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List of institutions for secondary instruction from which no information has been received-Continued.

Philadelphia, Pa. (2045 Walnut Walnut Street Seminary for Young Ladies.

Toughkenamon, Pa.....

Tough kenamon Boarding School.
Trappe, Pa..

Washington Hall Collegiate Institute.
Washington, Pa.

Trinity Hall.
West Chester, Pa

West Chester Friends' High School.
New Shoreham (Block Island), Island High School.

Providence, R.I.

Ursuline Academy,
Columbia, SC

Valle Crucis Institute of the Ursulines.
Gaffney, S.C.

Cooper-Limestone Institute.
Reidville, S.C.

Reidville Female College.
Cairo, Tenn

Cairo Academy
Chapel Hill, Tenn.

Chapel Hill Academy.
Charleston, Tenn..

Charleston High School.
Evensville, Tenn.

Tennessee Villey College.
Graveston, Tenn.

Walnut Grove High School.
Henderson, Tenn....

Henderson Masonic Male and Female Institute.
Henderson, Tenn

West Tennessee Christian College.
Hollow Rock, Tenn

West Tennessee Seminary.
Irving College, Tenn.

Irring College.
Liberty, Tenn......

Masonic Academy
Limestone, Tenn

Jonesborough District High School.
Long Savannah, Tenn.

Savannah Grove Acarlemy,
Martin, Tenn.

Martin Male and Female Academy.
Memphis, Tenn.

Clara Conway Institute.
Morristown, Tenn.

Morristown Male Academy.
Mount Zion, Tenn. (mail, Atoka). Dyersburgh District High School.
Newbern, Tenn......

Union Seminary.
New Market, Tena......

Holston Seminary:
New Market, Tenn.

New Market Academy. Rutledge, Tenn

Madison Academy. Smithville, Tenn.

Pure Fountain College.

Troy, Tenn

Union City District High School.
Williamsport, Tenn.

Male and Female Academy.
Woolsey College, Tenn

Woolsey College.
Alto, Tex.

New Hope Academy,
Corsicana, Tex.

Academy of the Sacred Heart of Mary.
Fairfield, Tex

Fairfield College.
Homer, Tex

Homer Male and Female High School.
Houston, Tex. (284 McKenney st.) Young Ladies' Boarding and Day School.
Victoria, Tex.

St. Joseph's College and Diocesan Seminary.
American Fork, Utah

Willard Academy.
Hooperville, Utah

Hooper Free School
Ogden, Utah.

Ogden Academy.
Burlington, Vt.

St. Joseph's College.
Fairfax, Vt

New Hampton Institution.
Ludlow, Vt

Black River Academy.
St. Albans, Vt

Villa Barlow Boarding and Select School of the

Sisters of Notre Dame.
Underhill, Vt.

Bell Institute.
Williston, Vt.

Williston Academy,
Abingdon, Va.

Stonewall Jackson Institute.
Belleville, Va..

Yeates' Upper Free School.
Bickley's Mills, Va.

Abingdon District High School.
Bowling Green, Va

Bowling Green Female Seminary.
Elk Creek, Va.

Elk Creek Academy.
Anacortes, Wash.(Fidalgo Island) Alden Academy.
Fort Collville, Wash

Collville Indian Industrial Boarding School for

Goldendale, Wash

Goldendale Academy,
Marshfield, Wis.

St. Mary's Catholic School.
Oconomowoc, Wis.

Oconomowoo Seminary.
Silver Lake, Wis

Institute of the Holy Family. Laramie City, Wyo.

St. Mary's School.


Memoranda to Table 28.




Green Springs, Ala. Green Springs School....

Closed Summerville, Ala

Young Ladies' Academy of the Visita. Mail returned.

tion. Talladega, Ala ........ Germania Institute ...

Closed Talladega, Ala...... Talladega Male School.....

No such school. Tuscaloosa, Ala.. Tuscaloosa Male High School... Identical with Tuscaloosa Male

Academy. (See Table 28.)
Arkadelphia, Ark..... Arkadelphia Baptist High School .... Closed.
El Dorado, Ark
Independent High School.....

Benicia, Cal..
Young Ladies' Seminary.

Removed to Santa Cruz.
Gilroy, Cal....
Gilroy Seminary......

San Francisco, Cal. (129 University City College

Name changed to Westminster Haight street).

School. Stamford, Conn

Select Boarding and Day School...... Closed. Stratford, Conn

English and Classical School.......... Closed. Stratford, Conn

Stratford Institnte for Young Ladies. Closed. Grand Forks, Dak St. Bernard's Ursuline Convent.. Name changed to St. Bernard's

College. Sioux Falls, Dak Dakota Collegiate Institute....... Nam, changed to Sioux Falls

University, and transferred to

Table 39.
Washington, D. C. (lock Boys' English and Classical High Identical with Professor Hunt's
box 535).

