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The sixth apartment is

216 Poultry. Hondekoeter.

217, 218 The Virgin teaching the Infant to

read, and a Mother and two Children.

Carlo Cignani.
In which is the state-bed of Queen Charlotte.

219 A Warrior. Guercino.
The ceiling was painted by Verrio, and is

220 A Sibyl. Gentileschi.
in good preservation ; it is intended to 221 A Magdalen's Head. Sasso Ferrato.
represent Night and Morning. The clock 222 Head of the Virgin.
which stands at the head of the bed, goes 223 Head of Christ.
twelve months without winding up, and 224 Five Drawings, representing the Interior

of the Colonna Gallery.
was made by Daniel Quare. Round the
room are the celebrated portraits of the The eighth room is known by the

beauties of Charles the Second's Court- name of
173 AnnE, DUCHESS OF YORK. Sir Peter Lely.

174 LADY BYRON. Lely.
175 Princess Mary, as Diana. Lely.

225, 226 Still Life. De Heem.
176 QUEEN Catharine. Lely.

227 Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, and Fa-
177 MRS. KNOTT. Verelst.

mily. G. Honthorst.
178 DUCHESS OF PORTSMOUTH. Gasker. 228 A Village Repast. G. F. Cepper.

229 The Triumph of Flora. S. Ricci.
180 NELL GWYNNE. Lely.

230 The Painter in his Study. G. F. Cepper.

231, 232 Two Flower-pieces. J. Baptist.

233 A Sea-piece. Monamy.
183 Mrs. LAWSON. Verelst.

234 Judith with the head of Holofernes. Guido.
184 COUNTESS OF NORTHUMBERLAND. Lely. 235 A Turkey Carpet. Maltese.
185 Lady DENILAM. Lely.

236, 238 Poultry, and two Flower-pieces.


239 Tritons carrying off a Nymph. C. D.

189 COUNTESS OF Ossory. Lely.

240 Grapes.

190 Duchess of CLEVELAND. Lely.

241 Head of a Man. Schiavone.

242 Judgment of Paris. Rothenhamer.
192—204 Thirteen small Portraits of Ladies 243 A Landscape. Huysman.

whose names are unknown. Russell, 244 Head of a Saint. Parmegiano.
after Vandyke.

245 Virgin and Child.
205 Over the door are Flower subjects. Baptist. 246 The Queen of Charles I. Gibson.
The seventh chamber is called

The ninth and last apartment in this

suite is
206 The ceiling, painted by Verrio, represents

Mars reposing in the lap of Venus, with 247 A Sacrifice. J. Romano.
Cupid stealing his Armour.

248 George, Duke of Buckingham, and Francis
207, 208 A Shepherd and Shepherdess. Collins. his brother, after Vandyke.
209 Charity. Carlo Cignani.

249 Still Life. Kalff.

210 Cupid and Psyche. Vandyke.

250 A Holy Family. G. Romano, after Ra-
211 Vulcan, delivering the Armour of Achilles 251 A Boy with Puppies. Castiglione.
to Thetis. A. Balestra.

252 Singing by candlelight. Honthorst.
212 Achilles presented to the Centaur. A. 253 The Continence of Scipio. S. Ricci.

254 A Landscape. Adrian Henn.
213, 214 Two Landscapes. Edema.

255 King Will. III., when young. Hanneman.
215 A Landscape. Loten.

256 A Landscape. P. Brill.

257 A Man's Head. Bassano.

297 A Portrait of a Gentleman.
258 The Head of Cyrus. Russell.

298 Sir Theobald Gorges.
259 A Laughing Boy. F. Hals.

299 Head of a young Man.
260 The Martydom of St. Bartholomew. L. 300 Lady Vaux. Holbein.

301 Queen Mary J., when a child. Holbein.
261 Children with a Lamb. F. Floris. 302 Portrait of a Lady, supposed to be Queen
262 A Holy Family. Titian.

Mary I, Sir A. More.
263 St. Catharine at the Altar. P. Veronese. 303 A Portrait. A. Durer.
264 The daughter of Herodias with the Head 304 Queen Elizabeth in a fancy dress. Zuc-

of John the Baptist. Leonardo da Vinci. chero.
265 The Infant Christ and St. John. C. Ma- 305 Lord Zouch. Mytens.

306 The Earl of Surrey. Holbein.
266 David and Goliah. Titian.

307 Sir John Gage.
267 A Japan Peacock. Bogdane.

308 Henry Prince of Wales, son of James I.,
268 A Landscape. Everdingen.

and Lord Harrington. L. D. Heere.
269 Martyrdom of St. Sebastian. L. Van 309 Duke of Richmond and Lennox. Van

270 Joseph bound. L. Van Leyden.

310 Henry Prince of Wales.
271 Hercules and the Centaur. B. Lens. 311 The Battle of Pavia. Holbein.

312 Philip II. of Spain. Sir A. More.
From this closet you proceed into 313 The Jester of Henry VIII. Holbein.

314 Sir Henry Guildford. Holbein.

315 Henry VIII, when young. Holbein.
A room of large extent, containing some fine 316 A Portrait of a Lady of the Court of

Henry VIII.
curious old portraits.

