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Page Acne Food Co. v. Meier (C. C. A.)... 74 Beebe v. Wells (C. C. A.).

133 Adams & Westlake Co., Consolidated Ry. Belfast Mesh Underwear Co., In re (D. C.) 224 Electric Lighting & Equipment Co. v. (C. Bellows United Electrical Mfg. Co. 193 (C. C.).

588 Addicks. Pepper v. (C. C.)... 383 Belmont, The August (D. C.).

639 Allen, Sheridan v. (C. C. A.).

568 Benneche & Bro. v. United States (C. C. Alliance Assur. Co., Limited, of London, A.)

861 England, Baumgarten v. (C. C.).. 301 Bennett, In 're (C. C. A.).

673 Alizator, The (D. C.).... 216 Bergen, The Clara E. (C. C. A.).

833 11 grippus, The (D. C.).

216 Bettis v. Frederick Leyland & Co. (C. C. Allman. City of Grand Forks v. (C. C. A.) 532 A.)

571 Alpha Farms, Bowman v. (D. C.). 380 Bienville Brewery, American Brewing Co. American Banana Co. v. United Fruit Co.

v. (C. C.).

615 IC. C.).

943 Biggs v. United States (C. C. A.). American Brewing Co. v. Bienville Brewery Bishop, In re (D, C.).

304 C C

615 Board of Com’rs of Hertford County, N. C., American Can Co. v. Williams (C. C. A.) 882 v. Tome (C. C. A.)..

81 American Fine Art Co. v. Simon (C. C. Bonsall v. Platt (C. C. A.).

120 . 1020 Borgfeldt & Co., United States v. (C. C.).. 480 Anna J. Fahy, The (C. C. A.).

866 Bowers Hydraulic Dredging Co. v. Fedinsley Bros., In re (D. C.)..

eral Contracting Co. (C. C. A.)..

870 Armour Packing Co. y. United States (C. Bowman v. Alpha Farms (D. C.).

380 C. A.)..

1 Bradley v. Lehigh Valley R. Co. (C. C. A.) 350 Armour & Co. v. Skene (C. C. A.).

241 Brecht v. Law Union & Crown Ins. Co. Atbicon, T. & S. F. R. Co. v. Hurley (C. (C. C.)..

452 C. A...

503 Brock v. Fuller Lumber Co. (C. C. A.).... 272 Idapta, K. & N. R. Co. v. Southern R. Brown v. Wilmore Coal Co. (C. C. A.).... 143 Co. (C. C. A.).

122 Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. v. Backus Atlantic Coast Line R. Co., United States Automatic Pin Setter Co. (C. C.)..

288 9. D. C.)...

918 | Bryant, Swofford Bros. Dry Goods Co. v. Auger. [nited States v. (C. C.). 671 (C. C. A.).

811 Abista Trust Co. v. Federal Trust Co. Burditt & Williams Co. v. United States C. C. A.)... 157 (C. C. A.)....

67 rust Belmont, The (D. C.)... 639 Burns vi Cooper (C. C. A.).

149 aittomatic Switch Co. of Baltimore City, Burr, Hull v. (C. C. A.).

915 Citler-Hammer Mfg. Co. v. (C. C.).... 197 Buttles, Flint Wagon Works v. (D. C.). ... 932 iran, United States v. (C. C.).... 982 A. Zanmati & Co. v. United States (C. C. Calculagraph Co., Wilson v. (C. C. A.).. 961 880 Caldy, The (C. C. A.). .


Carrick, Old Colony Zinc & Smelting Co. Backus Automatic Pin Setter Co., Bruns v. (C. C. A.).

173 Fick-Balke-Collender Co. v. (C. C.). .... 288 Carr, Southern R. Co. v. (C. C. A.). 106 Baer 5. Sleicher (C. C. A.).. 129 Carson, Cole v. (C. C. A.).

278 Baltimore & 0. R. Co., Fadley v. (C. C. A.) 514 Chapman. Ex parte (C. C.).

371 Baltimore & 0. R, Co., United States v., Charles E. Matthews, The (C. C. A.). 851 sii cases (D. C.)..

997 Chicago & N. W. R. Co. v. O'Brien (C. Parcar. Ex parte (C. C.).

C. A.)..

511 Bumblatt, In re (D. C.). 485 Chin Sing, United States v. (D. C.).

590 Baimzarten v. Alliance Assur. Co., Limited, Chisholm, Lehigh Valley Transp. Co. v. (C. of London. England (C. C.).. 301 C. A.)...

