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127 | Elmira, N. Y.. Elmira School of Commerce and W.A. Miller,

1880 Allen Business College. 128 Geneva, N. Y. Geneva Business College

Ansel E. Mackey

1880 129 New York, N. Y. (805 Packard's Business Coliego. S. S. Packard.....

1858 Broadway). 130 New York, N. Y. (62 Paine's Business College

Rutherford & Howell. 1819 Bowery, cor. Canal

street). 131 New York, N. Y. (30 Spencerian Metropolitan Basiness H. A. Spencer....

1873 1873 E. 14th street). College. 132 New York, N. Y. (1313 The Paine Up-town Business Col. H. W. Remington..

1872 Broadway).

lege. 133 Peekskill, N. Y Westchester County Institute..... Chas. Unterreiner

1877 131 Poughkeepsie, N. Y... Eastman Business College*. Clement C. Gaines

1859 135 Rochester, N. Y. (cor. Rochester Business University Williams & Rogers

1863 State & Market sts.). Rochester, NY Tayloc & Sons' Business College... A. Jackson Taylor...

1876 137 Troy, N, Y.. ... Bryant & Stratton Troy Business Thos. H. Shields 1871 1858

College. 188 Akron, Ohio Akron Business College.

0. S. Warner

1866 139 Canfield, Ohio.. Northeastern Ohio Normal Busi- Byron E. Helman, A.M. 1883 1883

ness College.* 140 Canton, Ohio.. Canton Business College.

William Fuller

1875 141 Cincinnati, Ohio (N. Nelson's Business College. Richard Nelson..

1856 W cor. 4th and Wal

nat sts.). 112 Cincinnati, Ohio Nelson's Ladies' Business College.. Ella Nelson...

1881 1881 143 Cmendati, Quio (4th Thos. Martin & Son Business Col. Thomas Martin.. 1882 1882

and Central ave.). lege Co. 144 Cieveland, Ohio (208 Standard Business College aud H. Day Gould....

1882 Superior st.).

School of Science. 145 Coluinbus, Ohio.... Capital City Commercial College .. Cooper Humphreys.. 1877 146 Columbus, Ohio....... Business College and P. F. Wilkinson.....

1861 Normal School. 147 Dayton, Ohio Miami Commercial College

Wilt & Sunderland

1860 148 Delaware, Ohio National Pen Art Hall and Basic G. W. Michael

1873 noss College. 149 Findlay, Ohio. Findlay Business Collego..

Woolfington & Oller..

1843 150 Hamilton, Ohio Ohio Commercial College

W. A. Nichols

1875 151 Mansfield, Ohio. College and Business Lustituto Willard A. Frasier

ISI 152 Mostield, Ohio Ohin Bngine's Collego

J. W. Sharp:

1865 153 Oberlin, Ohio Oberlin Business College

McKee & Henderson 154 Springfield, Ohio (339 Nelson's Business Collego

A. J. Nelson ..

1881 W. Pleasant st.). 155 Springfield Ohio... Van Sickle's Practical Business | J.W.Van Sickle, LL. D.

1371 College. 156 | Toledo, Ohio... Ohio Business University.. Edmund J.H. Duncan

1883 157 Toledo, Ohio. Toledo Business College

M. H. Davis, B. A

1803 158 Zanesville, Ohio Zanusville Business Collego.

H. B. Parsons

1866 159 Portland, Oreg.. Portland Business College.

A. P Artustrong

1.60 160 Altoona, Pa International Business Collego S. D. Forbes

1824 Altoona, PS Mountain City Business College. G. G. Zeth

1894 102 Allentown, Pa. Allentowu Business Coliege

W. L. Blackman

18:49 163 Euston, PA Easton Business ollege

Cbas L 164 Erie, Pa Clark's Commercial Colloge

HC Clark

1883 165 Harrisburgh, Pa. Penusylvania Business Collego. J. N. Currey

1873 18.2 166 Lancaster, Pa Lancaster Commercial College. H.C. Midler

1980 1980 167 Meadville, Pa.... Bryant, Stratton & Sanith Business A. W. Smi:h

1806 1805 College. 163 Phila-lelphia, Pa. (1839 Palm's National Business College.. T. W. Paling ....

1885 Chestnut st.). 169 Philadelphia, Pa. (919 Pierce College of Business........ Thomas May Piorca

1865 Chestnutst.).

* From Roport of the Conmissioner of Edceauon foc year 1884-'86.

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TABLE 63.-Statistics of commercial and .


170 Pittsburgh, Pa....... Curry Institute and Union Business James C. Williams.... 1884 1860

College. 171 Pittsburgh, Pa.... Duff's Mercantile College...

P. Duff & Sons.. 1850 1840 172 Union City, Pa. Luce's Business College

Rer N. R. Luce.

1883 173 Williamsport, Pa Williamsport Commercial College.. F. M. Allen


1866 174 Providence, R. I. (283 Providence Bryant & Stratton T. B. Stowell..

1863 Westminster st.). Business College. 175 Providence, R. I. (193 | Scholfield's Commercial College.... Albert G. Scholfield 1846

Westminster st.). 176 Chattanooga, Tenn Behm's Chattanooga Commercial Jeremiah Behm

1875 College. 177 Knoxville, Tenn Knoxville Business College.. J. T. Johnson

1885 178 Memphis, Tenn.. Leddin's Business College

T. A. Leddin...

1867 179 Nashville, Tenn Goodman's Business College. Frank Goodman 1868 1865 180 Nashville, Tenn Practical Business School..

