An Examination of the Letters Said to be Written by Mary, Queen of Scots, to James, Earl of Bothwell: Appendix, containing I. The letters themselves, in Scottish, Latin and French. II. The conferences at York and Westminster, and other writings relative to the letters

T. and W. Ruddimans, 1754

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Página 256 - Good. ii. 252. They assembled accordingly, at Hampton Court, December 14. and 15. 1568 ; and, " The originals of the letters supposed to be written with the* Queen of Scots' own hand, were then also presently produced and perused ; and, being read, were duly conferred and compared, for the manner of writing, and fashion of orthography, with sundry other letters long since heretofore written, and sent by the said Queen of Scots to the Queen's Majesty. In collation whereof no difference was found.
Página 94 - Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c.
Página 9 - I wald have send him away Presoner. I answerit, that I wald tak him with me to Craigmillar, quhair the mediciner and I micht help him, and not be far from my sone. He answerit, that he was reddy quhen I pleisit, sa I wald assure him of his requeist. He desyris na body to se him. He is angrie quhen I speik of Walcar, and sayis, that he sal pluk the eiris out of his heid and that he leis.
Página 342 - ... there are divers in Scotland, both men and women, that can counterfeit my handwriting, and write the like manner of writing which I use, as well as myself, and principally such as are in company with themselves.
Página 62 - Thirdly, they mean to charge her with the murder of her husband, whereof (they say) they have as apparent proof against her as may be, as well by the testimony of her own handwriting, which they have recovered, as also by sufficient witnesses.
Página 152 - As to me, howbeit I heir noe farther newes from yow, according to my commission, I bring the man with me to Craigmillar upon Munday, quhair he will be all Wednisday. And I will gang to Edinburt to draw bluid of me, gif in the mene tyme I get no newes in the contraire from yow.
Página 142 - And these men here do constantly affirm the said letters and other writings which they produce of her own hand, to be her own hand indeed...
Página 142 - After the devise of the murder was determined, as it seemed by the sequel, they inferred, upon a letter of her own hand, that there was another meane of a more cleanly conveyance devised to kill the king; for there was...
Página 13 - I wryte all thingis, howbeit they be of lytill wecht, to the end that ze may tak the best of all to judge upon. I am in doing of ane work heir that I hait greitly. Have ze not desyre to lauch to se me lie sa weill, at ye leist to dissembill sa weill, and to tell him treuth betwix handis?
Página 25 - I feir that it will bring sum malhure, and may be sene gif ze chance to be hurt. Advertise me gif ze will have it, and gif ze will have mair silver, and quhen I sail returne, and how far I may speik.

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