704 Pavier. The W, X. (C. C. A.)... 970 Chisholm, The William (C. C. A.).

704 Bay State, The (D. C.).. 973 Chisholm, United States v. (C. C.)...

808 B. D. Garner & Co., In re (D. C.). 914 Chitwood v. United States (C. C. A.).. 551 Bach . Hatch (C. C.)...

763 Choy Chong Woh & Co. v. United States Beals v. Cleveland, C., C. & St. L. R. Co.

(O. C. A.)...

879 (C. C.).. 211 Citta Di Palermo, The (D. C.).

378 B-am r. United States (C. C.).

474 City of Grand Forks v. Allman (C. C. A.).. 532 Beckham, Stanley v. (C. C. A.)... 152 | City of Lowell, The (D. C.)...

476 153 F.



City of Puebla, The (D. C.)...

925 Fadley y. Baltimore & O. R. Co. (C. C.

Clan Graham, The (D. C.).

977 A.)


Clara E. Bergen, The (C. 0. A.).

833 Fahrney & Sons Co. v. Ruminer (C. C.

Clement v. Louisville & N. R. Co. (C. C.).. 979 A.)


Clement v. Wilson (C. C. A.)...

.1021 | Fahy, The Anna M. (C. C. A.).


Clemments v. German Ins. Co. (C. C.)... 237 Farmers' Loan & Trust Co. v. Madison

Cleveland, C., C. & St. L. R. Co., Beals v. Mfg. Co. (C. C.)..


(C. C.)....

211| F. B. Vandegrift & Co., Thomas v. (C. C.) 501

Colby & Co., United States v. (C. C. A.). 883 Federal Contracting Co., Bowers Hydraulic

Cole v. Carson (C. C. A.).

278 Dredging Co. v. (C. C. A.).


Cole, United States v. (D. C.).

801 Federal Trust Co., Augusta Trust Co. v.

Columbian Mfg. Co., McNabóe v. (C. C. (C. C. A.).



967 | Federation Shoe Co., In re (C. C. A.). 133

Consolidated Ry., Electric Lighting & Ferguson, The (C. C. A.).


Equipment Co. v. Adams & Westlake Co. Files v. Rankin (C. C. A.).


(C. C.)...

193 Finklea, In re (D. C.)..


Continuous Glass Press Co. v. Schmertz First Nat. Bank, Towle v. (C. C. A.). 566

Wire Glass Co. (C. C. A.).

577 Fisher, Thorsen & Co., Standard Varnish

Cook, Hubbard v. (C. C. A.).

554 Works v. (C. C.)...


Cooper, Burns v. (C. C. A.).

148 Fletcher, Thomas v. (D. C.).


Corbitt & Macleay Co. v. United States Flint Wagon Works v. Buttles (D. C.)... 932

(C. C.)...

648 Folmina, The (C. C. A.)...


Courtin & Golden, United States v. (C. C.) 594 Forster, Waterbury & Co., Dayton Malle-

Craft v. Schafer (C. C. A.).


able Íron Co. v. (C. C.).


Cross, Guernsey v. (C. C.).

827 Foster Hose Supporter Co. v. O'Brien
Cryder, Dyer v. (C. C.).
767 (C. C.)..


Cudahy Packing Co. v. United States (C. Frank Disinfecting Co., West Disinfecting,

C. A.)..

1 Co. v. (C. C.).


Curtin, Tucker v. (C. C. A.).

91 Franklin Sugar Refining Co. v. United

Cutler-Hammer Mfg. Co. v. Automatic

States (C. C.)...,


Switch Co. of Baltimore City (C. C.)... 197 Frederick Leyland & Co., Bettis v. (C. C.



Daigneau v. Grand Trunk R. Co. (C. C.). . 593 Frederick Leyland & Co.v. Holmes (c.

D. A. Tompkins Co. v. Monticello Cotton

C. A.).


Oil Co. (C. C.)

817 Frederick Leyland & Co., Johnson v. (C. C.

Dayton, Jarmuth v. (C. C. A.).




Dayton Malleable Iron Co. v. Forster, Wa Freeman v. Freeman (C. C. A.).


terbury & Co. (C. C.).

201 Friedman, In re (D. C.). .


Dayton, Manson v. (C. C. A.).