R. W. Jennings

1884 181 Fort Worth, Tex Fort Worth Business College F. P. Preuitt.


1879 182 Thorp's Spring, Tex.. Thorp's Spring Commercial College Major George S. Storrs 1882 1882

and Literary Institute.* 183 Waco, Tex.... Waco Business College

R. H. Hill

1882 1881 184 Whitesborough, Tex.. Whitesborough Normal and Com. James M. Carlisle, M.A. 1883 1880

mercial School*. 185 Burlington, Vt. Burlington Business College. E. G. Evans..

1878 186 Lyndon Centre, Vt Lynden Cominercial College Walter E. Ranger, A.M. 1884 1883 187 Waterbury Centre, Vt Minard Commercial College A. M. Marsh

1881 1881 188 Richmond, Va Old Dominion Business College Geo. M. Nicol

1868 1867 189 Richmond, Va Smithdeal Business College.. G. M. Smithdeal

1883 190 Wheeling, W. Va. Wheeling National Business Col. J. M. Frasher.

1860 lege and Normal Institute. 191 Green Bay, Wis Green Bay Business College* C, A. Murch, M. Aco't. 192 Janesville, Wis. Silsbee Commercial College". J. B. Silsbee

1877 1866 193 La Crosse, Wis La Crosse Business College. J.L. Wallace

1868 194 Madison, Wis.. Northwestern Business College. Denning & Proctor.. 0 1856 195 Milwankee, Wis Charles Mayer's Commercial Col. Charles Mayer

1876 lege and Elementary Select

School. 196 Milwaukee, Wis Dr. Wm. Bayer's Commercial Col. Dr. Wm. Bayer

1868 lege. 197 Milwaukee, Wis Spencerian Business College.. R.C. Spencer

1870 1863 198 Oshkosh, Wis.. Oshkosh Business College

W. W. Daggett 1867 1867 199 St. Francis Station, Pio Nono Commercial College... Rev. Chas. Fessler.

1871 Wis.

* From Roport of the Commissioner of Education for year 1884-'85.

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List of commercial and business colleges from which no information has been received.





Los Angeles, Cal ... Los Angeles Business Col. Elizabeth, N.J Elizabeth Business College. lege.

Paterson, N.J. Paterson Business College. Los Angeles, Cal....Woodbury's Basiness Col. Brooklyn, N. Y..... Browne's Business College. lege.

Glen Falls, N. Y... Elmwool Commercial and San Francisco, Cal.. California Commercial Col.

Select Schoo lege.

Kinderbook, N. Y.. Kinderbook Academy and Chicago, III. Chicago Athenæam.

Commercial College.
Chicago, Ill.
Lakeside Business College. Lima, N. Y

Lima Business College. Chicago, ni. Souder's Chicago Business Olean, N. Y Westbrook Commercial Col. College.

lege. Onarga, III.

Onarga Commercial College. Syracuse, N. Y Bryant & Stratton Basiness Sterling, III. Sterling Business and Pho.

College and Telegraphic nographic College.

Institute. Des Moines, Iowa .. Bowen's Basiness College Utica, NY Bryant & Stratton Business and Academy.

College Abilone, Kans Abilene Commercial School Ashland, Ohio ..... Asbland College and Com. and Literary Institute.

mercial Institute. Covington, Ky... Thomas Martin & Son Busi. Cincinnati, Ohio... Thomas Martin & Son, Busi. ness College Company.

ness College Company. Newport, Ky Thomas Martin & Son Busi. Cleveland, Ohio.

Spencerian Business College. ness College Company. Clyde, Ohio.. Clyde Business College Baltimore, Md..... Bryant, Stratton & Sadler Youngstown, Ohio. Youngstown Business Col. Business College.

lege. Baltimore, Md... Eaton & Burnett's Business Philadelphia, Pa... Bryant & Stratton Business College.

College. Jackson, Mich. Jackson Basiness College. Greenwich, R. I.... Greenwich Commercial Col. Minneapolis, Minn.. Curtiss Business College.

lege. Rochester, Minn... Darling's Business College. Galveston, Tex .... Livingston's Galveston Busi. St. Paul, Minn. Curtiss Business College.

ness College. St. Paul, Minn... St. Paul Business College Fond du Lac, Wis.. Fond du Lac Commercial Col. and Telegraphic Institute.

lege St. Joseph, Mo.. St. Joseph Normal Busi. Sioux Falls, Dak... Silsbee's Business College.

ness College Omaha, Nebr. Wyman Commercial College Washington, D.C.. Spencerian Business College.

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Dubuque, Iowa .... Baylie's Commercial Collego.. Name changed to Bayless Businoss

College. St. Joseph, Mo Bryant's Business College.

Consolidated with Chapman's Business

College New York, N. Y..... Metropolitan Basiness College.... Name changed to Spencerian Businoss

College. Greensborough, N.C. Smitbdeal Business College... Remored to Richmond, Va. Clyde, Ohio... Sprague's Law and Business College. Name changod to Clyde Business Col.

lege. Oberlin, Ohio... National Pen Art Hall and Business Removed to Delaware, Ohio.

Collegor. Portland, Oreg.... Columbia Commercial College .... Consolidated with Portland Business


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