The Parliamentary Debates from the Year 1803 to the Present Time


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Página 1045 - That an humble address be presented to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, that he will be graciously pleased to give directions that there be laid before this House, a copy of the. case upon which the opinion of the attorney and solicitor-general of the date of the 24th of February last was taken.
Página 427 - An Act for the better securing the Liberty of the Subject, and for Prevention of Imprisonments beyond the Seas.
Página 757 - ... devisee or devisees of such debtor shall be liable to all the same suits in equity at the suit of any of the creditors of such debtor, whether creditors by simple contract or by specialty, as...
Página 425 - The present additional article shall have the same force and validity as if it were inserted, word for word, in the Treaty signed this day. it shall be ratified, and the ratifications shall be exchanged at the same time.
Página 271 - Forces; nor does it appear to have been made the subject of any remonstrance or request for a more serious investigation on the part of the officers of the regiment. The Court having found the prisoner guilty of so much of the first charge as is above expressed, and so much of the fourth charge as is above recited, with the reasons which induce the Court to feel...
Página 757 - ... which he shall not by his last will have charged with or devised subject to the payment of his debts, the same shall be assets to be administered in courts of equity for the payment of the just debts of such persons, as well debts due on simple contract as on specialty...
Página 373 - We observed, that as these points had not been, heretofore, the grounds of any controversy between the Government of Great Britain and that of the United States, and had not been alluded to by Lord...
Página 121 - That the capture of his majesty's late squadron was caused by the very defective means Captain Barclay possessed to equip them on Lake Erie; the want of a sufficient number of able seamen, whom he had repeatedly and earnestly requested of Sir James Yeo to be sent to him; the very great superiority of the enemy to the British squadron; and the unfortunate early fall of the superior officers in the action.
Página 303 - In allusion to the letter signed by the chief part of the officers, and iu which the present proceedings originated, the Prince Regent has specially observed that, exclusive of the doubt which may be entertained of their capability to form a judgment so much beyond the scope of their experience in the service, it was worthy of remark, that some who have affixed their names to that paper had never been with the regiment during the period in question, and others had never joined any military body beyond...
Página 429 - That in all cases provided for by this act, although the return to any writ of habeas corpus shall be good and sufficient in law, it shall be lawful for the justice or baron, before whom such writ may be returnable, to proceed to examine into the truth of the facts set forth in such return, by affidavit or by affirmation (in cases where an affirmation is allowed by law) and to do therein as to justice shall appertain...

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