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handed, and wrote, “Washington Axcelle." The Captain was much pleased, and expressed it by slapping him on the shoulders and calling him a "good fellow."

"This deception," thought he, "has worked like a charm. I have another name enrolled on the pirate's list.”

Walter was carried to his room in a state of intoxication. Several weeks were spent in making preparations for the voyage ; every night bringing its debauch, in which Walter was a hearty participator. At length the day arrived for them to set sail, and the last cry, “ All on board," was given, and Walter was not slow to obey it. They weighed anchor, and were soon out of sight. Early next morning all hands were summoned on deck, where the laws and by-laws were read, during which the scales fell from Walter's eyes; he found, to his utter horror and

astonishment, that he was on board of a pirate ship. Oaths of the most startling character were being administered. What was

to be done ?” he asked himself again and again. Captain Brown, in a sterner voice than he had ever heard him speak before, commanded him to step forward, but he moved not; his feet seemed riveted to the deck.

“Don't stand there, you chicken heart; step forward-show yourself a man; come, hurry along,—I have supported you a month, giving you all the good cheer you wanted, and here is a chance to cancel the bill I have against you."

Walter moved not—the Captain ordered him not to delay—at length he moved mechanically forward and took the oath ; in a few moments that part of the business was completed. The dark


forebodings of Walter's mind, together with the dissipation in which he had indulged during the last month, prostrasted him; he was violently attacked with a nervous fever, and for several weeks was unable to leave his stateroom. During this time they had given chase to several vessels, but had been unsuccessful. One bright beautiful morning he crept on deck and sat down, endeavoring to find something on which to rest a hope of escape. Everything on which his imagination could fix was shrouded in blackness, in darkness and despair, at which he grew faint and sick. He thought at first that he would throw himself overboard ; but he was afraid to destroy that which he had sworn to rob others of. The prayers and tears of his mother and sisters came up before him like so many spectres to drive him to despair ; he thought of his own happy

home, together with the smiles and earesses which had in vain been lavished upon him; he thought of his mother's last gift,—the Bible--and at that moment he would have given worlds to have redeemed it. But it was gone,-he had pawned it for a single glass of that which had proved his ruin. Wearied with thinking, he lay down


deck and slept until he was aroused by the loud cry of “ ship ahoy." The next sound that fell upon his ear,

$6 All hands on deck,”—every man was armed. Under full sail they gave the distant vessel chase, every moment gaining ground upon her. Orders were given to board her at

The stranger ship sailed alongside without appearing to notice them. Orders were given to fire upon her, and no sooner was it obeyed, than the merchant ship charged back with redoubled fury. Captain Brown found



that he was like to have his match ; the grappling irons were soon made fast.

The next moment Captain Brown was run through with the bayonet of an American seaman, and he fell dead upon the deck. The crew on board the Blackbird were panicstruck, and soon cried for quarter, which was conditionally granted. Walter, with the rest of the wounded

persons, was carried on board the “Elkhart,” where his wounds were found to be mortal. The dying man was conscious that a kinder hand than he was worthy of was wiping the sweat from his brow. He opened his eyes and saw Lewis McMartin standing by his side.—To him, with his dying breath, he told his story. Mr. McMartin tried to point him to the Lamb of God, that taketh away

the sins of the world, but despair filled the soul of the wretched man ;

the vital spark flickered and then

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