317 The Father and Mother of Holbein.
272, 273 Over the doors, King William III. Holbein.
and Queen Mary. Wissing.

318 A Portrait of a Lady of the Court of
274 Sir Theodore Mayerne. Rubens.

Henry VIII, L. Corneliz.
275 Anne of Denmark. Van Somer.

319 Elizabeth Woodville.
276 Shakspeare.

320 A Portrait of a Lady of the Court of
277 A Portrait of a Lady. Sir A. More.

Henry VIII. L. Corneliz.
278 A Portrait of a Man. Q. Matsys.

321 John de Bellini, by himself.
279, 280 Two small Portraits. Sir A. More. 322 A Portrait of a Lady of the Court of
281 Queen Elizabeth, when a child. Holbein. Henry VIII. L. Corneliz,
282 Queen Elizabeth, when young. Holbein. 323 A French Nobleman, Holbein.
283 Queen Elizabeth. Zucchero.

324 Frobenius. Holbein.
284 Queen Elizabeth. L. de Heere.

325 Mary Queen of Scots. Janette.
285 Queen Elizabeth (supposed to be the last 326 Lord Darnley and his Brother Charles
portrait taken of her.) Mark Garrard.

Stuart. Lucas de Heere.
286 Earl of Nottingham.

327 Francis II. of France, when a boy. Janette.
287 Earl of Leicester.

328 James I. Van Somer.
288 Sir Francis Walsingham.

329 Queen of Francis I. of France. Janette.
289 Sir Nicholas Bacon.

330 Francis I. and the Duchess of Valentino.
290 Judge Crooke.

331 Sir Robert Cave, dated 1589.
291 Sir Peter Carew.

332 The Admirable Crichton.
292 The Emperor Rodolphus.

333 Holbein, by himself.
293 Charles I. and Queen dining in public. 334 A Portrait of a Lady of the Court of
Van Bassen.

Henry VIII. L. Corneliz.
294 The King and Queen of Bohemia dining 335 The Children of Henry VII. Jan de
in public. Van Bassen.

295, 296 Two small octagon Portraits of 336 Lazarus Spinola, Uncle to Spinola, Gover-
Flemish Gentlemen. Gonzales.

nor in the Low Countries. W. Kay.

337 Erasmus. Holbein.

387 Mary Magdalen at the Tomb of Christ. 338 Reskemeer. Holbein,

Holbein. 339 Henry VIII. Holbein.

388 St. Catherine reading. Correggio. 340 Francis I. of France. Holbein.

389 A Sibyl. P. Bordone. 341 Erasmus. Holbein.

390 Moses Striking the Rock. S. Rosa. 342 The King of Bohemia. C. Janssen.

391 Infant Christ and St. John. L. da Vinci. 343 The Children of the King of Bohemia. C. 392 Cattle in a Landscape. Vandevelde. Poelemberg.

393 Fruit and Still Life. Cuyp. 344 The Queen of Bohemia. C. Janssen. 394 A Landscape. Holbein. 345 A Portrait of the Aunt of the Emperor 395 A Landscape. Wynants. Charles the Fifth. Cornelius.

396 A Warrior on Horseback. Mazzolini di 346 Countess of Derby. L. De Heere.

Ferrara. 347 Sir George Carew. Holbein.

397 Nymphs in a Landscape. Dietricy. 348, 349 Two Portraits of Ladies. Sir A. 398 A Scene from a Play, supposed to be More.

Charles I. acting. C. Poelemberg. 350 Holbein, (a drawing) by himself.

399 Hungarians at the Tomb of Ovid. 351 The wife of Holbein, (a drawing). Hol.

Schoonefeld. bein.

400 Nymphs and Satyrs. N. Poussin. 352 A Medallion of Henry VII, Torrigiano.

401 Lucretia. Titian. 353 James II., when young. Honthorst. 402 St. Catherine. Luini. 354 A Portrait.

403 St. Peter in Prison. Steenwyck. 355 Prince Rupert, when a Boy. Mytens.

404 A Battle Piece. Wouvermans. 356 A Portrait of a Gentleman. Bassano. 405 A Dying Saint. Vandyke. 357 A Portrait of a Child, four years old, dis- 406 The Assumption of the Virgin. D. Cal. charging a small cannon.

vart. 358 Duke of Gloucester. Sir P. Lely.