258 Fuller Lumber Co., Brock v. (C. C. A.). 272

Deere & Webber Co. v. Dowagiac Mfg. Co. Fulton. In re (D. C.)...


(C. C. A.)..


Delaware, L. & W. R. Co., Minard y. (C. Gans, Rederiaktiebolaget Nordstjernan v.

C. A.).

578 (D. C.)...


Delaware & H. R. Co. v. Wilkins (C. C. A.) 845 Garner & Co., In re (D. C.).

Denison v. Emery (C. C.).

427 General Ry. Signal Co., Hall Signal Co. v.

Dennis, McConnell v. (C. C. A.).

547 (C. C. A.)..


De Noyelles, New York, N. H. & H. R. Georg Dumois, The (C. C. A.).


Co. v. (C. C. A.)...

543 George Borgfeldt & Co., United States v.

Dewees, St. Louis & S. F. R. Co. v. (C.

(C. C.)


C. A.).

56 George 0. Hassam & Son, In re (D. C.). .. 932

Disa, The (D. C.).

322 German Ins. Co., Clemments v. (C. C.)... 237

Dr. Peter H. Fahrney & Sons Co. v. Ru G. Gulbenkian & Co. v. United States (C.

miner (C. C. A.).

735 C. A.)..


Dodge Needle Co. v. Jones (C. C.). 186 Gibbs Loom Harness & Reed Co. v, Howard

Dover, Gloucester Electric Co. v. (C. C. A.) 139 Bros. Mfg. Co. (C. C.).


Dowagiac Mfg. Co., Deere & Webber Co. Gibbs, Perkins v. (C. C. A.)


v. (C. C. A.).

177 Gloucester Electric Co. v. Dover (C. C.

Drayton, Ex parte (D. C.).

986 A.)


Dresser, Worchester County Gas Co. v. (C. Glucose Sugar Refining Co. v. Marshall-

C. A.)..

903 town (C. C.).


Drottning Sophia, The (D. C.)..

1017 Golden Rod, The (C. C. A.).


Dudley & Co. v. United States (C. C. A.) 881 Good Form Mfg. Co. v. White (C. C.).


Dumois, The Georg (C. C. A.).

833 Graham, The Clan (D. C.).


Dyer v. Cryder (C. C.).....

767 Grand Trunk R. Co., Daigneau v. (C. C.)., 593

Great Northern R. Co., McGuire v. (C. C.) 434

Earle Bros. v. United States (C. C.). 773 Great Northern R. Co., Venner v. (C. C.) 408

Edward Benneche & Bro. v. United States Greenman, United Shoe Machinery Co. v.

(C. C. A.)..

861 (C. C. A.).


Emery, Denison v. (C. C.).

427 Grive, In re (D. C.).


E. M. Newton & Co., In re (C. C. A.). 841 Grobet, National Cash Register Co. v. (C.

Eva D. Rose, The (D. C.)..


C. A.)...




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. Page 1

Page Guernsey y. Cross (C. C.)...

Leeming & Co. v. United States (C. O.). ... 489 Gulbenkian & Co. v. United States (C. C. Lebigh Vfg. Co. v. United States (C. C.).. 396

858 Lehigh Valley R. Co., Bradley v. (C. C. A.) 350

Lehigh Valley Transp. Co. v. Chisholm (C. Hall Signal Co. v. General Ry. Signal Co. 1. C. A.)...................::....::::::

704 (C. C. A.)......

907 Lestershire Lumber & Box Co. v. W. M. Hamburger, Thomas G. Plant Co. v. (C. C.) 232 Ritter Lumber Co. (C. C. A.)....... 573 Hanover Nat. Bank v. Suddath (C. C. A.). .1021 Lestershire Lumber & Box Co., W. M. RitHanover Nat. Bank V. Suddath (C. C. ter Lumber Co. v. (C. C. A.)....... 575

;; .....

1022 Lewis, Eck & Co., In re (D. C.)...... 49.5 Hartman, John D. Park & Sons Co. v. (c. | Leyland & Co. v. Holmes (C. Ć. A.). ... 557 C. A.)....

Leyland & Co., Johnson v. (C. C. A.)... 572 Hassam & Son. In re (D. C.)....... 932 Loder, Jayne v. (C. C. A.)...

739 Hatch, Beach r. (C. C.)................. 763 Lorain Steel Co. v. New York Switch & Hatters' Fur Exchange, United States v.. Crossing Co. (C. C.)............

