season in

certain lakes.

34. Amending act to prevent taking, etc., of fish in certain lakes in Berrien,

Calhoun, Cass and Van Buren counties.

35. Act prohibiting letting of state or municipal contracts upon “cost-plus"


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Act No.

36. Amending act authorizing, etc., boards of supervisors to purchase, etc., lands

for parks, etc.

37. Act repealing joint resolution restoring Fort Mackinac to the United States.

38. Amending act providing for licensing, etc., private employment agencies;

fees for procuring situations.

39. Amending act to protect fish in inland waters of this state, etc.

40. Amending general banking law; board of directors.

41. Amending general banking law; holding of real estate.

42. Amending act to protect public health, etc.; marking, etc., of prescriptions

for venereal diseases.

43. Act creating department of labor and industry.

44. Amending act classifying certain school districts; membership of board of

education, etc.

45. Amending act prescribing powers, etc., of certain school districts; issuing

of bonds.

46. Act protecting title of motor vehicles, etc.

47. Act providing for payment by utilities for state auditing of books, etc., of


48. Amending act to authorize cities and villages to appropriate money for

memorial day; limit of.

49. Amending act to provide for primary nomination of township officers.

50. Act authorizing townships to erect soldiers, etc., memorials.

51. Amending act revising, etc., laws relative to public instruction and primary

schools; duty of treasurer in fractional school districts.

52. Amending act revising, etc., laws relative to state board of education; grant-

ing of certificates.

53. Act regulating conduct, etc., of pool rooms, etc., outside of incorporated cities

and villages.

54. Act providing for changing boundary lines of certain township school dis-

tricts, etc.

55. Act designating school sites outside of district boundaries in certain school


56. Amending general tax law; fees for advertising delinquent tax lands.

57. Amending act relative to powers, etc., of townships, etc.; compensation of

township officers.

58. Amending act defining powers, etc., of boards of supervisors, etc.; county

purchasing agent.

59. Act relieving state from support of certain aliens.

60. Amending workmen's compensation act; arbitration, etc.

61. Repealing act for licensing, etc., threshing machines.

62. Amending embalmers' license act; qualifications reguired, etc.

63. Amending act to authorize tax for advertising agricultural advantages of the

state, etc.; creation of fund.

64. Amending act providing for construction, etc., of drains; drain orders, how


65. Amending act authorizing issue of bonds, etc., for construction, etc., of

highways and bridges.

66. Act providing additional appropriation for erection, etc., of state office


67. Amending general primary law; number of petitioners required to nominate.

68. Act repealing section providing for publication of November election state-

ment of vote.

69. Amending general village law of 1895; payment for certain improvements.

70. Act repealing section providing for publication of motor vehicle operators


71. Act transferring powers and duties of legislative reference and information

department of state library.

72. Amending act relative to free schools in certain cities; issuing bonds.

73. Amending act to provide for cutting of noxious weeds.

74. Amending general highway law; application for state reward; taking over

part of city or village street for state reward.

75. Amending act to encourage breeding of horses; enrollment certificates.

76. Act authorizing school districts to purchase, etc., homes for teachers.

Act No.

77. Amending act concerning industrial banks; defined.

78. Act prohibiting conveying weapons, etc., into state hospitals, etc.

79. Amending act providing for payment of tuition of eighth grade pupils to

another district; voting tax.

80. Amending election code; failure of election inspector to report at polling

place a misdemeanor.

81. Amending act fixing standards for apples.

82, Amending act establishing county normal training classes, etc.; certificates

of graduation.

83. Act authorizing purchase of certain primary school lands, for general state


84. Corporation code.

85. Act prescribing fees, etc., of corporations doing business in this state.

86. Appropriation for state treasury.

87. Appropriation for supreme court.

88. Act authorizing governor to issue patent to State Savings Bank of Remus.

89. Appropriation for Michigan State Horticultural Society.

90. Appropriation for circuit judges, etc., of Michigan.

91. Amending act providing for licensing operators of motor vehicles.

92. Amending act regulating, etc., treatment of dependent, etc., children; amount

payable toward maintenance of.

