The Library World and Book Selector, Volumen9,Temas1-12


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Página 362 - BUSKETT, EW Fire Assaying. A practical treatise on the fire assaying of gold, silver and lead, including descriptions of the appliances used. Illustrated.
Página 411 - English, and other languages, plus magazines, journals and newspapers. The number of books bought in 1966 was 2,652, and the total number of books in the library at the end of the year was 14,346. The library was not ready for opening to the public because of the lack of space. Another branch of the library was the mobile library which in 1966 had 3,634 books of which 297 were bought in that year. To implement the mobile library scheme the Language and Literature Institute...
Página 234 - This fund is $28,000, and of its income one quarter shall be spent for books and three quarters be used for the general purposes of the Library. — Vote of the President and Fellows, May 28, 1892.
Página 35 - Illustrated. In paper, price 1/-, by post 1/2. Grape Growing for Amateurs. A Thoroughly Practical Book on Successful Vine Culture. By E. MOLYNEUX. Illustrated. In paper, price 1/-, by post 1/2. Greenhouse Construction and Heating. Containing Full Descriptions of the Various Kinds of Greenhouses, Stove Houses. Forcing Houses, Pits and Frames, with Directions for their Construction ; and also Descriptions of the Different types of Boilers, Pipes, and Heating Apparatus generally, with Instructions for...
Página 192 - greatly extended version of the Adjustable Classification, which was published In 1898,' Is an admirable, competent work. By using 24 letters of the alphabet in the first Instance, an initial power of division into 24 parts is obtained. Then the digits of numbers are used to three places. Thus a power of division into 24,000 parts Is obtained. Next comes the...
Página 352 - We welcome a second edition of this valuable work. . . Mr. Loraine Petre is an authority on the wars of the great Napoleon, and has brought the greatest care...
Página 366 - ALA Portrait index. Index to portraits contained in printed books and periodicals.
Página 120 - COMPLETE INDEX, TABLES for SUBDIVIDING SINGLE SUBJECTS, and DESCRIPTIVE INTRODUCTION. BY JAMES DUFF BROWN, BOROUGH LIBRARIAN, ISLINGTON. Author of "Manual of Library Economy," "Manual of Library Classification," " Biographical Dictionary of Musicians,
Página 303 - Britain's Roll of Glory; or, the Victoria Cross, its Heroes, and their Valour.
Página 32 - Illustrations, 7s. 6d. Cultivated Plants : Their Propagation and Improvement. Including Natural and Artificial Hybridisation, Raising from Seed, Cuttings, and Layers .Grafting and Budding, as applied to the Families and Genera in Cultivation.

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