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be reprehended by his senior in office. Should a second transgression take place, one, two, or three ministers or preachers are to be taken as witnesses.

If he be not then cured, he shall be tried at the next annual conference, and, if found guilty and impenitent, shall be expelled from the connexion, and his name so returned in the minutes of the conference.

Quest. 3. What shall be done with those ministers or preachers, who hold and disseminate publicly or privately, doctrines which are contrary to our articles of religion ?

Answ. Let the same process be observed as in cases of gross immorality : but if the minister or preacher so offending do solemnly engage not to disseminate such erroneous doctrines in public or in private, he shall be borne with, till his case be laid before the next annual conference, which shall determine the matter.

Provided nevertheless, that in all the above-mentioned cases of trial and conviction, an appeal to the ensuing general conference shall be allowed, if the condemned person signify his intention to appeal, at the time of his condemna

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tion, or at any time thereafter when he is informed thereof.

In all the abovementioned cases, it shall be the duty of the secretary of the annual conference, to keep regular minutes of the trial, including all the questions proposed to the witnesses, and their answers, together with the crime with which the accused is charged, the specification or specifications, and also preserve all the documents relating to the case ; which minutes and documents only, in case of an appeal from the decis. ion of an annual conference, shall be presented to the general conference, in evidence on the case. And in all cases, when an appeal is made, and admitted by the general conference, the appellant shall either state personally, or by his representative, (who shall be a member of conference,) the grounds of his appeal, shewing cause why he appeals, and he shall be allowed to make his defence without interruption. After which the representatives of the annual conference from whose decision the appeal is made, shall be permitted to respond in presence of the appellant, who shall have the privilege of replying to such representatives, which shall close the pleadings on both sides. This done, the appellant shall withdraw, and the cons ference shall decide.


How to provide for the Circuits in time of

Conference, and to preserve and in, crease the Work of God.

Quest. What can be done to supply the circuits during the sitting of the conference ?

Answ. 1. Let all the appointments. stand aecording to the plan of the circuit.

2. Engage as many local preachers and exhorters as will suppply them; and let them be paid for their time in proportion to the allowance of the travelling preachers,

3. If preachers and exhorters cannot attend, let some person of ability be ap. pointed in every society, to sing, pray, and read one of Mr. Wesley's sermons.

4. But if that cannot be done, let there i be prayer-meetings.

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Of the Local Preachers. Quest. 1. What directions shall be giy. en concerning local preachers ?

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Answ. 1. There shall be held annually in each presiding elder's district, a district conference, of which all the local preachers in the district, who shall have been licensed two years, shall be mem. bers; and of which the presiding elder of the district for the time being shall be president ; or in case of his absence, the conference shall have authority to elect á president pro tem. It shall be the duty of the presiding elder of each district to appoint the time and place of the first conference, after which the presiding elder shall appoint the time, and the conference the place of its own sitting.

2. The said district conference shall have authority to licepse proper persons to preach, and renew their license; to recommend suitable candidates to the annual conference for deacons or elders orders, in the local connexion, for admission on trial in the travelling connexion, and to try, suspend, expel, or acquit any local preacher in the district against whom charges may be brought. Provided, that no person shall be licenced without being first recommended by the quarterly conference of the circuit or station to which he belongs ; nor shali any one be licensed to preach; or re

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commended to the annual conference for ordination, without first being examined in the district conference on the subjects of doctrine, and discipline.

3. The district conference shall take cognizance of all the local preachers in the district, and shall inquire into the gifts, labours, and usefulness of each preacher by name.

4. When charges are preferred against any local preacher, shall be the duty of the preacher in charge to call a committee consisting of three or more local preachers within the station, circuit, or district, before whom it shall be the duty of the accused to appear, and by whom he shall be acquitted, or, if found guilty, be suspended until the meeting of the next district conference, And the President of the said district conference shall, at the commencement of the trial, appoint a secretary, who shall take down regular minutes of the evidence, and proceedings of the trial; which minutes, when read and approved, shall be signed by the said president, and also by the members of the said district conference, or by a majority of them.

And in case of condemnation, the local preacher, deacon or elder, condemn

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