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Table 57.-Summary of the statistics of schools giving industrial training in various forms.

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TABLE 58.-- Statistics of schools giring industrial training in rarious forms for 1887–986; from replies to inquirics by the United States Bureau of

Education -- PART I.

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1 Talladega, Ala.

Industrial department, Talladega College
2 Little Rock, Ark

Adeline Smith Indnstrial Home ....
3 Fort Stevenson, Dak Fort Sterenson Industrial School.
Yankton, Dak

Dakota Indian Industrial School
5 Atlanta, Ga..

Industrial Department, Clark University 6 Savannah, Ga

Industrial Hone School. 7 Thomnsville, Ga

Connecticut Industrial School 8 Chicago, in

Railroad Mission Industrial School. 9 Des Plaines, Ind

St. Mary's Training School
10 Richmond, Ind

Busy Bee
11 Wabash, lud......

White's Indiana Manual Labor Institute
12 Wetumka, Ind. Ter. Levering Mission Manual Labor School
13 Mt. Hami!), Iowa...

White's Iowa Manual Labor Institute.....
14 Arkansas City, Kang Chilocco Indian Industrial School
15 Lawrence, Kans...

Jaskill Institute School for Indians..
16 Ilallowell, Mo.....

Maine Industrial School for Girls 17 Carroll, Md.

St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys.
18 Durchester, Mass. (Centre Industrial School for Girls.

19 Boston, Mass. (201 North Industrial Schools (2), (Boston North End

20 Brookline, Mass.

Vacation Industrial School 21 Rorbury, Mass. (45 Bart South End Industrial School.

lett street, Boston Higl.

lands). 22 | Kalamazoo, Mich... Children's Home Training School for Girls

1878 Miss Head.

Voluntary subscriptions. TABLE 58.--Statistics of schools giving industrial training in various forms for 1885–86, 8c.-Part I-Continued.


23 | Lansing, Mich.

Industrial School for Girls of the Lausing 1878 Mrs. Nancy Andrews

Industrial Aid Soceity. 24 | Columbus, Miss.

Mississippi Industrial Institute and Col- 1885 R. W. Jones

lege. 25 Edwards, Miss.

The Southern Christian Institute of Mis. 1882 Jephthah Hobbs.

sissippi. 26 St. Louis, Mo. (s. e. corner Industrial School, St. Joseph's Convent .... 1856 Sisters of Mercy

Morgan and 22d streets. 27 St. Ignatius, Mont St. Ignatius Mission School

1864 Rev. L. Van Gorp, 8. J. 28 Genoa, Nebr Genoa Indian Training School.

1884 Horace R. Chase 29 Santa Fe, N. Mex

Romona Indian Industrial department of 1885 Elliot Whipple

University of New Mexico.
30 Albany, N. Y. (148 N. Industrial Schools (Children's Friend So- 1857 Margaret J. McElroy, treasurer
Pearl street).

31 Brooklyn, N. Y. (Sterling Brooklyn Industrial School Association and 1834 Miss Battey, matron.

Place, bet. Flatbush Homo for Destitute Children.

and Vanderbilt aves.).
32 Brooklyn, N. Y
astern District Industrial School.

1854 Miss Mary E. Whittelsey
33 Brooklyn, N.Y. (Congress St. Paul's Industrial School

1858 Sister Maria Louise....
and Clinton streets).
84 New York, N. Y. (155 Five Points House of Industry.

1850 William F. Barnard
Worth street).
35 New York, N. Y. (29 East Industrial Schools (12) of the American 1834 Mrs. C.C. North, president
29th street).

Female Guardian Society.
BS New York, N. Y. (105, 107, Industrial School of St. Augustine's Chapel. 1870 Miss M. P. Darby.

109 East Houston st.).
87 New York, N. Y. (58 St. Industrial School of the United Hebrew 1880 Eliza Woodle, principal..
Mark's Place).

Charities. 88 New York, N. Y. (125 St. Wilson Industrial School for Girls (and Mis. 1852 Miss Anna W. Kirkwood, principal Mark's Place).


Voluntary donations and children's board.
Private funds.
Charitable donations.

39 Rochester, N.Y.

The Industrial School of Rochester 40 Rochester, NY

Industrial School of the Sisters of Mercy. 41 | Cleveland, Ohio.

Industrial School and Home (Children's Aid

Society). 42 Carlisle, Pa

Training School for Indian Youth 43 Martinsburgh, Pa

Indian Industrial Training School
44 Philadelphia, Pa. (718 Friends' West Distriot Colored School.

Catharine street).
45 | Philadelphia, Pa. (n. e. cor. St. James' Industrial School for Girls.

Walnut and Twenty

fourth streets).
46 Orangeburgh, SC

Simpson Industrial Home
47 Knoxville, Tean

Slater Training School
48 Milwaukee, Wis

Good Shepherd Industrial School

1856 Miss C. A. Hamilton 1873 Mother Hieronymo. 1876 William Sampson.... 1879 R. H. Pratt, captain Tenth Cavalry 1885 Philip II. Bridenbaugh, A. M ....... 1842 Jane S. Street, principal 1875 Mrs. George Boker, secretary.

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1884 S. Q. Purdum 1880 Emily L. Austin. 1877 M. M. St. Elizabeth

W. H. Mission Society.
Voluntary contributions.
Private contributions, industry of inmatos,

and United States Government.

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