407 The Rape of the Sabines. Rothenhamer. 359 Louis XIV., when young. Mignard.

408 A Saint's Head. G. Douw. 360 Portrait of Cornelius Ketel.

409 Lot and his Daughters. Schalken. 361 Portrait of a Lady. P. Perugino. 410 Dutch Boors. Egbert Hemskerck. 362 Portrait of a Gentleman.

411 Female by Candlelight. Schalken. 363 Portrait of a Youth.

412 A Penitent received into the Church. 364 Portrait of a Child.

Barroccio. 365 Garden Scene. Steenwyck.

413 A Venetian Gentleman. Tintoretto. 366 A Landscape. Ferg,

414 Sophonisba. S. Gaetano. 367 St. Peter in Prison. Steenwyck.

415 Flower Piece. M. Van Osterwyck. 368 A Sorceress. Elsheimer.

416 Landscape with Ruins. Poelemberg. 369 A Landscape. Paul Brill.

417 March of an Army. Bourgognone. 370 A Landscape with Nymphs. Poelemberg. 418 Nymphs and Satyrs. Rubens. 371 The Discovery of Calisto. Breughel. 419 Landscape with a Rainbow. Rubens. 3 2 A Landscape with Nymphs. Poelemberg. 420 A Jewish Rabbi. Rembrandt. 373 The Tribute Money. Dictricy.

421 An Old Woman Reading. G. Douw. 374 Dead Game. Van Aelst.

422 St. Peter in Prison. Steenwyck. 375 The Woman taken in Adultery. Dietricy. | 423 Flowers. D. Seghers. 376, 377 Two Pieces of Dead Game. Weenix. 424 Nymphs in a Landscape. Poelemberg. 378 A Small Whole-length of a Lady. Van- 425 Lot and his Daughters. Poelemberg. dyke.

426 A Boar's Head. Snyders. 379 A Hermit. Slingelandt.

4:27 Flowers. D. Seghers. 380,381 Youth and Age. Denner.

428 A Dutch Lady. Rembrandt. 382 Venus and Adonis. Gennari.

429 Hay Stacking. Wouvermans. 383 Inside of a Farm House. Teniers.

430 St. Francis. Teniers. 384 Lions in a Landscape. R. Savery. 431 A Dutch Church. Peter Neefs. 385 A Sea Piece. Vandevelde.

432 Soldiers in a Landscape. Bourgognone. 386 A Man in Armour. Correggio.

433 A Woman Milkng a Goat. Berghem.

434 Flowers. Van Osterwyck.

482 A Man's Head. Giorgione. 435 A Boy paring Fruit. Murillo.

483 A Portrait.
436 A Venetian Gentleman. L. Bassano. 484 Judith and Holofernes.
437–448 Between the windows are Cybele, 485 Flowers. Baptiste.

Pan, Mercury, Juno, Diana, Bacchus, 486 The Last Supper. Bassano.
Daphne, Apollo, Venus, Mars, Syrinx, 487 Head of an Old Man.
Endymion, S. Ricci.

488 St. Peter.

489 A Portrait. From this magnificent room, occupying a considerable portion of the eastern The next apartment of this suite is front of the Palace, we make our way

called into


The ceiling, painted by Verrio, represents where is now placed the state bed of Queen

Queen Anne in the character of Justice. Anne, the rich velvet furniture and hang- 490 George III. when forty-two years of age, ings of which were wrought at Spital- with Lord Amherst and the Marquis of fields; the chairs and stools are covered Lothian on horseback, and a View of Coxto correspond. The ceiling was painted

heath Camp in the background. West. by Sir James Thornhill, and represents

491 Queen Charlotte, when thirty-six years of

age, with her thirteen Children in the Aurora ascending from the sea.

background. West. 449 Henry, Prince of Wales. Van Somer. 492 The Prince of Wales and the Duke of 450 James I. Van Somer.

York. West. 451 Christian Duke of Brunswick-Lunenburg. 493 The Duke of Clarence and the Duke of Honthorst.

Kent. West. 452 The Queen of James I. Van Somer. 494 The Apotheosis of the Infant Princes, 453 Princess of Brunswick.

Octavius and Alfred. West. 454 St. John Baptising Christ in the River 495 The Duke of Cumberland, and two PrinJordan. Francesco Francia.

cesses. West. 455 Jacob Stealing the Blessing. Schiavone. 496 The Dukes of Cumberland, Sussex, Cam456 A Sea Port. Claude.

bridge, and three Princesses. West. 457 St. Francis with the Infant Jesus. Guido. 497 Queen Charlotte and Princess Royal. West. 458 Venus and Cupid, by Pontormo, the out- 498 The Swearing of Hannibal. West. line by Michael Angelo.

