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able them to compete with men for remunerative employment, should press for admission to institutions like Harvard and Columbia. It is interesting to note in this connection that the report of the president of Columbia College for 1886 included in the roll of students 13 matriculated in the collegiate course for women.

The Lasell Seminary, Auburndale, Mass., has made an endeavor, and apparently a successful one, to develop a scheme of instruction specially adapted to the practical needs of women upon whom will devolve the obligations and cares of domestic and social life. It includes careful instruction in anatomy and physiology, accompanied by lectures given by a well-known physician; also lectures on the principles of coinnion law given by a lawyer of note, and lectures, lessons, and practice " in the arts of domestic life, the principles of dress, artistic house furuishing, healthy homes, cooking, marketing, and all the principles which underlie the wisest management of hones." It is gratifying to know that the effort to establish such courses of instruction and training bave met with the cordial approval of patrons and others interested in the cause of woman's education. Surely experiments of this kind, which recognize tho special wants of a very large and influential class of American women, deserve no less encouragement than the efforts to secure to them the highest opportunities for general intellectual development and culture.

Statistics in detail of schools for the superior instruction of women will be found in Table 32. The following is a comparative summary of institutions, instructors, and pupils, from 1876 to 1886, inclusive (1883 omitted):

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TABLE 31.-Summary of statistics of institutions for the superior instruction of women.


West Virginia



TABLE 32.- Statistics of institutions for the superior instruction of women for

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Athens, Ala
Athens Female College.

Rev. M. G. Williams
2 Eufala, Ala
Union Female College...

A. H. Toda 3 | Florence, Ala

Florence Synodical Female Col. Miss S. Collier

loge. 4 Huntsville, Ala..

funtsville Female College..... A. B. Jones, LL.D., D. D 5 Huntsville, Ala

Huntsville Female Seminary J. D. Anderson..

(Rotherwood Home). 6 Marion, Ala

Judson Female Institute.. Robert Frazer 7 Marion, Ala

Marion Female Seminary*. James D. Wade, A. M.. 8 Talladega, Ala...

Synodical Femalo Instituto Rev. G. W. Maxson, D.D... 9 Tuscaloosa, Ala

Alabama Central Female Col. S. B. Foster, A M., and G. G. loge.

Glower, principals. 10 Tuscaloosa, Ala..

Tuscalooga Female College.... Alonzo Hill. 11 Tuskeegee, Ala..

Alabama Conference Female John Massey

College. 12 Los Angeles, Cal.. The Ellis College*.

Rev. John W. Ellis.. 13 Mill's Seminary, Cal. Mill's Seminary and College Rev.C.C. Strattou, D. D 14 San José, Cal College of Notre Dame

Sister Vario Cornelia, superior... 15 Santa Rosa, Cal..

Santa Rosa Ladies' College.. Rev. W. A. Finley, A. M., D D 16 Hartford, Conn...

Hartford Female Seminary Dr. Andrews... 17 Athens, Ga... Lucy Cobb Institute

Miss M. Rutherford 18 Covington, Ga

Georgia Methodist Fonale Col. John T. McLaughlin..

lege. 19 Cuthbert, Ga

Andrew Female College Rev. Howard W. Key
Dalton, Ga....
Dalton Female College *

Jobn A. Jones, A. M 21 Forsyth, Ga......

Monroe Female College.. Richard T. Asbury, A. M 22 Gainesville, Ga

Georgia Baptist Serninary for A. W. Van Hoose ...

Young Ladies 23 Gainesville, Ga... Methodist Collego for Young Rev. C. B. La Hatte.

Ladies 24 Griffin, Ga. Griffin Female College*.

George G. Butler, A.M. 25 La Grange, Ga....

La Grange Female College.. Rufus W. Smith.... 26 La Grange, Ga...

Southern Female College. I. F. Cox.. 27 Macon, Ga

Wesleyan Femalo College W.C. Bass, D.D.
Newpan, Ga
Collego Temple

M. P Kellogg, A. M..
Rome, Ga............
Rome Female College*

Rev. J. M. M. Caldwell
Rome, Ga
Shorter College

L K. Gwaltney, D.D.
Thomasville, Ga
Young Female College.

John E Baker, A. M 32 Galesburgh, NI


Hon. Newton Bateman, A. M., LL.D. 33 Greenville, IL Almira College

James P. Slade
Jacksonville, IN
Ilinois Female Collega *

Rev. W. F. Short, D.D. 35 Jacksonville, III

Jacksonville Female Academy. E. F. Ballard, A.M. 36 Knoxville, Ill St. Mary's School...

Rev. C. W. Lethingwell.. 37 Lake Forest, III

Ferry Hall, Lake Forest Uni. Rev. Daniel S. Gregory, D.D..

versity. 38 Morgan Park, ni

Chicago Female College Gilbert Thayer, LLD 39 Mt. Carroll, mi.. Mt. Carroll Seminary *

Mra. Frances A. Wood Shimer.... 40 Rockford, Ill.... Rockford Seminary.

Martha Hillard.... 41 Fort Wayne, Ind.. Westminster Seminary for Miss C B. Sharp and Mrs. D. B. Young Ladies.

Wells. 42 New Albany, Ind... De Pauw College for Young Rev. L. M. Albright ....

Women. 43 Davenport, Iowa. Immaculate Conception Acad. Sister Mary Gonzaga..

omy. Des Moines, Iowa Callanan College......

C. R. Pomeroy, D. D.... 45 Oswego, Kans

College for Young Ladies. Louise Panli.. 46 Topeka, Kans College of the Sisters of Bethany Rt. Rev. Thomas H. Vail, D. D.,

Clinton, Ky..
Clinton College

Miss Amanda Al. liicks 48 Danville, Ky

Caldwell and Bell College. Miss Lottie A. Campbell 49 Georgetown, Ky...... Georgetown Female Seminary.. James J. Rucker, LL.D., 50 Glasgow, Ky

Liberty Female College.. E. W. Eirou 51 Hari odsburgh, Ky....... Dangbters' College....

John Aug. Williams From Report of the Commissioner of Education for year 1884-'85. a Recburtered in 1877.

1853–186; from replies to inquiries by the United States Bureau of Educalion-PART I..

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