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Printed for T. CARNAN, in St. Paul's Church-Yard.


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Omnibus, maxime vero avaris, fortem fuam gravem elle.


UI fit, Mæcenas, ut nemo, quam fibi sortem

Seu Ratio dederit, seu Fors objecerit, illa

Contentus vivat; laudet diversa sequentes? O fortunati mercatores, gravis annis (a) Miles ait, multo jam fractus membra labore.

5 Contra mercator, navim jactantibus Austris, Militia eft potior. quid enim concurritur: horæ Momento cita mors venit, aut victoria læta. Agricolam laudat juris legumque peritus, Sub galli cantum consultor ubi ostia pulsat. Ille, datis vadibus, qui rure extractus in urbem est, Solos felices viventes clamat in urbe.


(a) Armis. Anon.


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That all, but especially the covitous, think their own cori

dition the hardei,


OW.comes it to pass, Mæcenas, that no one lives content with his condition, whether Reafon

gave it him, or Chance threw it in his way ; but praises those who have different pursuits ? O happy merchants ! says the soldier, oppressed with years and now broke down in his limbs thro' excess of labour. On the other fide, the merchant, when the south-winds tofs his ship, cries warfare is preferable; for why ? The engagement is begun, and in an instant comes there a speedy death, or a happy victory. The lawyer praises the farmer's state, when the client knocks at his door by cock-crow. But he who hav. ing entered into a recognizance, is dragged from the country into the eity, cries those only are happy who

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