The Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay, Volumen2

Harper & brothers, 1876

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Página 245 - Fair ship, that from the Italian shore Sailest the placid ocean-plains With my lost Arthur's loved remains. Spread thy full wings, and waft him o'er. So draw him home to those that mourn In vain; a favourable speed Ruffle thy mirror'd mast, and lead Thro' prosperous floods his holy urn. All night no ruder air perplex Thy sliding keel, till Phosphor, bright As our pure love, thro' early light Shall glimmer on the dewy decks.
Página 326 - The materials for an amusing narrative are immense. I shall not be satisfied unless I produce something which shall for a few days supersede the last fashionable novel on the tables of young ladies.
Página 393 - Italian country house from the beginning of the sixteenth to the end of the eighteenth century...
Página 284 - If, instead of learning Greek, we learned the Cherokee, the man who understood the Cherokee best, who made the most correct and melodious Cherokee verses, who comprehended most accurately the effect of the Cherokee particles, would generally be a superior man to him who was destitute of these accomplishments.
Página 169 - In the dark hour of shame, I deigned to stand Before the frowning peers at Bacon's side; On a far shore I smoothed with tender hand, Through months of pain, the sleepless bed of Hyde. " I brought the wise and brave of ancient days To cheer the cell where Raleigh pined alone. I lighted Milton's darkness with the blaze Of the bright ranks that guard the eternal throne.
Página 209 - But Johnson took no notice of the challenge. He had learned, both from his own observation and from literary history, in which he was deeply read, that the place of books in the public estimation is fixed, not by what is written about them, but by what is written in them...
Página 191 - History," and, glimmering below the stream of the narrative, as it were, you, an average reader, see one, two, three, a half-score of allusions to other historic facts, characters, literature, poetry, with which you are acquainted.
Página 99 - The first rule of all writing — that rule to which every other is subordinate — is that the words used by the writer shall be such as most fully and precisely convey his meaning to the great body of his readers.
Página 70 - ... tingle ; to a country which had made the Dey of Algiers humble himself to the dust before her insulted Consul ; to a country which had avenged the victims of the Black Hole on the Field of Plassey ; to a country which had not degenerated since the great Protector vowed that he would make the name of Englishman as much respected as ever had been the name of Eoman citizen.
Página 185 - Without one cloud of strife or sorrow. And when the god to whom we pay In jest our homages to-day, Shall come to claim, no more in jest, His rightful empire o'er thy breast, Benignant may his aspect be, His yoke the truest liberty : And if a tear his power confess, Be it a tear of happiness. It shall be so. The Muse displays The future to her votary's gaze ; Prophetic rage my bosom swells — I taste the cake— I hear the bells ! From Conduit Street the close array Of chariots barricades the way...

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