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man, 289.

Pastorini, sonnet from, 419.

astrology, 356—to the first of March,
Père la Chaise, cemetery of, 155.

364-lines to Miss Tree, 384—Peter
Persian and Arabic literature, on, 262. Pindarics, 395, 517—the Lawyer and
Physiognomy and Craniology, 121. Chimney-sweeper, 406_selections
Pilgrimages, Modern, No. II. 39—Ros- from the ancient Spanish, 407-son-

sanna, ib.Ovaca, ib.—Mrs. Tighe, net; bombardment of Genoa, 419–
ib.-111, the Pantheon, 217—IV. the sonnet, 449-song, 454-sonnet, ib.
Paraclete, 562.

ditto, 469-two sonnets, 475_love,
Pirate, review of, 188—excellencies of 480—sonnet, 485, 490-air, “ Fly not

the author of, and defects, 188, 189- yet,” 496—sonnet: Pompeii, 511-
analysis of, 190, 191.

ode to Mahomet, 533—the spectre
Place on Population, review of, 541— boat, 550-song, 553— Venice, 5684

observations on, ib.-difference be- song, 572—men of England, 576.
tween Godwin and Malthus, 542— Pope and Bacon, their love of garden-
tables of Sweden, ib.—comparison ing, 224.
with America, 543—Franklin's opin- Popular and traditionary literature, Ger-
ion, 544—Godwin's scale of increase,
ib.-false statement of Cobbet, 545— Portrait of a Septuagenary, by himself,
errors of Booth and Godwin, 546- 209—first twenty years of my life, 211
United States population, 547—Bri- -continued, 301-from twenty to
tish population, 548—English and forty, 301 to 305—from forty to sixty,
Swedish, 549-adjustment of labour 305 to 307–continued, 423—from
to capital, 550.

sixty to seventy, 424.
Plato, republic of, 512.

Plumb-pudding, reflections upon, 88.
Pocket-book, lines from my, 199.

Quevedo, sonnet of, 215.
Poets, Italian ; Michel Angelo, 339—

Frederick II. and Pietro delle Vigne, Religion in the Highlands, state of, 329.

Republic of Plato, 512.
Poetry. Sonnet to a friend, 12—Rome, Reverie, a seaside, 80.

16—written on the spot where the ear- Reviews : the Pirate, 188—Lord Wal-
lier years of the writer were passed, pole's Memoirs of George II. 357—the
21—to my children sleeping, 28- Martyr of Antioch, 378—Catiline,
Milk and Honey, 35, 37-stanzas on 471-M'Queen's Northern Central Af
skulls in Beauley Abbey, 57-epi- rica, 476—Place on Population, 541.
gram, 55—the younger brother, 65-
modern courtship, 71-a sea-side re-

verie, 80-on an intended removal Scenery, mountain, 247.
from a favourite residence, 81—to Ju- Selections from ancient Spanish poetry,
lia, 96—the haunch of venison, 126- 407.
the obliging assassin, 140—sonnet, 144 Septuagenary, portrait of, by himsell,
--ballad from the Spanish, 154-song, 209, 301, 423.
163—Simplicity, 187—sonnet, 192— Shakspeare's Bertram, remarks on the
lectures on, 193, 385—lines written character of, 481–Garrick's delivery
in sickness, 199—fragment from my of a passage in, 551.
pocket-book, ib.-Discontent, a son- Sickness, lines written in, 199.
net, ib.—sonnet of Quevedo, 215—to Siddons (Mrs.), at Lausanne, 26.
a log of wood, 216—sonnet from Fran- Silesian travellers, the, 274.
cisco Redi, 231-sonnet,Celio Magno, Simplicity, 187.
246–Milk and Honey epistles, 35, 37, Sketches of Italy, 267–passage of the
179, 243, 245, 376, 435, 437—South Alps, ib.-continued, 334–Como, ib.
American patriots' song, 253—lines 568—Venice, ib. 569 to 572.
written on the field of Crecy, 261— Smith Velant, the, 527.
sonnet of Angelo di Costanzo, 266— Song, 163—South American patriots,
sketches of Italy, 267—for the tomb of 253-song, 288-on hearing an almost
those who fell at Waterloo, 287– forgotten, 328–Concealment, 348—
song, 288—to a lady who said she

song, 454, 553--by T. Campbell, 572
was unhappy, 296_address to the la- --Men of England, 576.
dy-bird, ib.from Anacreon, 300— Sonnets: to a friend, 12—written on the
Time, from Tasso, 308-two sonnets spot where the earlier years of the
from Filicaja, 320—on hearing an al- writer were passed, 21—to my child-
most forgotten song, 328—on a monu- ren sleeping, 28-on an intended re-
ment by Chantrey, 336-on my twen- moval from a favourite residence, 81
tieth birth-day, 338–Concealment, -to sleep, 144—to discontent, 1994
348—on a lady professing her belief in of Quevedo, 215_Francisco Redi, 231

ago, 420.

