The Gardener's Magazine and Register of Rural & Domestic Improvement

Longman, Rees, Orome, Brown and Green, 1831

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Página 581 - Philosophers are unacquainted with the reason why there should be any tendency to variation from the characters first stamped on any species by Nature ; but all know that this tendency does exist, and in a most remarkable degree in many species. There is in all beings a disposition to deviate from their original nature when cultivated, or even in a wild state ; but this disposition is so strong in some as to render them particularly well adapted to become subject to domestication : for instance,...
Página 75 - A NATURAL SYSTEM OF BOTANY; or, a Systematic View of the Organization, Natural Affinities, and Geographical Distribution of the whole Vegetable Kingdom : together with the Uses of the most important Species in Medicine, the Arts, &c.
Página 179 - ... above that centre, motion will commence along the upper pipe from A to B, and the change this motion produces in the equilibrium of the fluid will cause a corresponding motion in the lower pipe from B to A, and in short pipes the motion will...
Página 581 - The power of procuring intermediate varieties by the intermixture of the pollen and stigma of two different parents is, however, that which most deserves consideration. We all know that hybrid plants are constantly produced in every garden, and that improvements of the most remarkable kind are yearly occurring in consequence.
Página 598 - This plant is always fixed on some little turfy hillock in the midst of the swamps, as Andromeda herself was chained to a rock in the sea, which bathed her feet, as the fresh water does the roots of the plant.
Página 598 - ... Flora Lapponica," suggested itself to Linnaeus on his Lapland journey. ' The Chamaedaphne of Buxbaum was at this time in its highest beauty, decorating the marshy grounds in a most agreeable manner. The flowers are quite blood-red before they expand, but when full grown the corolla is of fleshcolour.
Página 579 - Fruit and Vegetables cultivated in Great Britain : with Calendars of the Work required in the Orchard and Kitchen- Garden during every Month in the Year. By GEORGE LINDLEY, CMHS Edited by JOHN LINDLEY, F.ll.S.
Página 92 - The Governor-General invites the communication of all suggestions tending to promote any branch of national industry, to improve the commercial intercourse by land and water, to amend any defects in the existing establishments, to encourage the diffusion of education and useful knowledge, and to advance the general prosperity and happiness of the British empire in India.
Página 274 - That promotion had taken place some time about the end of the last or the commencement of the present century.

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