An abstract of general geography


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Página 12 - ... such general report shall be laid before both houses of Parliament within six weeks after the receipt of the same by such principal secretary of state, if Parliament be sitting, or if Parliament be not sitting then within six weeks after the next meeting thereof.
Página 80 - Notice thereof given as aforesaid, or that sufficient Satisfaction was made or tendered as aforesaid, or if any Action or Suit shall not be commenced within the Time before limited, or shall be laid in any other County...
Página 18 - Africa is bounded on the north by the Mediterranean Sea ; on the west, by the Atlantic Ocean ; on the east, by the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean ; and on the south, by the Southern Ocean, a name which is' given to the southwardly belt of water in which the Atlantic and Indian Oceans mingle.
Página 43 - Action shall be tried, if he shall think fit, to direct the Jury to find a Verdict subject to the Opinion of the Court upon a Special Case; and the Verdict which shall be given in any such Action, or the Judgment of the Court upon the Case subject to which the same may be given, shall be final and binding upon all Parties thereto, unless the Court wherein such Action shall be brought shall set aside such Verdict, and order a new Trial to be had therein, which it shall be lawful for the said Court...
Página 13 - ... hold his office for a longer period than five years next after the day of the passing of this act, and thenceforth until the end of the then next session of parliament; and after the expiration of the said period of five years, and of the then next session of parliament, so much of this act as authorizes any such appointment shall cease.
Página 11 - ... any question arising out of the execution of this act; and every person shall be bound by the acts of any such agent, according to the authority committed to him, as fully as if the principal of such agent had so acted ; and the power of attorney under which the agent shall have acted, or a copy thereof, authenticated by the signature of two credible witnesses...
Página 6 - And be it enacted, that in the construction and for the purposes of this act, unless there be something in the subject or context repugnant to such construction, the word
Página 41 - And be it enacted, that if any suit shall be pending, touching the right to any tithes, or if there shall be any question as to the existence of any modus or composition real, or prescriptive or customary payment, or any claim of exemption from or non-liability to...
Página 42 - Majesty's Courts of Law at Westminster, to extend the Time for going to Trial therein, or to direct the Trial to be in another County, if it shall seem fit to such Court or Judge so to do...
Página 79 - Scotland, one Moiety thereof to the Use of His Majesty, His Heirs and Successors, and the other Moiety thereof to the Use of the Person who shall inform or sue for the same...

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