-Celio Magno, 246—Angelo di Cos-Tour in Switzerland, letters on, 22, 200.
tanzo, 266-two of Filicaja ; on the Tourist, journal of a, 82—public build-
death of Christina, to Italy, 320- ings of Paris, 83—Versailles, ib.-
from Pastorini, 419–449, 454, 469– Trianon, 87.
two,475, 485, 490-essay on Milton's, Tours, letters from, 525.

Travellers, the Silesian, 274.
Spanish, ballad from the, 154-poetry, Tree, lines to Miss M. A., 384.
selections from, 407.

Trinity College, Cambridge, forty years
Spirit in the bottle, the, 292.
Spectral etiquette, 347.

Tronchin, his character, 232.
Spectre boat, the, a ballad, 550.
Stanzas on a monument by Chantrey,

Surgeon and House-painters, 517.

Valentine writing, 228.
Switzerland, letters on a tour in, 22, Venice, sketch of, 568.

Velant Smith, the, 527.
200—Geneva and Ferney-Voltaire, Versailles, account of, 83.
2014 M. Sismondi, ib.-La Bonne-
ville, 202—Mont Blanc, 203—Cha-

Visit to London, Mr. P.'s, 401.
mounix, ib.-valley of the Arve, ib.-Voltaire, Casanova's visit to, and Haller,
the glaciers, 205—the Arveiron, 206

171-conversations with, 173-intro-
- Mont Blanc from Chamouni, ib.

duction of Mr. Fox, to, 174Count
disappoints expectation, ib.—the Mer

Algarotti, ib.-Alexandrine verses,
de Glace, 207—the guides, 208–

175-Ariosto, ib.-Voltaire's transla-
their character, ib.

tion of a stanza of Ariosto, 176—Ma-

dam Denis, ib.-recitation of the Or-

lando, 177-its effect, ib.-L'Ecos-
Table Talk, 73, 127, 238-on going a

saise, 178—continued, 232-the Duke
journey, ib.--best to be alive on such de Villars, 232- Tronchin, ib.--Tas-
occasions, 74-reflections on its ef- soni, ib.--conversation respecting
fects, 78, 79—on great and little Merlin Cocci, 233—the Marquis Al-
things, 127-effects of, upon the bergati, 234—Goldoni, ib.—La Pu-
temper, 130--anecdote respecting an

celle, 235—Martelli's Alexandrines,
unfortunate Italian, 136, 137--miscal- 236-dialogue on governments, ib.
culation of Napoleon as to refinement joke respecting Haller, 237.
and barbarism, 138-on Milton's son-
nets, 238--truly his own, ib.--com-
parison with Wordsworth's 239--his Walpole's Memoirs of George II. 357-
state sonnets, 240_his proneness to character of the work, 357-of George
pleasing outward impressions, 242– II. 358—his Queen, 359--the King
Burleigh House, 444 --reflections on and Duke of Cumberland, 360-Wal-
revisiting, ib.- The Claudes there, pole's character of himself, 361—the
446—the dream of a painter, 447-a five great men of his time, ib.-Bubb
Paul Brill, ib.—other pictures there, Dodington, 362– Princess Caroline,
448--carving and foliage of the rooms, 363—her death, 364.
ib.-two heads of Raphael's, ib. Walton's Complete Angler, remarks on,
singular marriage of the Earl of Exe- 491.
ter, 449.

Waterloo, lines for the tomb of those
Talkers, on, 297.

who fell at, 287.
Talma the actor, 313.

Women, 141-paradoxes respecting
Tasso, verses of, on time, 308.

them, 143, 144.
Temple, old Christmas times at the, 10 Wood, to a log of, in the fire, 216.

---master of the revels in, 11. World, the, 486.
Theatre, French, green-room of, 309.

Things, essay on great and little, 127.
Time, a chapter on, 41--we know no-

Year, the new,181—beginning of, among
thing of it, 42—the great difference


different nations, ib.-calculations of,
in the duration of men's lives, 43-

182-ceremonies observed at, 183
lawyers among true livers, 45-meta-

the wassail bowl, 184—reflections,
physicians also, ib.-verses from Tag-

185, 186.
Bo on, 308.


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