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There are many histories of the United States, each bear ing its message of patriotism. The purpose of this modest vol. ume, "A History of the United States for Catholic Schools,'the revised edition of "American History Briefly Told,''-is not to multiply books, but rather to offer a text which sets forth not only all the usually taught historical facts, but also the too often forgotten efforts of the Church in American History. The venturesome explorer, the intrepid colonizer, the hardy pioneer, the noble warrior, the eloquent statesman, are all given their due praise; but the quiet heroism of the loyal sons and daughters of the Catholic Church is also lifted from obscurity into the light of reverent knowledge.

Our country is justly proud of the liberty she offers to all her children. But these children are many in faith, and diversified in race peculiarities. Common interests may seem to unite them from time to time, but there can be no true, permanent union except where the spirit and the faith are dominating forces. But where is found such a bond of unity except in the Catholic Church? Mother Church folds her arms about all her children and questions not their color or their race.

The mind may travel with lightning speed from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the frozen plains of the north to the sunny plantations of the south; it may grasp with keen perception all that this great country symbolizes and displays; the heart may glow with righteous pride for our national achievements. But in addition to all these, the great share that Catholics have had in the discovery and exploration of America should thrill with reverent joy the heart of every Catholic student, and cause him to love more sincerely

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