Preparatory School.
Georgetown, Del
Georgetown Academy

Milford Del
Milford Seminary

Bartow County, Ga. (17th Oak Grove High School..

Mail returned. district). Bartow Iron Works, Ga. Union Academy

Mail returned. Gordon Springs, Ga... Gordon Spring Instituto .

Griffin, Ga .....

Samuel Bailey Male Institute..... Public.
Helena, Ga......
Helena High School

Mail returned.
Macon, Ga ......
Private School for Girls .

Peeksville, Ga.
Peeksville High School....

East Paw Paw, III.

Teachers' Institute and Classical Closed.

Green Hill, Ind
Green Iligh Seminary

Iowa City, Iowa

Preparatory and Normal School Closed
Morning Sun, Iowa Morning San Academy.

Barboursville, Ky.....
Union College

Discontinued for the present. Bowling Green, Ky Southern Normal School and Business Formerly Glasgow Normal School College.

at Glasgow. Harrisburgh, Ky..

Harrisburgh High School........ Not in existence.
Paris, Ky
Lockhart's Classical Institute

Taylorsville, Ky
Spencer Institute.......

New Orleans, La. (115 Terp. Evangelical Lutheran Progymnasium Closed.

sichore street).
Baltimore, Md. (438 Eutaw Eutaw Place School......

Mail returned.
Baltimore, Ma
Franklin Square Academy.

Baltimore, Md. (42 First Mount Royal Institute

Closed. street). Baltimore, Md. (cor. North Pen Lucy Select School for Boys and Closed.

and Maryland avenues). Girls.

Memoranda to Table 28–Continued.




Baltimore, Md. (89 McCul. Miss Yeato's School and Kindergar: Closed. loh street).

ten. Boston, Mass. (91 Newbury Mrs. Newhall's School for Girls and Closed. street).

Young Ladies.
Boston, Mass.(5 Otis Place). Otis Place School

Daleville, Miss
Cooper Institute....

Name changed to Cooper Nor

mal College. Holly Springs, Miss.. Holly Springs Normal Instituto Closed. Kosciusko, Miss

Kosciusko Male and Female Instituto. Closed. Walthall, Miss...

Walthall Male and Female High Public.

Brookfield, Mo....
Brook tield Academy.....

Name changed to Brookfield Col.

lege. Bunceton, Mo.... Parrish Collegiate Institute..

Name changed to Parrish Acad.

Gibbon, Nebr
Nebraska Baptist Seminary

Marlow, N.H ...
Marlow Academy.....

Hoboken, N.J. (106 Bloom: German-American School......... Elementary.

field street). Morristown, NJ

Miss Stevenson's French and En- Closed

glish Boarding and Day School for

Young Ladies and Little Girls. Newark, N. J. (10 Beacon Beacon Street German-American Closed. street).

School. Nowark, N.J. (35 Morton First German and English Presbyte- Closed. street).

rian School. Newark, N. J. (19 Green German-American Elementary and Closed. street).

High Grammar School. Nowark, N.J

Twelfth Ward German-English School Elementary. Salem, N.J. (274 E. Broad. | Philips' School. ....

Removed to Pennsville and not way).

fully established. Binghamton, N. Y Binghamton lastitute

Closed Brooklyn, N. Y. (183 Lin. Berkeley Institute for Young Ladies. Formerly Prospect Park Collegi. coln Place).

ate Institute for Young Ladies. New Paltz, N. Y. New Paltz Academy ....

Now a Stato normal school with

an academic department. New York, N. Y. (20 East Professor and Madame Colin's School Formerly French Protestant Io. G21 street). for Young Ladies and Children.

stitution, New York, N. Y. (574 Fifth Messrs. Hollady and Tupper's Private Closed. avenne).

School for Boys.
New York, N. Y. (River. St. Vincent Fred School...

dale P.O).
Sherman, N.Y..

Sherman Union School and Academy. Public.
Tarrytown, N. Y.

Starr's Military Institute....... Closed temporarils.
Henderson, N.C
Henderson Male Academy..

Formerly Ellsworth School.
Trap Hill, N.C
Trap Hill Normal Institute.... Name changed to Fair View Sem.

inary: Warrenton, N.C Warrenton Female Institute

Suspended. Gambier, Ohio Harcourt Placo Academy...... Closed, preparatory to being

opened as a school for girls. Ashland, Oreg

Ashland College and Normal School.. Temporarily closed. Damascus, Pa........ Union Academy ...

Closed. Downingtown, Pa.... Chester Valloy Academy....... Removed to Mount Holly, N.J.,

anal known as Mount Holly

Acalemy. Jersey Shore, Pa..... Eclectic Instituto

Philadelphia, Pa. (2103 Miss Bennett's School

Spruce street).
Philadelphia, Pa. (4th and Friends' School........

