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I could not have my money lay idle."

Mr. Bradley sighed as he saw several familiar farm-houses tenanted by strangers. As they neared the village, he discovered a dense smoke in a remote part of it, and inquired of Mr. Radford what it was; he informed him that it was the smoke from his distillery : “ And whether you believe it or not, that brings me in more cash than all my landed property. But I suppose you would have some misgivings of conscience about this affair.”

“My conscience would not allow me to have anything to do with it, and God will bring you to judgment for this. What profiteth a man if he gain the whole world and lose his

own soul.'"

" Oh, pshaw! Affie bas jingled that in my ears ever since I laid the foundation to that distillery. Yes, she pitch

ed the tune before we were married ; but she has not found me a very tractable scholar. She gave me that very same problem to solve almost the first time I ever saw her. As you have more time, and are a better mathematician than myself, I will make a transfer of it to you, ; you will have time during this and Sunday, to study it all out; you will no doubt have the blessed privilege of preaching in our new church before you leave town."

Mr. Bradley gravely said, “I consider it a blessed privilege to preach the Gospel, which Christ came into the world to establish, teaching men to do unto others as they would have others do to them, commanding them to love their neighbors as themselves. These principles adopted and practised would check the tide of intemperance, and rend the dark veil of selfishness that covers your heart, which keeps you

from seeing the woes that you are causing others to feel. If the evil servant shall say in his heart, “My Lord delayeth his coming; and shall begin to smite his fellow-servants, and to eat and drink with the drunken; the Lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware, and shall cut him asunder and appoint him his portion with hypocrites, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

"Well, brother Bradley, I have heard that before, for old Mr. Graham and Lieutenant Morse have been for the last five years throwing bombshells into my encampment, charged with just such passages of Scripture as you have just repeated. But I manage to keep out of their way as much as possible; but when Theodore Williams comes squibbing about, I

try to give him back as good as he sends. He had the impudence to tell me a few days ago, that he that hardeneth his neck or heart, I don't know which 'twas, for it was all the same to me, only one is a little higher than the other, should be destroyed, and that without remedy. He is a smart fellow, but I don't like him, he meddles with that which is none of his business.”

“Mr. Radford, you probably think that all who talk to you on this subject do the same."

“Well, I generally let folks talk as they please, and I do as I have a mind to. If I did not manufacture the article, somebody else would. Col. Bertram is as deep in the mud as I am in the mire ; he retails as much or more than I do; and Walter tends his bar in spite of his wife or Josephine. He has in his hotel

pretty good tenant by the name of Swinton. Walter boards at home, so that he can be under his mother's eye a little more. I am told that he already draws pretty hard upon his father's purse-strings, and I think he will still harder, if he keeps on as he commenced ;

it is necessary to hold him with a close rein, but the Colonel is very indulgent. Shall we call at Lieutenant Morse's ?”

“Not until to-morrow; what little girls are those just outside the

gate ?"

The one with the pink sun-bonnet is Florence Bertram, the other is Odora Morse, Odora is the idol of her father and mother. Poor child ! she will soon be left without a father, but she will always find friends."

Mr. Bradley said, “ God has promised to be a father to the fatherless, this promise will be fulfilled.”

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