205 (C. C.).........

595 Louisville & N. R. Co., Clement v. (C. C.).. Haupt Bros., In re (D. C.)...

Louisville & N. R. Co., Phillips v. (C. C.) 795 Heathglen, The (D. C.)... Hempstead & Son, United States v. (C. C.) McConnell v. Dennis (C. C. A.).......... 547 H. J. Whitney, The (C. C. A.)..

McCullough v. Sutherland (C. C.)........ Holmes, Frederick Leyland & Co. v. (C. McGuire v. Great Northern R. Co. (C. C.).. 434 C. A.).........:

McLean, Thomson-Houston Electric Co. v. Ho Ngen Jung v. United States (D. C.)..

(C. C. A.).....

853 Hormann, Schutte & Co. v. United States McNaboe v. Columbian Mfg. Co. (C. C. A.) 967 (C. C. A.)...

Madison Mfg. Co., Farmers' Loan & Trust Hornik & Co., Ex parte (D. C.)....

Co. v. (C. C.)..

310 Houghton v. Whitin Mach. Works (C. C. Maine, The (D. C.)..............

Manhattan, The (D. C.)............ Howard Bros. Mfg. Co., Gibbs Loom Har Manson v. Dayton (C. C. A.)........ 258 Dess & Reed Co. v. (C. C.)...

Manson v. Williams (C. C. A.)...

525 Howes, Kentucky Coal, Timber, Oil &

Matteson (C. C. A.)..........: Land Co. v. (C. C. A.)......

163 Marshall v. Pettingell-Andrews Co. (C. Hubbard v. Cook (C. C. A.)....

554 Marshalltown, Glucose Sugar Refining Co. Hughes, Western Real Estate Trustees v.

v. (C. C.)........:: (C. C. A.)........................... 560 | Martin v.

Martin v. Wall (C. C.).. Hull, Ex parte (C. C.)......

459 Massasoit-Pocasset Nat. Bank, In re Hell F. Burr (C. C. A.)....

310 Huntenberg, In re (D. C.)..

Matteson, Markell v. (C. C. A.)...... 50+ Hunter & Witcombe, United States v. (C. Matthews, The Charles E. (C. C. A.)... 851 C. A.)...

873 May Mercantile Co., Thomas G. Plant Co. Hurley, Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Co. v. (c.

v. (C. C.)..... C. A.).............

503 Media, The (C. C. A.)...


Meier, Acme Food Co. v. (C. C. A.)..... 74 Illinois Cent. R. Co., Moit v. (C. C. A.). 354 Merrell-Soule Co. v. Star Co. (C.

762 Ion, The Sallie (D. C.)...

659 M. Hornik & Co., Ex parte (D. C.)....... 304

Michael, United States v. (D. C.)......, Jarmuth v. Dayton (C. C. A.)........

| Miller v. Steele (C. C. A.) ....

714 Jayne y. Loder (C. C. A.)..

739 Minard v. Delaware, L. & W. R. Co. (C. John D. Park & Sons Co. v. Hartman (C.

C. A.).. .....:::::::::

578 C.


24 A.)...

Modox Co., Moxie Nerve Food Co. of New Johnson v. Frederick Leyland & Co. (c.

England v. (C. C.)....

497 C. A.)...

572 Moit v. Illinois Cent. R. Co. (C. C. A.).... 354 Jones. Dodge Needle Co. v. (c. c.) 186 Monterey, The (D. C.)....

....... 935 Joseph Wild & Co. v. Provident Life & Montgomery Electric Light & Power Co., Trust Co. (C. C. A.)......

562 Westinghouse Electric Mfg. Co. v. (C. C. A.) ...........:

890 Kehler, In re (D. C.)....

235 Monticello Cotton Oil Co., D. A. Tompkins Kentucky Coal, Timber, Oil & Land C

Co. v. (C. C.).....:::::

817 Howes (C. C. A.).

163 Non

Moody v. Patterson (C. C.).......... 830 Kirkland, The Robert R. (C. C. A.)....

Moore & McFerrin, Reed v. (C. C. A.).... Knickerbocker Trust Co., Payne v. (C. C Morris' Heirs, United States v. (C. C.)...

176 Morris & Co.' v. United States (C. C. A.) Koslowski, In re (D. C.)........

823 Moxie Nerve Food Co. of New England v. Kuffer, In re (D. C.).....


Modox Co. (C. C.)...