Green streets).
Blutiton, S.C..

Polytechnic and Industrial Institute.. Not in existence.
Blountville, Tenn.......... New Betbcl Institute.......

Not in existenca McMinnville, Tenn........ Waters and Walling College.......... Closed.

[blocks in formation]

TABLE 29.-Statistics of schools, academies, or departments thereof devoted to the prep

inquiries by the United

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Post-office address.





1 | Tuskaloosa, Ala
University High School

W. H. Verner
2 | Arkadelphia, Ark
State Baptist College.

Jno. Conger.. 3 Belmont, Cal Belmont School.

W.T. Reid... 4 Healdsburgh, Cal. Healdsburgh College

Sidney Brownsberger, A. X.. 5 Napa, Cal Oak Mound School.

C. M. Walker 6 Oakland, Cal. Oakland High School

J. B. McChesney 7 Oakland, Cal.. California Military Academy

Wm. H. O'Brien. 8 Red Bluff, Cal Red Bluff Academy....

I. S. Crawford, PH. B 9 Del Norte, Colo.

Presbyterian College of the South- Rev. Geo. M. Darley

west. 10 Denver, Colo Jarvis Hall

Rev. J. Eldred Brown, A. M.. 11 Hartford, Conn Hartford Public High School Joseph

Hall, M. A 12 Middletown, Conn Wilson Grammar School

E. H. Wilson, A. M. 13 Milford, Conn.. Elmwood School for Boys..

Frank M. Howe, sup't 14 New Haven, Conn

Hopkins Grammar School. George L. Fox, M. A. 15 Norwich, Conn... Norwich Free Academy

Robert P. Keep, PH.D. 16 Suffield, Conn. Connecticut Literary Institution

Martin H. Smith, A. M... 17 Woodstock, Conn. Woodstock Academy.

Geo. D. Lord, A. B 18 Yankton, Dak Yankton College.

Rev. Joseph Ward, D.D.. 19 Washington, DC

Columbia College Preparatory Andrew P. Montague, A. M

School. 20 | Augusta, Ga...

Academy of Richmond County ... C. H. Withrow 21 | Dawson, Ga

South Georgia Male and Female Morgan L. Parker, A. B., pres.

22 Valdosta, Ga....... Valdosta Collegiate and Normal J. H. Tappan, A. B.....

Institute. 23 Lewiston, Idaho..

Lewis Collegiate Institute...... Rev. Leri Tarr, A. M., pres't.. 24 Chicago, III. (1832–1836 Allen Academy*

Ira W. Allen, A. M., LL.D Michigan Boulevard). 25 Chicago, II. (2101 Indiana Harvard School.....

John J. Schobinger, John C. avenue).

Grant. 26 Chicago, m. (312 Chicago University School

C. N. Fessenden, A. B.. avenue). 27 Galesburgh, III Knox Academy.

Geo. Churchill, A. M 28 Morgan Park, ni Morgan Park Military Academy.. Capt. Ed. N Kirk Talcott,

superintendent. 29 River Forest, m.. River Forest Institute.

Webster Hakes, A. B. 30 Fort Wayne, Ind Fort Wayne College

Rev. W.F Yocum, A. M., D.D.. 31 Indianapolis, Ind

Indianapolis Classical School for Thos. L. Sewall, A. B

Boys. 32 Indianapolis, Ind..

Indianapolis Classical School for Thos. L. Sewall, A. B., and

Mrs. May Wright Sewall,

A. M. 33 Roanoke, İnd ....

Roanoke Classical Seminary. D. N. Howe, A. M.... 34 Burlington, Iowa Burlington College*.

Rev. E. C Spinney, D.D. 35 Davenport, Iowa.. Kemper Hall....

Rov. P. C. Wolcott, M. A., 8. T.

B., headmaster. 36 Waverly, Iowa Wartburgh College.....

Rev. G. Grossman 37 Paris, Ky..... Private School

W.L. Yerkes 38 South Carrollton, Ky. West Kentucky Classical and E. B. Smith, A. M., president

Normal College 39 Auburn, Me..

Edward Little High School* Charles H. Clark.. 40 East Machias, Me Washington Aca lemy*

Charles A. Black, A. M. 41 Fryeburgh, Me. Fryeburgh Academy

Albert F. Richardson, A. M 42 Hebron, Me Hebron Academy.

William E. Sargent, A. M. 43 | Houlton, Me.. Houlton Academy.

Arthur M. Thomas, A. M 44 Lewiston, Me Nichol's Latin School*.

Ivory F. Frisbee, A. M. 45 | North Parsonfield, Me. Parsonfield Seminary and Piper N. Currier ...

Free High School.
* From Report of the Commissioner of Education for year 1884-'85.

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