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TABLE 8.-Comparative statistics of State school systems

States and Territories.

Ratio Value of school fund per capita orof school property to total prop. Total popa- Population, Average at*erty.

lation. 0-14. tendance.

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1 Alabama..... 2 Arkansas 3 California.. 4 Colorado 5 Connecticut... 6 Delaware 7 Florida 8 Georgia... 9 Illinois 10

Indiana ...... 11 12 Kansas 13 Kentucky 14 Louisiana.. 15 Maine 16 Maryland .... 17 Massachusetts. 18 Michigan 19 Minnesota 20 Mississippi 21 Missouri. 22 Nebraska.. 23 Novadla 24 New Hampshire 25

New Jersey. 26 New York 27 North Carolina 28 Ohio 29 Oregon 30 Pennsylvania 31 Rhode Island 32 South Carolina. 33


Texas........ 35

Vermont...... 36 Virginia 37 West Virginia. 38 Wisconsin 39 Alaska

Arizona.--... 41 Dakota 42 District of Columbia 43 Idaho. 44 Indian Territory.. 45 Montana. 46 New Mexico. 47

Utah.. 48 Washington 49 Wyoming.

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.54 1. 23 1. 44

2 64


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82 1 93

30 3 72 9 87

62 5 49 17 04

2 12

12 94

16 01

1. 34

for the school year 1885–86-Continued.

Amount raised by taxation for

Ratio Current expenditure a for schools ! Ratio of

of amount
schools per capita of-

raised by
per capita of

current ex
taxation for

penditure a

for sciliools schools to Total popu- Population, Averago at

Total popu. Population, Average at- to total

total Inti u. 0-14. tendance.


lation. 6-14. tendance. property. erty.

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a Current expenditure does not include interest upou the value of school property.

TABLE 9.---Summary, by gcographical divisions, of the comparative statistics of State

school systems.

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The classification of States made use of in the foregoing table is the same as that adopted for the United States Census of 1830, and is as follows:

North Atlantic Dirision : Maine, New Hampshiro, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhodo Island, Connectiont, Now York, New Jersey, ani Pennsylvania:

South Atlantic Division : Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

South Central Division : Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas.

North Central Division : Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Dakota, Nebraska, aod Kansas.

Western Division : Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Novada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California.

It inay be said, by way of explanation, that, in computing any ratio, percentage, or per capita, for any division, no Stato is included that does not furnish a return for both the components which enter into such ratio, &c.; and unless at least four such States are found for the three first divisions, or five for the two last, the result is left blank in the tablo; though in every case, for any ratio, all the States reporting both components are used to obtain the youeral result for the United States.

The following table gives the totals for the United States, for the eleven years ending with 1885–86, of the priucipal items of public school statistics :

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The comparative table which follows is derived from the preceding :

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The preceding tables present the principal facts regarding State school systems, and are as accurate and as complete as the material at the disposal of the Bureau permits. In their compilation, reports for the current year have been received from 41 States and Torritorios (excluding Alaska), a decrease of 4 from 1875-76.

In some cases where reports lave not been received, either the figures of a former year have been used, or if it was especially necessary to get a total for the United States for the current year, estimates have been made by the Bureau from the best data available.

An attempt has been made to increase the usefulness of the tables by giving comparisons with the preceding year, also comparisons of the principal items with each other for the current year, thus presenting in a systematically tabulated form results wliich each individual using the tables would otherwise have been obliged to compute for bimself. Those inter-comparisons, whether they took the form of differences, per capitas, or porcentages, gave in some instances results so abnormal as to indicate serious errors in the data ; either special letters of inquiry were written in regard to these or the results were omitted it there was no time for inquiry. The comparative tables farnish a very ready means, as far as they go, of determining by inspection the relative educational status of the difforent States.

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