Mundy v. Shellaberger (c. č.j... **** Larkin, United States v. (C. C. A.)... 113 Murray v. Orr & Lockett Hardware Co. Law (nion & Crown Ins. Co., Brecht

(C. C. A.).......... (C. C.)...

452 Law Union & Crown Ins. Co., Vancourer Nahant, United States v. (C. C. A.)......

Nat. Bank v. (C. C.).................. 440 | Napier v. Westerhoff (C. C.).........

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National Cash Register Co. 7. Grobet (C. C. Rederiaktiebolaget Nordstjernan 5. Gans

(D. C.)

..1017 National Casket Co. v. Stoltz (C. C.).... 765 Red Jacket Consol. Coal & Coke Co., WilNational Enameling & Stamping (b. v. bur v. (C. C.).

662 New England Enameling Co. (C. C. A.) 184 Reed v. Moore & McFerrin (C. C. A.). 338 New England Enameling Co., National En

Remington Automobile & Motor Co, In re ameling & Stamping Co. v. (C. C. A.).. 184 (C. C. A.)..

345 New Orleans, The (C. C. A.)... 837 Reynolds, In re (D. C.)..

295 Newton & Co., In re (C. C. A.).

841 Rice y. Norfolk & W. R. Co. (C. C. A.).. 497 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., United Ritter Lumber Co. y. Lestershire Lumber States v. (D. C.).. 630 & Box Co. (C. C. A.)..

575 New York, N. H. & H. R. Co. v. De Yoy Ritter Lumber Co., Lestershire Lumber & elles (C. C. A.)... 543 Box Co. v. (C. C. A.).

573 New York Switch & Crossing Co., Lorain River Belle, The (D. C.).

470 Steel Co. v. (C. C.). 205 Robert R. Kirkland, The (C. C. A.).

863 Ngum Lun May, United States v. (D. C.) 209 Rosenblatt, In re (D. C.)..

33.5 Norfolk & W. R. Co., Rice v. (C. C. A.).. 497 Rose, The Eva D. (D. C.).


Ruminer, Dr. Peter H. Fahrney & Sons O'Brien, Chicago & N. W. R. Co. v. (C. C. Co. y. (C. C. A.).

735 A.)

511 O'Brien, Foster Hose Supporter Co. v. (C. St. Gothard, The (O. C. A.)...

835 585 St. Louis Hay & Grain Co., Southern R. Oceanica, The (C. C. A.). 704 Co. v. (C. C. A.)..

728 0. G. Hempstead & Son, United States v. St. Louis & S. F. R. Co. v. Dewees (C. C. (C. C.) 483 A.)

56 Ohio Valley Bank Co. v. Switzer (C. C. A.) 362 Sallie Ion, The (D. C.).

659 Old Colony Zinc & Smelting Co. v. Carrick Schafer, Craft v. (C. C. A.).

175 (C. 0. A.).

173 Schmertz Wire Glass Co., Continuous Glass Orr & Lockett Hardware Co., Murray v. Press Co. v. (C. C. A.). .

577 (C. C. A.). 369 Scows 8, 20 & 7, The (C. C. A.).

.1023 Ouwerkerk, United States v. (C. C.). 916 Scranton Cold Storage & Warehouse Co., Overbrook, The (C. C. A.).. 866 Wills v. (C. C. A.)..

181 Oxford & Coast Line R. Co. v. Union Bank Security Life & Annuity Co. of America, of Richmond, Va. (C. C. A.). ... 723 Shumaker v. (C. C.)...

332 Shellaberger, Mundy v. (C. C.). .

219 Park & Sons Co. v. Hartman (C. C. A.) 24 Sheridan v. Allen (C. C. A.).

508 Parr v. United States (C. C.)..

462 | Shumaker v. Security Life & Annuity Co. Patterson, Moody v. (C. C.).. 830 of America (C. C.)...

332 Payne v. Knickerbocker Trust Co. (C. C. Silberstein, Castell' & Co., United States A.) 176 v. (C. C. A.)..

965 Peeke, United States v. (C. C. A.). 166 Simon, American Fine Art Co. v. (C. C. Pennsylvania 'R. Co., United States v. (D.

.1020 625 Simon, Southern R. Co. v. (C. C.). 23+ Pepper v. Addicks (C. C.)... 383 Skene, Armour & Co. v. (C. C. A.).

