The Medical Herald, Volumen6

J.C. Ketcheson, 1873

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51 about KSM fees and Gaillard resolution

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Página 134 - A Manual of Chemical Analysis, as applied to the Examination of Medicinal Chemicals and their Preparations. Being a Guide for the Determination of their Identity and Quality, and for the Detection of Impurities and Adulterations. For the use of Pharmacists, Physicians, Druggists and Manufacturing Chemists, and Pharmaceutical and Medical Students.
Página 166 - Here lies our Sovereign Lord the King, Whose word no man relies on ; Who never said a foolish thing, And never did a wise one.
Página 94 - That in all criminal prosecutions the accused shall enjoy the right to be heard by himself and counsel, to demand the nature and cause of the accusation against him, to have a speedy and public trial, to meet the witnesses face to face, and to have compulsory process to compel the attendance of witnesses in his behalf.
Página 65 - CONSIDERING our present advanced state of culture, and how the Torch of Science has now been brandished and borne about, with more or less effect, for five thousand years and upwards ; how, in these times especially, not only the Torch still burns, and perhaps more fiercely than ever, but innumerable Rushlights, and Sulphur-matches, kindled thereat, are also glancing in every direction, so that not the smallest cranny or doghole in Nature or Art can remain unilluminated...
Página 40 - It has been affirmed by some philosophers that there is no essential difference between the mind of a woman and that of a man ; and that if a girl were subjected to the same education as a boy, she would resemble him in tastes, feelings, pursuits, and powers. To my mind it would not be one whit more absurd to affirm that the antlers of the stag, the human beard, and the cock's comb are effects of education ; or that, by putting a girl to the same education as a boy, the female generative organs might...
Página 152 - Clinical Lectures on various Important Diseases. Being a collection of the Clinical Lectures delivered in the Medical Wards of Mercy Hospital, Ch-'ca^o.
Página 35 - Treatise on Human Physiology : designed for the use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine. By JOHN C. DALTON, MD, Professor of Physiology and Hygiene in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York.
Página 138 - On Cultivation of the Cinchona Tree — Dr. Lemuel J. Deal, Pennsylvania, Chairman. On the Cryptogamic Origin of Disease with special reference to recent microscopic investigations on that subject — Dr.
Página 95 - All members shall be elected as follows : Each candidate for admission shall first be proposed to the Executive Committee in writing (which may be done at any time), with a statement of the business or profession and special qualifications of the person so proposed. On recommendation of a majority of the committee, and...
Página 40 - ... effects of education ; or that, by putting a girl to the same education as a boy, the female generative organs might be transformed into male organs. The physical and mental differences between the sexes intimate themselves very early in life, and declare themselves most distinctly at puberty : they are connected with the influence of the organs of generation.

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