Reference-book of Practical Therapeutics, Volumen2

Frank Pierce Foster
D. Appleton, 1897

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Página 305 - That the danger to the patient from this treatment is great. "2. Moreover, that the alleged successes are so few and doubtful in character that the most that can be fairly alleged for the treatment by toxines is that it may offer a very slight chance of amelioration. "3. That valuable time has often been lost in operable cases by postponing operation for the sake of giving the method of treatment a trial. "4. Finally, and most important, that if the method is to be resorted to at all, it should be...
Página 188 - The affected part should be well washed with soap and water, then with water alone, to remove every particle of soap, as the soap would decompose the nitrate of silver; then to be wiped dry with a soft towel. The concentrated solution of four scruples of the nitrate of silver to four drachms of distilled water is then to be applied two or three times on the inflamed surface and beyond it, on the healthy skin...
Página 288 - Scattered over the neck and trunk are very numerous small growths varying in size from the head of a pin to that of a bean, some of which are deeply pigraented.
Página 165 - ... diphtheria during the past year has not differed materially from that seen in previous years, so that it has been average diphtheria which has been treated. If there is any difference in the severity of the cases included in these reports from those of average diphtheria, it is that they embrace a rather larger proportion of very bad cases than are usually brought together in statistics. The cases according to the extent of the membrane, are grouped as follows : In 593 the tonsils alone were...
Página 165 - ... serum was resorted to only when the condition of the patient had become alarmingly worse under ordinary methods of treatment. This is shown by the unusually large number of cases in which injections were made late in the disease. Again, many physicians being as yet in some dread of the unfavorable effects of the serum have hesitated to use it in mild cases and have given it only in those which from the onset gave evidence of being of a severe type. The expense of the serum has unquestionably...
Página 166 - ... 4,013 cases, with a mortality of 4.8 per cent. Behring's original claim, that if cases were injected on the first or second day the mortality would not be 5 per cent., is more than substantiated by these figures. The good results obtained in third-day injections were a great surprise to your Committee.
Página 404 - Cc. of Formalin is not counterbalanced by an increase in the length of time of exposure. " 4. In case the disinfection has been incomplete, the vitality of the organisms has been so weakened that they survive only if transferred in a few hours to media, suitable for their development.
Página 15 - The process of securing this immunity is an educational one, and, most probably, depends upon the stimulating effect of the nuclein upon some organ, whose function it is to protect the body against bacterial invasion. (4) The longer the nuclein injections are continued and the more frequently they are administered, the more complete is the immunity which is secured. (5) In...
Página 351 - Applied to the skin or mucous membrane burnt by carbolic it causes a rapid disappearance of the characteristic whiteness, as well as of the anaesthesia produced by carbolic, and it also prevents the formation of a slough.
Página 369 - In my dream, behold, a vine was before me ; and in the vine were three branches : and it was as though it budded, and her blossoms shot forth; and the clusters thereof brought forth ripe grapes; and Pharaoh's cup was in my hand ; and I took the grapes, and pressed them into Pharaoh's cup, and I gave the cup into Pharaoh's hand.

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