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be acceptable to those who possess the first, he has already commenced his selections for it, and he will feel obliged to the reader for calling his attention to any American song of merit which has been (unintentionally on his part) omitted here. He has no doubt that there are many such; but as he has had no means of ascertaining the fact or of possessing copies, he trusts that should this be the case, that they will be sent to the publishers, for insertion in the second volume. In conclusion, he trusts, that as a book of American Melodies is certainly a novelty in letters, that it will meet with as much indulgence from the hands of his fellow labourers in the literary vineyard, as they may find it in their natures to bestow, for although the editor can claim no merit whatever for a mere compilation, yet the case is different with the publishers, who deserve much credit for being the pioneers in a description of book that universally abounds in every country except our own.


Cupid's Defiance 248

Drink and away, 16

Days of my youth 69

Do I love thee 174

Elizabeth 204

Flow on, thou shining river, 213

Fanny Willoughby, 220

Florence Vane, 274

God bless America 114

Green be the turf above thee 206

Home, sweet home, 66

Haste, boatman, haste 96

Hark, brothers, hark 128

Her lover died 148

He who decays in youthful prime, 190

I know that thou art far away, 19

Ianthe! on that lofty brow, 53

I left thee where I found thee, love 61

I am come to this sycamore tree, 77

Is it the welcome roar «, 84

I think of thee 106

I carma bid him gang, mither 124

I know a maiden fair to see, 125

I would not live always, „ 159

Indian Chant 170

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