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Thon Had he evinced & Findictive, cruel, Committee held on the 13th inst. They w vengeful spirit? Had he even hinted at the take part in the engning elections, recognizin Abolition of Slavery? On the contrary, had he the duty of endeavoring to place the prop not just overruled, then superseded, Gen. Fre-men in office, but frankly stating that, in the woont, because of his Emancipation order in judgment, a Convention to frame & new Const issouri?

tution should have first been called. The The slaveholding caste, controlling the Gov- fear evidently is that an election held on th ernments and policies of eleven or twelve States, basis proscribed by the old Constitution ma had made war on the Union. They had, nearly defeat the object of restoring Lonisiane to th 2 year before, decreed the confiscation of all the Union & free and loyal State. property of Unionists within their reach, and

reach, and Whereae, N. P. Banks. Major-General Cormanding the D

thereas partment of the Gulf, did, on the 12th January, Inst., issuo b Proclamation inviting the loyal citizens of Louisians to asser ble on the 22d of February, 1864, in order to cast their votes 1 the election of soven executive officers, vix: lat, Governor; 21

Lieut.-Governor; 3d, Secretary of State ; 4th, Treasurer; 5t. two regiments of blacks at New-Orleans alone 7th, Auditor of Publio Accounts:

Attorney-General, 6th, Superintendent of Publio Imatractios

Therefore be it resolved, Tant this Tree-Stato General Con mitteo, not relinquishing its judgment that the only true pet to reconstruction is a Convention to frame a pow Copstitutio before any election for State officers and not renouncing it lawful olaim to have Slavery abolished immediately withou the dangers of any futilo scheme of kradual emancipatio

and not yielding its a sent to the idea that tho blection of seve as at executive officers can, by any proper use of terma, bo style

the Civil Government of Louisiana; but, nevertheless, reco m izing the patriotic duty of endervoring to place in office me

whoso opinions are in harmony with the wants of Louisian and doing its utmost to subvert and destroy it. and the spirit of the age, will take part ba the elections

1 Resolved further. That the Froe-Stato Unton mon of Londo!

apa are hereby respectfully recommended to appoint delegate 18/toNominating Convention, to propose candidates for asi

seven executive officers, to be held in New Orleang on Mon must in no case be confiscated, nor must Slavery day, the first day of February, 1864, at Gf o'clock p. m., in th

Committee-room, oorner of Camp and Common street, in thi be 'forcibly abolished.'. Why not?

city. Why should Gen. McClellan have thought

Resoloed further, That wo respectfully recommond that the representation in said Convention shall be as follows, viz: delegates from each ward of the City of New Orleans; 3 dele gates from that part of the Parish of Orleans on the right ban of the river from the Parish of Jefferson, 8 delegates; and

from each of the other Parishes of the State N follows: 9 le John the Baptist, 1; St. Charles, 1; St. Jamos, 1, St. Bernard 11; Plaquemineu, 1; Lafourche, 3; Terobonne, 27 Ascension, 2

St. Mary, 1; St. Martin, 2; Ibervillo, 2; East Baton Rouge, 3 The loyal States cannot endure it much longer. I West Baton Rougo, 1; 8c. Taromany, 1; Assuraption, 3; La

fayette, 2.

Resolved, That no delegate to that Convention be admittos antil he has taken the oath prescribed by the President's Prod larnetion of the Bth of Decerober, 1863, and the path of the Free State General Committee

Resolved further, That the foregoing Preamblo and Roso Dit was not this that prompted that singular

lons be published in all the daily newspapers of Now-Orlean

THOMAS J. DOLANT, Prosidenly letter, we know not what conid have im JAMES GRAHAM, Secretary. pelled it. .

. Gen. McClellan has been, is, and will be, tha favorite commander of our forees of every open sympathizer with the Slaveholders' Rebellion. Whoever in the loyal States hopes that Jeff. Davis may yet triumph over our armies insiste that McClellan is the man of all men to command them. Whoever holds that we onght not to subdue the Rebels insists that we should hove done much better had McClellan been retained in command. These, we can understand; but the partisans of McClellan who don't vote for Judge Woodward, Gov. Seymour, and Vallandigham, are too deep for us. Can it be that they comprehend themselves ?

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1. An act to provide for the payment of members and officers of

the legislature, approved January 15, 1847,
2. An act to give immediate force to section 37 of chapter 154 of

the revised statutes, approved January 19, 1847, 3. An act to authorize the assessment and collection of certain tax

es in the township of Woodhull, in the county of Shiawas

see, approved January 28th, 1847, 4. An act authorizing any person to construct lines of electric tele

graph in the state of Michigan, approved January 28, 1847, 5. An act to incorporate the Port Huron and Lake Michigan Rail

Road Company, approved January 30, 1847, 6. An act to amend the charter of the city of Detroit, as to the

time of making assessments, approved January 30, 1847, 7. An act to extend the time for the collection of certain taxes for

the year eighteen hundred and forty-six, in the city of De

troit, approved January 30, 1847,
8. An act to extend the time for the collection of certain taxes for

the year eighteen hundred and forty-six in the county of Sa-
ginaw, also, in the township of Vienna, in the county of Ge-
nesee and in the township of La Salle, in the county of

Monroe, approved January 30, 1847,
9. An act to extend the time for the collection and return of taxes

in the township of Marshall, in the county of Calhoun, ap

proved January 30, 1847, 10. An act to change the name of Rhoda Zeolida Critchett, approv

ed February 1, 1847, 11. An act to extend the time for the collection of taxes for the year

eighteen hundred and forty-six, in the township of Pittsford,

county of Hillsdale, approved February 1, 1847, 12. An act to authorize the common council of the village of Adrian




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