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TIN MINES IN FRANCE.-Tin was not known to exist in any part of France till the year 1809, when it was discovered not far from Limoges, in the department of Haute Vienne ; and in the year 1817, it was accidentally found in the south of Brittany, not far from the mouth of the river Loire. A marine officer, who had long been detained as a prisoner of war in England, and had been quartered in Cornwall, in the neighbourhood of the tin-mines, returned to his native town of Piriac, a small sea port of the department of the Lower Loire. Going out sea-fishing one day, and wapting some weights for his lines, he picked up a pebble on the shore, which appearing to him unusually beavy, he took it home to compare with a piece of Cornish stream tin which he had brought from the place of his captivity, and found it to be the same substance. He gave notice of his discovery in the proper quarter, and M. Dufrenoy, now a distinguished French geologist, then a young aspirant of the School of Mines, was sent with another to investigate the matter, and the report they made shows a remarkable uniformity of structure between that part of Brittany and the tin district of Cornwall on the opposite side of the channel.

New HYDROSTATIC ENGINE.-The Rev. J. Porter, of the Close, Salisbury, has, it is stated, discovered a hydrostatic engine, which, if it succeed, will vie with the astonishing power of steam. The principle upon which it acts is the pressure of fluids. The construction of the apparatus is simple, consisting of four cylinders, two of which act as pumps, the other two as working cylinders, each of them hay. ing proper pistons. The double-acting power of the model) is put in motion by only twenty-five ounces of water, assisted by the lever. Some idea may be formed of the force of the pressure, when we say that, with the stroke of one of the cylin. ders of the piston, an ash bough, an inch and a half in diameter, was broken with the greatest ease. The reverend gentleman is very sanguine as to the ultimate success of his discovery, and affirms that a ship, laden with the usual freight, may take a trip to the East Indies and back, the engine requiring for its total supply not more than a balf hogshead of spring water.

Fossil TREE.--In the quarry from which stones are at present being taken for the new church erecting at the Miltoun of Balgonie, the quarryman lately discovered, what he at first sight supposed to be a great stone imbedded in the rock. As his operations proceeded, it shortly became apparent that this was a large fossil tree. It is lying nearly horizontal, and is as yet attached by about two-thirds of its circumference to the sandstone. It is about fifteen inches in diameter, and about seven feet of it are at present visible. As it tapers slowly to the outer end, the portion still undiscovered is probably considerable. It is wholly composed of white sandstone, similar to that in which it is imbedded. This quarry is remarkably rich in vegetable impressions. Casts or marks of palm trees are to be found in great beauty and abundance.

Married.-At St. George's, Hanover Square, Captain John Sidney Doyle, second son of Major-General Sir Charles Doyle, to Lady Susan North, daughter of the Dowager Coontess, and of the late George Augustus, Earl of Guilford.

At Marylebone Church, the Hon. Charles Lennox Butler, youngest son of the Right Hon. Lord Danboyne, to Eliza, only child and sole beiress of T. Lindsey Holland, Esq.

At the Parish Church of Ham, Surrey, Rt. Moorson, Esq., of the Scots Fasileer Gyards, to Henrietta Frances, daughter of Lient. Gen. Sir Henry Cambell, K.C.B., and G.C.H., of Richinond Park.

Died. - In Hanover Street, St. George's, Lieutenant the Hon. John Forbes, of the 791b regiment, son of General Lord Forbes.

At Hayle Cottage, near Maidstone, TbeophiIns Jones, Esq., Admiral or the white.

At Holmwood, the Countess of Antrim, last surviving daughter of the late Marquess of Antrim.

At Dunham Massey, in Cheshire, the Lord Grey of Groby.

Ai Park Place, Paddington, Henry Hoghton, Commander, R.N.

Wadbam Locke, Es 9., M.P. for Devizes, after a few days' illness.



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