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INTELLIGENCE having reached the city yesterday morning that the new Collector might be expected by the Sophie from Stockton, at an early hour in the afternoon the crowd of office-seekers began to assemble, and by eight o'clock last evening, every avenue of approach to Long Wharf was entirely closed, and the wharf itself so densely packed with human beings, that the merchants and others compelled to resort thither, were obliged to step from the corner of Montgomery and Commercial streets upon the heads of the crowd, and proceed to their. places of business over a living pavement. Much suffering having been caused by the passage of loaded drays and other carriages over the shoulders of the crowd, and many serious accidents having occurred to individuals

among which we can only notice the unfortunate case of a plethoric elderly gentleman, who, slipping on a glazed hat, fell down and broke himself somewhereour worthy Mayor, ever alive to the calls of humanity, throwing aside all political prejudice, caused plank to be laid over the heads of the assembly from Sansome street to the extremity of the wharf, which in a great measure allevi. ated their suffering

There was no fighting or disorder among the crowd, for so closely were they packed that no man could move a finger; one unfortunate individual who at an early stage of the proceedings had inadvertently raised his arm above his head, remained with it immutably fixed in that position. Like an East Indian Fakir, who had taken a vow to point for ever toward heaven, that melancholy hand was seen for hours directed towards the nearest bonded warehouse. Some idea of the amiable feeling existing among the multitude may be gathered from the statement of Capt. J.B-, familiarly known as Truthful James." He informs me that early this morning the keeper of a restaurant on the wharf picked up no less than seven hundred and eightyfour ears and three peck baskets full of mutilated fragments ! To use the words of James, as with horror-stricken countenance he made me this communication, " they had been chawed sir! actilly chawed off !Such horrible barbarity makes humanity shudder! But I forbear comment, the business of your reporter is to state facts, not to indulge in sentiment.

At half-past nine o'clock an electric shock ran through the vast assemblage at the well-known sound of the Sophie's bell. All the agony and suffering of the past few hours was forgotten: for an instant Long Wharf quivered like an aspen leaf, and then rose to heaven a mighty shout, which shook every building in the city to its foundations. The Sophie approached the wharf, the Collector and her other passengers disembarked, and in a few moments a procession was formed and proceeded in the following order to the Oriental.


In a carriage drawn by two horses, lashed to their utmost speed, tearing along Battery street towards the Hotel.

All the male inhabitants of Stockton (except one reckless and despairing old Whig, who, knowing he had no chance, and being confined to his bed by sickness, remained behind to take charge of the city) running eight abreast, at the top of their speed.


On a dead run, and much blown.

Candidates for office in the Custom House who had known the Collector in his early youth, ten abreast, bearing a banner with the following motto: “Don't you remember the path where we met, long, long ago ?”

A fire company, who had inadvertently turned into Battery street, were driven furiously along with the procession, and were wondering how the d-l they were ever to get out of it.

Candidates for office who had lately become acquainted with the Collector, twelve abreast.

Banner-"We saw him but a moment, but methinks we've got him now."

Candidates who fervently wished to the Lord they could get acquainted with him.

Candidates who had frequently heard of him-forty-five abreast.


Consisting of a discharged sergeant of the 9th infantry slightly inebriated, one abreast, desiring the Deputy Collectorship, or the Porterage, or that the Collector would give him four bits- didn't care a d-n which.


By an unhappy dog, trodden under foot by the crowd and giving vent to the most unearthly yells.

All the members of the Democratic party in California who did not wish for an office in the Custom House, consisting of a fortunate miner who had made his pile and was going home on the first of the month.

Gentlemen who had the promise of appointments from influential friends, and were sure of getting them, walking arm in arm with gentlemen without distinction of party, who were confident of drawing the Diamond watch in Reeve's Lottery. This part of the procession was four hours in passing a given point.


Bearing in his right hand a pole from which floated a Bill of Fare three hundred and twenty-six feet in length, and in his left, a buckwheat cake glittering with golden syrup.


Supporting the other extremity of the Bill of Fare.


The procession having moved with great rapidity, soon arrived at the Oriental, but not as soon as the Collector, who rushing hastily into his room, locked and barricaded the door, having previously instructed the Landlord to inform all persons who might inquire for him, that he was dead. Meanwhile the multitude had completely surrounded the hotel, and signified their impatience and disgust at finding the doors, closed by angry roars, uttered at half-second intervals. Finding their cries disregarded, a sudden movement took place among them, and for a few moments I feared the hotel was to be carried by storm, when a window on Bush street opened, and a gentleman, whom the darkness

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