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Farther account of those designs, with stanzas which Mr. Gray

wrote to Mr. Bentley on that occasion

p. 96

Epitaph on Mr. Gray's Aunt and Mother in the church-yard of


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P. 99

LETTER 18. To Mr. Mason.—On the death of his Father p. ib.
LETTER 19. To Dr. WHARTON.-On Strawberry-Hill.--Occa-

sional remarks on Gothic Architecture
LETTER 20. To Dr. WHARTON.-Objection to publishing his

Ode on the Progress of Poetry singly.--.Hint of his having other lyrical ideas by him unfinished

p. 101

Explanation of that hint, and a fragment of one of those lyrical

pieces inserted

p. 103

p. 111

LETTER 21. To Mr. STOKHEWER.–Of Monsignor Baiardi's

book concerning Herculaneum.-A Poem of Voltaire.--Incloses

a part of his Ode entitled the Bard . LETTER 22. To Dr. WHARTON.-On his removing from Peter

House to Pembroke-Hall.-His notion of a London Hospital.-

Of Sully's Memoirs.—Mason's four Odes
LETTER 23. To Dr. WHARTON.-Of his own indolence.-Me-

moirs of M. de la Porte and of Madame Staal.-Intention of

coming to town LETTER 24. To Mr. Mason. Of his Reviewers.-Offers to send

p. 113

p. 116

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p. 118

p. 123

p. 126

kim Druidical anecdotes for his projected drama of Carac

tacus LETTER 25. To Mr. Mason. On hearing Parry play on the

Welch Harp, and finishing his Ode after it.-Account of the

Old Ballad on which the Tragedy of Douglas was founded p. 121 LETTER 26. To Mr. HURD.-On the ill reception his two Pin

daric Odes met with on their publication • LETTER 27. To Mr. Mason.-His opinion of the dramatic part

of Caractacus. LETTER 28. To Mr. Mason.-Dissuading him from retirement.

-Advice concerning Caractacus.-Criticisms on his Elegy written in the garden of a friend.--Refusal of the office of Poet

Laureat. LETTER 29. To Dr.Wharton.-Account of his present employ

ment in making out a list of places in England worth see

ing LETTER 30. To Dr. WHARTON.--On the fore-mentioned list.-Tragedy of Agis.—Various authors in the last volumes of Dodsley's Miscellany.—Dr. Swift's four last years of Queen Ann


138 LETTER 31. To Mr. StonHewER.-On infidel writers and Lord

P. 132

p. 136

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p. 140

A paper of Mr. Gray inserted, relating to an impious position of

Lord Bolingbroke

p. 142

p. 149

LETTER 32. To Dr. WHARTON.-On the death of his son, and

an excuse for not writing an epitaph LETTER 33. To Mr. PALGRAVE.—Desiring him to communicate

the remarks he should make in his tour through the North of England

P. 152

p. 154

LETTER 34. To Mr. Mason-Sone remarks on a second mana

script copy of Caractacus Letter 35. To Mr. PALGRAVE.—Description of Mr. Gray's

present situation in town, and of his reading in the British Mu


P. 156

p. 158

p. 162

p. 166

p. 172

LETTER 36. To Dr. WHARTON.-On employment.--Gardening.

-Character of Froissart.---King of Prussia's Poems.—Tristram

Shandy LETTER 37. To Mr. STONHEWER.--- On the latter volumes of

M. d'Alembert and the Erse Fragments · LETTER 38. To Dr. CLARKE.-His ainusen ents with a party on

the banks of the Thames.-Death of a Cainbridge Doctor.-

More of the Erse Fragments Letter 39. 'To Mr. Mason.-On two Parodies of Mr. Gray's

and Mr. Mason's Odes.-Extract of a letter from Mr. David Hinne, concerning the authenticity of the Erse Poetry p. 168 LETTER 40. To Dr. WHARTON.-On his employments in the

coantry: --Nouvelle Eloise. Fingal.--Character of Mr. Stil

lingfieet. LETTER 41. To Mr. Mason.—More concerning the Nouvelle

Eloise.--Of Signor Elisi, and other Opera singers LETTER 42. To Mr. MASON.-On his expectation of being made

a Residentiary of York.-Recovery of Lord * * from a dangerous illness.-Reason for writing the Epitaph on Sir William

