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Photo borrowed from Reasoner Brothers of Oneco, Fla.

SLAT SHED IN FLORIDA NURSERY Plants are all in pots plunged in soil to keep moist in summer and warm in winter.

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V JITHIN the last few years so many discoveries

of new facts have been made by plant investi

gators, so many short-cuts and “wrinkles” worked out by plant propagators, and so many nursery, greenhouse and garden methods simplified or made more effective, that books hitherto available on plant propagation are now out of date. Nurserymen and other propagators who have not been able to keep their eyes upon the whole field have been calling for a book which will give them the best of these methods and “wrinkles" in the comparatively small compass of a single volume.

At the same time there has been a more and more insistent call for a volume that will not only include the character of information called for by nurserymen and other plant propagators, but also discuss the subject of plant propagation from the standpoint of fundamental principles and include the latest conclusions advanced by investigators throughout the world.

With these two main objects in view the author has brought together the latest information on all branches of practical and theoretical plant propagation so as to make a volume that will appeal with equal force to the professional propagator and to the teacher of plant propagation in agricultural colleges and schools at home and abroad. The former will be most attracted by the new methods and short cuts which will make for efficiency; the latter will appreciate the convenience of arrangement, the numerous illustrations 'and the large list of suggested practicums (page 292). To professional propagator, teacher and amateur the plant lists and condensed rules for propagation will also be specially interesting.

Literature of propagation is abundant, though much

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