499 Peter denying Christ. West. 459 Dogs. Snyders.

500 The Departure of Regulus. West. 460 The Shepherds' Offering. Old Palma. 501 The Death of General Wolfe. West. 461 A Landscape, “ The Devil Sowing Tares 502 St. George and the Dragon. West.

among the Wheat." Van Uden. 503 The Wife of Armenius brought Captive to 462 The Judgment of Midas. Schiavone.

Germanicus. West. 463 The Deluge. Bassano.

504 Cyrus presented to his Grandfather. West. 464 The Shepherds' Offering. Giorgione. 465 Virgin and Child, with Saints. Giorgione.

THE QUEEN'S AUDIENCE-CHAMBER. 466 Virgin and Child, with Tobit and the 505 The Duchess of Lunenburg. Mytens. Angel. Titian.

506 Venus and Adonis. G. Chiari. 467 — 478 Twelve Pictures representing the 507 The Woman of Samaria. Palma.

History of Cupid and Psyche. L. Gior- 508 Cupid Shaving his Bow. Parmegiano. dano.

509 James IV. of Scotland, his brother Alex479 Mary, Queen of James II. Sir G.

ander, and St. Andrew. Jan de Mabuse. Kneller.

510 The Queen of James IV., with St. George. 480 A Magdalen, after Titian.

Jan de Mabuse. 481 A Portrait.

511 Henry VIII. and Family. Holbein,

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512 Countess of Lennox. Holbein.

A model of a palace, the residence of his 513 The Death of the Chevalier Bayard. West.

Highness the Nabob Nazin, at Moorshe514 The Wise Men's Offering. S. Ricci.

dabad, in Bengal, with figures in miniature, 515 The Death of Epaminondas. West. 516 Henry VIII. embarking from Dover.

designed by Major-General MʻLeod, of Holbein.

the Bengal Engineers. 517 The Battle of Spurs. Holbein.

542 A Magdalen. Young Palma. 518 The Meeting of Henry VIII. and Francis 543 Prometheus chained to the Rock. Young

I. of France.Field of the Cloth of Palma.
Gold." Holbein.

544 A Ruin, by Viviani and Jan Miel. 519 Pilate delivering up Christ. Schiavone. 545 Duns Scotus. Spagnoletto. 520 Over the fire-place, the Meeting of Henry 546 Don Carlos, son of Philip IV. of Spain. VIII.and the Emp. Maximilian. Holbein.

Murillo. 521 The Apostles, Peter, James, and John. 547 King William III. when a boy.

Caravaggio. 522 Margaret, Queen of Scots. 523 Duke of Brunswick. Mytens. 524 Edward IV. Belchamp.

CHAMBER. 525 Isabella, Arch-Duchess of Austria, daugh- 548 Count Gondomar, Ambassador from the ter of Philip II. of Spain.

King of Spain to King James I. My. 526 Duchess of Brunswick. Mytens.

tens. 527 Head of a Female.

549 A Magdalen. Titian. 528 Head of a Youth.

550 A Lady, with an Orrery and Dog. Par529 Portrait.

megiano. 530 Portrait.

551 A Concert. Giovanni Bellini. 531-537 Foreign Birds. Bogdane.

552 The Wise Men's Offering. P. Veronese. 538 Portrait.

553 The destruction of the Children of Niobe. 539 Christian IV., King of Denmark.

Rothenhamer. 540 Maximilian, Archduke of Austria. 554 The Flight into Egypt. Teniers, after 541 The Maid of the Inn. Rosalba.

555 Frederick the Great.

556 Ganymede. Michael Angelo.

557 St. John with a Lamb. Spagnoletto. This room is hung with arras tapestry, in five 558 Nymphs. G. Chiari. compartments ; on the south side of the 559 Christ in the house of Mary and Martha.

Bassano. room are two pieces, representing Rebekah

560 The Good Samaritan. Giacomo Bassano. at the well, Gen. xxiv. 18; and Abraham 561 Judas betraying Christ. Pordenone. and Melchizedek, Gen. xiv. 18. There 562 Buildings in a Landscape. John Breughel. are eight more pieces of this splendid 563 St. Jerome, after Albert Durer. tapestry in the Great Hall, all the same

564 Christ blessing Little Children. Huens. design, and the subject the History of 565 Jacob's Journey. Giacomo Bassano.

566 Faith. Guercino. Abraham.

567 Madame Chastilion. On the west side the story of Midas.

568 Nymphs. G. Chiari. On the north side, Tobias and the Angel 569 Boaz and Ruth. Giacomo Bassano.

taking leave of his Father, Tobit, and his 570 Mars and Venus. P. Veronese. Mother grieving for his departure.

571 The Marriage of Joseph and Mary. Maz

zuoli. Elymas the Sorcerer struck with blindness, 572 The Assumption of the Virgin. Giacomo after Raphael. This piece of tapestry

Bassano. was worked at Sir Francis Crane's manu

573 Nymphs and Satyrs (a drawing). Isaac factory, at Mortlake.


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