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MY DEAR CHILDREN, T Apprehend, that by the time it is designed, under

the conduct of all-disposing Providence, this should come into your hands, ye may be desirous to know your father's manner of life, beyond what ye faw with your eyes : and it is very pleasing to me, that, as to that point; I am capable, in some measure, to fatisfy you, by means of two manuscripts, which I leave unto you, committing them to the Lord my God for preservation, and a blessing on them.

The one is a bound book in quarto, intitled, Palaa ges of my Life, at writing hereof, consisting of three hundred and fixty-two written pages, beginning from my birth, ending October 19. 1730, and signed *. I was not arrived at twenty years of age, when, without a prompter, so far as I know, I began collecting of these passages, for my own soul's benefit : and they, being carried on, have often since that time been of use to me. For which cause I recommend the like practice to you; remembering the promise, Psal. cvii. 43. “ Whofo is wise, and will observe those " things, even they shall understand the lovingkindness of the Lord.”

The other is the following general account of my life, at writing hereof, consisting of two hundred and * The author, before his death, added some pages more. * Α

seventyseventy-nine written pages *, beginning from my birth, ending October 24. 1730, and signed. How I was led thereto, much contrary to my inclination, you will find in the manuscripts themselves. But, now that it is done, I am obliged to fay, “ The fool“ ishness of God is wiser than men :" and I bless the Lord, who gave me counsel. It was in obedience to his call that I did it: “ Let the Lord do with it what “ seemeth him good.” Ye will not readily have meaner thoughts of that matter than I myself had.

I presume, you will judge hat it had been more natural to have inade one continued history of both : and I, being of the same mind, would indeed have so done, had I thought it worth my pains, in this decline of my age and firength. But not seeing myfelf called thereto, I am satisfied as to the design of Providence, which hath modelled that matter as faid is f.

You will not therein find yourselves descended, by ine at least, from any ancient or honourable family in the sight of the world ; which is a matter of some fignificancy, I own, before men, for a few pafling years : but you will find yourselves children of the covenant, devoted unto the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, my God, by me having power over you for that eifect: whom therefore I charge to ratify the fame with your own consent, and personal acceptance of the covenant; and to cleave to this God as your

* In the years 1730 and 1731 the author added a good many pages more. The firit MS. confills in whole of 371 pages, and the latter of 342.

+ In preparing this work for the press, it was judged absoJutely necessary, in order to prevent repetitions, and references from the one volume to the other, to reduce both into one continued narrative or history, taking care all along to insert the pailages of his life in the general account, in their proper places, according to their refpective dates and years, and as the nature of the subjects treated of required.


God, all the days of your lives, as being his only, wholly, and for ever: fo fhall that be to you a matter of eternal value and significancy, before the Lord; of value to you in this and the other world.

If fome things in these manuscripts appear trifling, bear with them. Had I thought it worth time and pains, to have written them over a second time, it is likely, several things now found in them had been dropped. Mean while it may reasonably be allowed, that fome things now appearing trifling to you, mnight have been of fome weight to me; and may be so to you afterwards; and if never to you, yet fome one time or other to yours after you.

I hope you will find some things in them worthy of your imitation: the which I was the more willing to record, that I did not think I ever had the art of education of children ; but might thereby do fomewhat toward the repairing of the loss you by that means sustained. It is my desire and will, that, while the Lord is pleased to prcierve them, and that in the power of my offspring, any of them whosoever be allowed free accefs unto them: yet so that the property thereof be vefted from time to tinie, in such an one of them, if any such there shall be, as fhall addict himself to the holy ministry. And in cafe I be allowed, by him in whose hand is my life and breath, and all my ways, to make any continuation of the purpose of these manuscripts, the-fame is to be reckoned as here included.

I hope you will use no indecent freedoms with them ; considering that, for ought you or I know, there is a jus tertii, a right of a third party, in the matter, whom alfo I have a view to, with an awful regard to the fovereign difpofal of holy Providence, to which I desire to submit all. Some few things which I saw meet to dclete, I have signified and figncd on the margin.

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And now, my dear children, your lot is fallen in a finning time, beyond the days of my fathers : and I am mistaken, if it issue not in a time proportionally trying, by " the Lord's coming out of his place to

punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniqui" ty.” I obtest and beseech you, as you regard your eternal welfare, “ save yourselves from this untoward “ generation. See the absolute necessity of regeneration, the change of your nature, by union with Jesus Christ the second Adam ; as it was corrupted by means of your relation to the first Adam fallen. Labour for the experience of the power of religion in your own fouls, that you may have an argument for the reality of it, from your fpiritual sense and feeling : and cleave to the Lord, his way of holiness, “ (with. « out which ye shall not see the Lord),” his work alfo, his interests, and people, on all hazards ; being assured, that such only will be found wise in the end. If your mother, undoubtedly a daughter of Abra. ham, shall survive me, let your loss of a father move you to carry the more kindly and affectionately to her, supporting her in her desolate condition. Let the same likewise engage you the more to be peace, ful, loving, and helpful, among yourselves.

The Lord bless each one of you, and save you, cause his gracious face shine on you, and give you peace; so às we may have a comfortable meeting in the other world! Farewell.


From my study in Ettrick
Manse, Oct. 28. 1730.

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