Williams LETTER 43. To Dr. WHÅRTON.-Description of Ilardwick.-

Professor Turner's death.— And of the Peace LETTER 44. To Mr. MASON.-On Count Algarotti's approba

tion of his and Mr. Mason's Poetry.-Gothic Architecture.-

Plagiary in Helvetius, froin Elfrida LETTER 45. To Mr. BROWN.-Sending him a message to write

to a Gentleman abroad relating to Count Algarotti, and re

commending the Erse Poems. LETTER 46. Count ALGAROTTI to Mr. Gray--Complimentary, and sending him some dissertations of his own


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p. 195


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P. 213

p. 215

LETTER 47. To Dr. WHARTON.-On Rousseau's Emile p. 193 LETTER 43. To Mr. PALGRAVE.-What he particularly advises

him to see when abroad LETTER 49. To Mr. BEATTIE.--Thanks for a letter received

from him, and an invitation from Lord Strathmore to Gla

mis LETTER 50. To Dr. WHARTON.-Description of the old castle

of Glamis, and part of the Highlands LETTER 51. To Mr. BEATTIE.-Apology for not accepting the

degree of Doctor, offered him by the University of Aber

deen LETTER 52. To Dr. Wharton.-Buffon's Natural History.-

Memoirs of Petrarch.—Mr. Walpole at Paris..--Description of

a fine Lady LETTER 53. To Dr. WHARTON.–Tour into Kent.--New Bath

Guide.--Another volume of Buffon LETTER 54. To Mr. Mason.-On his Wife's death . LETTER 55. To Mr. BEATTIE.—Thanks for a manuscript poem.

-Mr. Adam Ferguson's Essay on Civil Society.--A compli

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p. 218 P. 221 SECTION V.

ment to Lord Gray LETTER 56. To Mr. BEATTIE.-On the projected edition of our

Author's poems in England and Scotland.--Commendation of

Mr. Beattie's Ode on Lord Hay's birth-day LETTER 57. To Mr. BEATTIE.-More concerning the Glasgow

edition of his Poems LETTER 58. To the Duke of GRAFTON.- Thanking him for his

Professorship LETTER 59. To Mr. NichoLLS.-Account of Mr. Brocket's

death, and of his being made his successor in the Professor

ship LETTER 60. To Mr. BEATTIE.-On the same subject

p. 222

p. 225

P. 228

p. 230

p. 231 p. 232

Enumeration of such other literary pursuits of Mr. Gray as were

not sufficiently dilated upon in the preceding letters

p. 235

p. 246

p. 249

P. 252

p. 255

LETTER 1. TO Mr. Nicholls.—On the death of his Uncle, Go

vernor Floyer, and advising him to take orders LETTER 2. To Mr. Nicholls. Congratulating him upon his

situation, and mentioning his own Ode on the Installation of the

new Chancellor LETTER 3. To Mr. BEATTIE.--His reason for writing that

Ode LETTER 4. To Dr. WHARTON.--A journal of his tour through

Westmoreland, Cumberland, and a part of Yorkshire LETTER 5. To Dr. WHARTON.-Description of Kirkstall-Abbey,

and some other places in Yorkshire LETTER 6. To Mr. NICHOLLS.–Of Nettle-Abbey and Southamp

ton LETTER 7. To Mr. BEATTIE.—On the first part of his Minstrel,

and his Essay on the Immutability of Truth.--Stricture on Mr.

D. Hume LETTER 8. To Mr. Ilow.-On receiving three of Count Alga

rotti's Treatises, and hinting an error which that anthor had fallen into, with regard to the English taste of gardening p. 300

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p. 291

P. 293

P. 296

The manner in which the Count rectified his mistake.

p. 302


To Mr. How.-- After perusing the whole of Count

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