A Second Series of the Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians: Including Their Religion, Agriculture, &c. Derived from a Comparison of the Paintings, Sculptures, and Monuments Still Existing, with the Accounts of Ancient Authors, Volumen3


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Página 31 - There is hardly any man in modern times, with the exception perhaps of Lord Somers, who fills so large a space in our history, and of whom we know so little, as Lord Chatham ; and yet he is the person to whom every one would at once point, if desired to name the greatest statesman and orator that this country ever produced. "We regard this work, indeed, as one of the greatest value...
Página 33 - England of the suffocation of 600 slaves in the " middle passage," and the death of 100 in the same vessel during her return to Mozambique for a new cargo. June 1. — The first public meeting of the Society for the Extinction of the Slave Trade, and for the civilization of Africa, held in Exeter Hall, presided over by Prince Albert.
Página xi - Anienti, all communication with which is figuratively cut off by a man who hews away the ground with an axe after its passage. 448. Plate 88. Final judgment scene before Osiris, the judge of the dead, previous to the admission of the soul into the mansions of the blessed. Osiris is seated on his throne, attended by Isis and.Nepthys ; and before him are the Four Genii of Amenti standing on a lotus. Horus introduces the deceased, after his actions have been weighed in the scales of Truth, and recorded...
Página 30 - There can be no question that this edition of Gibbon is the only one extant to which Parents and Guardians and Academical Authorities ought to give any measure of countenance.
Página 33 - LL.D. Fifth Edition, corrected and improved, by the insertion of all the Authorities. One volume 8vo. XXIII. NOTES, CRITICAL AND DISSERTATORY, on the GOSPEL and EPISTLES of ST. JOHN. By the late REV. R. SHEPHERD, DJD., Archdeacon of Bedford, &c.
Página 31 - London, in 156970. KINGSLEY (Rev. CHARLES). Alexandria and her Schools. Eclectic Review, vol. 100, p. 176. On the Christian Schools of Alexandria. Prospective Review, vol. 10, p. 443. KINNEAR (JOHN G.). Cairo, Pétrea, and Damascus described ; from Original Notes made during a Tour in those countries in 1839. With remarks on the government of Mehemet Ali, and on the present prospects of Syria. London (Murray), 1841. 12°. KINZLER (A.). Die biblischen Altertümer. 6. Aufl. Mit 83 Abbild, pp. xii....
Página 30 - ... days. I then felt that his book, in spite of its faults, will always be a noble work — and that we may correct his errors and combat his prejudices, without ceasing to admit that few men have combined, if we are not to say in so high a degree, at least in a manner so complete, and so well regulated, the necessary qualifications for a writer of history.
Página 33 - Manure is particularly considered, and the Scientific Principles explained upon which their efficacy appears to depend, By Charles Daubeny, MD, FRS, &c., Sibthorpian Professor of Eural Economy in the University of Oxford.
Página 34 - ... any way satisfactory to curiosity in that mighty nation. With several brass pieces lively expressing the most eminent personages concerned in this subject. [By H. MARSH.] London: 1664. Octavo.* Address to the reader signed HM NEW (a) system of domestic cookery ; formed upon principles of economy : and adapted to the use of private families. By a lady. [Mrs RUNDELL.] A new edition, corrected. London, 1824. Octavo. Pp. liv. 449.* [Bodl.] NEW (a) system of military discipline, founded upon principle....

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