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requisite for this ! We must needs do this, were it only to avoid idleness. we not loiter away many hours in every week ? Each try himself: No idleness is consistent with a growth in grace. Nay, without exactness in redeeming time, you cannot retain the grace you receive in justification.

Quest. 2. Why are we not more holy, ? why do we not live in eternity ? Walk with God all the day long ? Why are we not all devoted to God? Breathing the whole spirit of missionaries?

Answ. Chiefly because we are enthusiasts ; looking for the end without using the means.

To touch only upon two or three instances? Who of us rises at four, or even at five, when we do not preach? Do we know the obligation and benefit of fasting or abstinence ? How often do we practice it? The neglect of this alone is sufficient to account for our feebleness and faintness of spirit. We are continually grieving the Holy Spirit of God by the habitual neglect of a plain duty. Let us amend from this hour.

Quest. 3. How shall we guard against sabbath-breaking, evil-speaking, unprofitable conversation, lightness, expensiveness or gaiety of apparel, and con

tracting debts without due care to disI charge them? E Answ. 1. Let us preach expressly on

each of these heads. 2. Read in every

society the sermon on evil speaking. 3. * Let the leaders closely examine and t exhort every person to put away the

accursed thing. 4. Let the preachers warn every society, that none who is guilty herein, can remain with us. 5.

Extirpate buying or selling goods which I have not paid the duty laid upon them

by government, out of our church. Let

none remain with us who will not totally of abstain from this evil in every kind and

degree. Extirpate bribery, receiving any thing directly or indirectly, for vot,

ing at any election. Shew no respect to je persons herein, but expel all that touch in the accursed thing. And strongly adi vise our people to discountenance all

treats given by candidates before or at The elections, and not to be partakers, in any i respect, of such iniquitous practices.



Of the Instruction of Children. Quest. What shall we do for the rising generation ?

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Answ. 1. Let him who is zealous for God and the souls of men, begin now.

2. Where there are ten children, whose parents are in our church, meet them an hour once a week; but where this is impracticable, meet them once in two weeks.

3. Procure our instructions or catechisms for them, and let all who can, read and commit them to memory.

4. Explain and impress them upon their hearts.

5. Talk with them every time you see any at home.

6. Pray earnestly for them : and diligently instruct and exhort all parents at their own houses.

7. Let the elders, deacons, and preachers, take a list of the names of the children ; and if any of them be truly awakened, let them be admitted into the church.

8. Preach expressly on education : “ But I have no gift for this." Pray earnestly for the gift, and use every other means to attain it.



Of employing our time profitably, when

are not travelling, or engaged in public Exercises.

Quest. 1. What general method of employing our time shall we advise?

Answ'. We advise you, 1. As often as possible, to rise at four. 2. From four to five in the morning, and from five to six in the evening, to meditate, pray, and read the scriptures with notes, and the closely practical parts of what Mr. Wes. ley has published. 3. From six in the morning till twelve, allowing an hour for breakfast) read, with much prayer, some of our best religious tracts.

Quest. 2. Why is it that the people under our care are not better? Answ. Other reasons may concur,

but the chief is, because we are not more knowing and more holy.

Quest. 3. But why are we not more knowing ?

Answ. Because we are idle. We forget our first rule, “Be diligent.--Never be unemployed. Never be triflingly employed. Neither spend any more time at any place than is strictly necessary. We fear there is altogether a fault in this

an unchristian practice, sufficient to exclude a person from the kingdom of grace and glory?

Answ. Let the presiding elder, in the absence of a bishop, call as many travel. ling ministers as he shall think fit, at least three : and if possible bring the accused and accuser face to face. If the person be clearly convicted, he shall be suspended from all official services in the church, till the ensuing annual conference; at which his case shall be fully considered and determined. But if the accused be a presiding elder, the preachers must call in the presiding elder of the neighbouring district, who is required to attend, and preside at the trial.

If the accused and accuser cannot be brought face to face, but the supposed delinquent flees from trial, it shall be received as a presumptive proof of guilt; and out of the mouth of two or three witnesses he shall be condemned. Nevertheless, even in that case, the annual conference shall re-consider and determine the whole matter.

Quest. 2. What shall be done in cases of improper tempers, words, or tions ?

Answ. The person so offending shall


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