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and for precisely the same reasons which has induced Congress to grant it to the Navy, and especially those who served there subsequent to the 1st January, 1848; when they were compelled to pay the most exorbitant prices for the necessaries of life, having no other alternative, and no means of leaving the country like the officers of the Pacific squadron, who could have left the coast of California and gone to a cheaper station.

I have been requested by a number of officers stationed in Texas, to solicit your co-operation in carrying out this desirable object, by contributing, in the event of success, the proportionable per centum, agreed upon by them, namely: five or ten per cent. on the amount that may accrue, to you, as a remuneration for services rendered. Your concurrence is therefore requested, and it is understood that if there should be a failure, which, however, is not anticipated, no charge of any kind shall be made. Soliciting your immediate attention, and early reply,

I remain very respectfully,

Your ob'dt servant,

SAN DIEGO, 20th March, 1854. MY DEAR CHARLES :-I have received your modest request of the 4th of January, that I will give you five or ten per cent. of any sum that Congress may hereafter, in its infinite

beneficence, appropriate to my relief; a request which you státe you make to me at the instance of "a number of officers stationed in Texas."

For the benefit of those gentlemen, as well as yourself, I have asked Mr. Ames to print your letter, and my answer, in the world-renowned San Diego Herald—the only method I see of communicating with your advisers; as a letter directed to 6 a number of officers stationed in Texas," might possibly never reach them, through the ordinary channels.

Upon mature reflection, of nearly five minutes, I have come to the conclusion to decline acceding to your proposal. This decision has resulted from several considerations.

In the first place, I don't know you, Charles. I never heard of you before, in all my life. To be sure, I see by your card, which you so kindly enclosed, and which my wife has. just stuck up in the corner of the cracked looking-glass that adorns our humble chamber, that you are a General Agent (which may be a new military rank for all I know created with the Lieutenant-generalcy, and if it is, I beg your pardon and touch my hat, for I have a great respect for rank), and a Notary Public, and that you live on Seventh street, opposite the Odd Fellows' Hall, (why not move across the street ?) But all this does not amount to friendship, intimacy, or even common acquaintance; and I declare, Charles, I do not even know now whether you may not be some designing person, who, seeing that a bill is likely to pass

for the relief of certain distressed officers, seeks to levy a little black mail, say five or even ten per cent., on the scanty pittance, under the pretext of having influenced Congress in its humane decision; a thing that I believe all the General Agents, Notary Publics, U. S. Commissionérs, and Commissioners of Deeds, that ever lived opposite or in Odd Fellows' Hall, would fail to accomplish, had not Congress made up its benevolent mind to do it without consulting them.

2dly. Why should I promise to give you ten per cent. of that allowance ? (Oh, don't you wish you might get it-I hope I shall.) You say you have made an effort to get it for us. Ah, Charles, I love and honor you for doing so, if you have; but how, when, and where—tell me where, did

you make that effort. But if you did do so, what of it? Perhaps you made an effort, too, to get me the pay I now receive. Perhapsstartling thought you will be writing to me for "five or ten per cent." of that humble income! Don't try it, Charles; you wouldn't get it, I assure you.

As to your making an effort, that's all nonsense. Every body makes efforts now-a-days. Every body that ever I read of, except Mrs. Dombey, made an effort; and if my grandmother were to die and leave me a thousand dollars, you might, with equal propriety, inform me that you made an effort for that venerable person's decease, and claim “five or ten per cent." of that amount of property, as to humbug me with your making efforts to influence Congress, who, as I said before, I solemnly believe is independent of all the efforts of all the Notary Publics in all Washington.

From these two considerations, I conclude that you have

no claim or shadow of a claim on me, but that your proposal is merely a request for charity, to the amount of " five or ten per cent." on the small sum that you, living in Washington, and watching the signs of the times, begin to believe Congress is going to allow me. This charity I shall decline bestowing, for three good and sufficient reasons :

1st. I am very poor myself.

2d. I have a family to support on $89 83 a month, which isn't such a tremendous income, in a country where flour is $30 per barrel.

3d. I'll see you — first, giving you full permission to fill the blank with any kind aspiration for your future wellfare and happiness, that may occur to you, and that you may deem appropriate.

Farewell, Charles-remember me kindly to "a number of officers stationed in Texas,” when you write. Invest properly and judiciously, the "five or ten per cents” you get from them—in your future efforts forget me, and remember to "Be virtuous and you will be happy."

Yours respectively,

Lieut. U. S. A.

To C. D. ESQUIRE, Opposite Odd Fellows' Hall, General Agent,

Notary Public, Commissioner of Deeds, and U.S. Commissioner for all the States in the Union and Elsewhere!






846 & 348 Broadway. Complete Catalogues, containing full descriptions, to be had on application to

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The Poultry Book, illustrated,

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A Treatise on Artificial Fish-Breeding,

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