93. Act providing for licensing of persons to take deer.

94. Amending act to permit spearing of suckers, etc., in certain waters of St.

Joseph county.

95. Act providing revolving fund for construction of drains.

96. Amending act providing for construction, etc., of highways, etc.; apportion.

ment of cost.

97. Amending act providing for establishing rural agricultural schools, etc.

98. Act to define negligent homicide.

99. Amending prohibition liquor law; issue of search warrant.

100. Act providing method for changing certain township school districts to one

or more primary school districts.

101. Amending general highway law; railroad crossings.

102. Amending insurance code; capital stock of fire, etc., insurance companies.

103. Amending act relative to public instruction and primary schools; census.

104. Act defining liability of common carriers in certain cases.

105. Amending act providing for distribution, etc., of laws and documents; dis-

tribution of legislative manual.

106. Act protecting fish in Reed's lake and Fisk's lake, Kent county.

107. Amending insurance code; holding of real estate by fraternal societies, etc.

108. Amending insurance code; beneficiaries.

109. Amending act relative to care of feeble-minded and epileptic; petition for


110. Repealing act protecting fish in Brevoort lake, Mackinac couniy.

111. Amending act prohibiting killing, etc., of fur-bearing animals.

112. Repealing sections relative to payment of bounties for destruction of wolves,


113. Amending election code; challengers.

114. Amending act to prevent desertion, etc., of wife or children, etc.

115. Act relative to rates of fare for transportation of passengers by interurban


116. Amending act relative to organizing, care, management, etc., of asylums for


117. Act providing for protection, etc., of game and birds.

118. Amending act relative to setting aside submerged, etc., lands in state for

public park purposes.

119. Permitting spearing of suckers in certain streams in Jackson and Sanilac


120. Amending act relative to practice of pharmacy.

121. Appropriation for State Highway Department.

122. Amending general highway law; county road system.

123. Act creating State Department of Public Safety.

124. Amending insurance code; exempting certain societies.

Act No.

125. Amending act relative to burial of soldiers, etc.

126. Act providing for displaying light upon certain vehicles.

127. Amending act relative to registration, etc., of barbers.

128. Repealing act creating community council commission; disposition of funds.

129. Amending general tax law; delinquent taxes.

130. Amending act permitting taking of cisco in certain lakes in Cass county.

131. Amending act permitting taking of cisco in certain lakes in St. Joseph


132. Repealing section relative to publication of certain election statistics.

133. Amending act relative to organization, etc., township school districts.

134. Amending act relative to industrial banks; powers.

135. Amending act relative to tax levied for town halls, etc.; rescinding vote.

136. Act to authorize acquisition, etc., of public library property by public corpo-


137. Act authorizing counties to contract with certain agencies, etc., for care, etc.,

of children.

138. Act to promote establishing of deep water connections between Great Lakes

and Atlantic ocean; commission created, etc.

139. Act requiring certain equipment for locomotive engines.

140. Amending fourth class city act; certain improvements.

141. Amending election code; printing constitutional amendments.

142. Amending judicature act; nomination of guardian by minor.

143. Amending act providing for appointment of probation officers.

144. Act providing primary election system for nomination of village officers.

145. Amending act relative to removals, etc., from office.

146. Amending act for protection of dependent, etc., children; "friend of the


147. Amending home rule act for cities; charter provisions.

148. Appropriation for State Board of Law Examiners; current expenses.

149. Appropriation for Board of Examiners of Barbers; current expenses.

150. Appropriation for State Banking Department; current expenses.

151. Appropriation for Conservation Department; current expenses.

152. Appropriation for Newberry State Hospital; current expenses.

153. Appropriation for State Board of Accountancy; current expenses.

154. Amending general highway law; authorizing State Highway Commissioner to

enter into contract for bridges on state reward roads, etc.

155. Amending act protecting fish in inland waters; unlawful to take, etc., blue

gills, etc.

156. Amending act for protection of game and fur-bearing animals and game


157. Amending insurance code; insurance and surety companies, regulating

capital stock.

158. Amending act relative to probation of parties in contempt in divorce, etc.,

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