The American Journal of Science, Volumen54

Kline Geology Laboratory, Yale University, 1847

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Página 425 - ... we could plainly see that all about the trapezium is a mass of stars ; the rest of the nebula also abounding with stars and exhibiting the characteristics of resolvability strongly marked.
Página 445 - The full-grown condor measures, from the point of the beak to the end of the tail, from...
Página 400 - Among writers on optics, it has been a desideratum to obtain an artificial light of standard brilliancy. The preceding experiments furnish an easy means of supplying that want, and give us what might be termed a "unit-lamp.
Página 125 - Yet the attempt to explain, by the Cuvierian principles, the facts of special homology on the hypothesis of the subserviency of the parts so determined to similar ends in different animals...
Página 17 - But we may readily believe that any one cognisant of the food of the elk, might be likely to have suspected cryptogamic vegetation to have entered more largely into the food of a still more northern species of the deer tribe. And I can by no means subscribe to another proposition by the same eminent naturalist, that 'the kind of food which the existing species of elephant prefers, will not enable us to determine, or even to offer a probable conjecture concerning that of the extinct species.
Página 444 - Agaricus, and was told that it grew abundantly in the neighbourhood, on the decaying leaves of a dwarf palm. Next day I obtained a great many specimens, and found them to vary from one to two and a half inches across.
Página 148 - This is a useful compendium of all that description of information which is valuable to the modern gardener. It quotes largely from the best standard authors, journals. and transactions of societies; and the labours of the American editor have fitted it for the United States, by judicious additions and omissions.
Página 285 - On that evening, Mr. Morgan, at my request, made a drawing of the form, which on comparison coincided very closely with a drawing made independently by myself. The ratio of the diameter of the Ring to that of the Planet, as measured from the drawings, is about that of 3 to 2. The angle made by the axis of the Ring with a parallel of declination, in • the south-preceding or north-following quarter, I estimated at 60'.
Página 445 - Cordillera that bird builds its nest, and hatches its young in the months of April and May. Few animals have attained so universal a celebrity as the condor. That bird was known in Europe at a period when his native land was numbered among those fabulous regions which are regarded as the scenes of imaginary wonders. The most extravagant accounts of the condor were written and read, and general credence was granted to every story which travellers brought from the fairy land of gold and silver.
Página 252 - Boston, in January, 1847, with the news of the scarcity in Great Britain, Ireland, and other parts of Europe, and with heavy orders for agricultural produce, the farmers in the interior of the state of New York, informed of the state of things by the magnetic telegraph, were thronging the streets of Albany with innumerable team-loads of grain almost as quickly after the arrival of the steamer at Boston as the news of that arrival could ordinarily have reached them.

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