241 Perkins v. Gibbs (C. C. A.). 9.52 | Sleicher, Baer v. (C. C. A.)..

129 Perkins-Goodwin Co., Appeal of (C. C. Smedley Bros., Speckman v. (D. C.). 771 A.)

169 Southern R. Co., Atlanta, K. & X. R. Co. Peter H. Fahrney & Sons Co. v. Ruminer V. (C. C. A.)....

122 (C. C. A.)

735 Southern R. Co. v. Carr (C. C. A.). 100 Petite, Wheeler v. (C. C.).

471 | Southern R. Co. v. St. Louis Hay & Grain Pettingell-Andrew's Co.. Marshall v. (C. C.) 179 Co. (C. C. A.)....

728 Phillips v. Louisville & N. R. Co. (C. C.) 795 Southern R. Co. v. Simon (C. C.).

234 Phønix, The (D. C.)..

216 | Speckman v. Smedley Bros. (D. C.).... 771 Plant Co. v. Hamburger (C. C.). 232 Stamford, The (C. C. A.)..

1022 Plant Co. v. May Mercantile Co. (C. C.) 229 Standard Oil Co. of New York, United Platt, Bonsall v. (C. C. A.). 126 States v., two cases (D. C.)..

598 Plunger Elevator Co. v. Standard Plunger Standard Plunger Elevator Co., Plunger Elevator Co. (C. C.).... 747 Elevator Co. v. (C. C.)...

747 P. M. Frank Disinfecting Co., West Dis Standard Varnish Works v. Fisher, Thorinfecting Co. v. (C. C.). .1023 sen & Co. (C. C.)....

925 Politz v. Wabash R. Co. (C. C.). 941 Stanley v. Beckham (C. C. A.)

1.72 Priscilla, The (D. C.)..

476 Star Co., Merrell-Soule Co. v. (C. C.).... 762 Provident Life & Trust Co., Joseph Wild & Steele, Miller v. (C. C. A.)....

71+ Co. v. (C. C. A.)..

562 | Stoltz, National Casket Co. v. (C. C.).... 765 Purdom Naval Stores Co. v. Western Union Suddath, Hanover Nat. Bank v. (Ú. C. Tel. Co. (C. C.)...


.1021 Puritan, The (D. C.).

476 Suddath, Hanover Nat. Bank v. (C. C. A.)

1022 Quillin, William J., The (D. C.).........1019 | Sutherland, McCullough v. (C. C.). 418

Svea Ins. Co. v. Vicksburg, S. & P. R. Co. Rankin, Files v. (C. C. A.)..... 537 (C. C.)


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Page Swift & Co. v. United States (C. C.

United States, Franklin Sugar Refining Co. Switzer, Ohio Valley Bank Co. v. (C. C. 362 v. (C. C.).... Swofford Bros. Dry Goods Co. v. Bryant el United States v. George Borgfeldt & Co. (C. C. A.)........................... 841| (C. C.)................

United States, G. Gulbenkian & Co. v. (O. Taylor v. Treat (C. C.).....

C. A.).........::::.


591 Thomas v. F. B. Vandegrift & Co. (C. C.).. United States v. Hatters' Fur Exchange

change Thomas v. Fletcher (D. C.)...

(C. C.)......

...... Thomas G. Plant Co. v. Hamburger (C. C.) 232 United States, Ho Ngen Jung v. (D. C.).. Thomas G. Plant Co. v. May Mercantile | United States v. Hormann, Schutte & Co. Co. (C. C.)....

(C. C. A.)..

868 Thomas Leeming & Co. v. United States United States v. Hunter & Witcombe (c. (C. C.)...

0. A.).......

873 Thomson-Houston Electric Co. 7. McLean United States v. Larkin (C. C. A.)...... 113 (C. C. A.)..

... 883 United States, Lehigh Mfg. Co. v. (C. C.) 596 Tiffany & Co., United States v. (C. C. A.) 969 United States v. Michael (D. C.). .........

609 Tome, Board of Com'rs of Hertford Coun | United States v. Morris' Heirs (C. C.).... 240 ty, N. C., v. (C. C. A.). .......

81 United States, Morris & Co. v. (C. C. A.) 1 Tompkins Co. v. Monticello Cotton Oil Co. United States v. Nabant (C. C. A.)....... 520 (c. C.) ...........

817 United States v. New York Cent. & H. R. Towle vi First Nat. Bank (C. C. A.).... 566 R. Co. (D. C.)...

630 Town of Nahant, Ex parte (C. C. A.). .. 520 United States v. Ngum Lun May (D. C.). : 209 Treat, Taylor v. (C. C.)...

656 United States v. 0. G. Hempstead & Son Tucker, In re (C. C. A.)....

(C. C.).....

483 Turker v. Curtin (C. C. A.).

91 | United States v. Ouwerkerk (C. C.)..... 916 2181. Carats Loose Emeralds, United United States, Parr v. (C. C.)...... 462 States v. (D. C.)........

United States v. Peeke (C.


United States v. Pennsylvania R. Co. U. H. Dudley & Co. v. United States (C.

(D. C.)...........

625 C. A.).........

United States v. Silberstein, Castell & Co. Umbria, The (C. C. A.)...

(C. C.).......

965 Union Bank of Richmond, Va., Oxford & United States v. Standard Oil Co. of New (oast Line R. Co. v. (C. C. A.).

York, two cases (D. C.)............. 598 United Educational Co., In re (C. C. A.) 169 United States, Swift & Co. v. (C. C. A.) United Electrical Mfg. Co., Bellows v. (C.. United States v. Thomas Leeming & C.) ................................ 588

(C. C.)..........::::: : i n United Fruit Co., American Banana Co. United States v. Tiffany & Co. (C. C. A.) 969

A 969 v. (C. C.)............................ 943 United States v. 2181. Carats Loose EmUnited Shoe Machinery Co. v. Greenman eralds (D. C.)...... (C. C. A.).....


United States, U. H. Dudley & Co. v. (C. United States. In re (C. C. A.)...... 520

881 United States, Armour Packing Co. v. (C. United States v. Vacuum Oil Co. (D. C.)... 598 C. A.)........

United States, Van Gesner v. (C. C. A.).. United States v. Atlantic Coast Line R. United States, Wharton v. (C. C. A.)..... Co. (D. C.)....

918 | United States, Williamson v. (C. C. A.).. 46 Tnited States v. Auger (C. C.)...

United States v. Yuen Yee Sum (D. C.)... 494 United States v. Axman (C. C.).... United States, A. Zanmati & Co. v. (C. C. Vacuum Oil Co., United States v. (D. C.)..

880 | Vancouver Nat. Bank v. Law Union & United States v. Baltimore & o. R. Co., Crown Ins. Co. (C. C.).....

440 six cases (D. C.).....

997 Vandegrift & Co., Thomas v. (c. C.)....... 591 I'nited States, Beam v. (C. C.).......

Van Gesner v. United States (C. C. A.) 40 United States, Biggs v. (C. C. A.)...

Venner v. Great Northern R. Co. (C. C.).. 408 United States, Burditt & Williams Co. V Vicksburg, S. & P. R. Co., Svea Ins. Co. (C, C. A.).......

v. (C. C.).........

774 T'nited States v. Chin Sing (D. C.).... 590 Vicksburg, Vicksburg Waterworks Co. v. United States v. Chisholm (C. C.).... 808 (C. C. A.). ....

...: 116 United States, Chitwood v. (C. C. A 551 | Vicksburg Waterworks Co. v. Vicksburg United States, Choy Chong Woh & Co. v. (C. C. A.).....

116 C. C. A.)....

879 Violetta, The (C. C. A.)................ 102:3 United States v. Colby & Co. (C. C. A.).. 883 United States v. Cole (D. C.)...... .... 801 | Wall, Martin V. (C. C.).....

589 United States, Corbitt & Macleay Co. v. Wabash R. Co., Politz v. (C. C.)....

941 (C. O.)...... 648 | Weinreb, In re (C. C. A.)...............

363 United States v. Courtin & Golden (C. C.) 594 | Wells, Beebe v. (C. C. A.)....

133 United States, Cudahy Packing Co. v. (C. Wenham, In re (D. C.)...

910 C. A.)....................::::::.... 1 Wes

West Disinfecting Co. v. P. M. Frank DisUnited States, Earle Bros. v. (C. C.).... 773

infecting Co. (C. C.)....... United States, Edward Benneche & Bro. V. Westerhoff, Napier v. (C. C.)........ (C. C. A.).......

861 Western Real Estate Trustees v. Hughes (C. C. A.)...........

...... 560

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