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787 Marriage of Henry V. Kent.

835 George I. 788 Sir P. Lely, by himself.

836 Portrait. 789 Susannah and the Elders. P. Veronese. 837 The Emperor Paul of Russia. 790 Interior of a Church. Steenwyck. 838 Stanislaus, King of Poland. 791 St. Peter in Prison.

839 William of Nassau, Prince of Orange, 792 Lot and his Daughters, after Guido.

great-grandfather to King William III. 793 Sea Piece. Parcelles.

840 Queen of Prussia. 794 Lady and Gentleman. Giorgione.

841 Louis XV. of France, when young. 795 Diana, after Titian.

842 Portrait. 796 Joseph Interpreting the Dream.

843 General Spalken. 797 Portrait.

844 Portrait.

845 Portrait. We now proceed along

846 North, Bishop of Winchester. Dance.

847, 848 Hurd, Bishop of Worcester. GainsTHE PORTRAIT GALLERY,

borough. A long, rather narrow chamber, occuping the 849 Portrait. western side of the Fountain Court. The 850 Duke of Gloucester. Kneller.

851 George, Prince of Denmark. Dahl. pictures in this gallery are

852—855 Portraits of foreign Princes. 798 William, Prince of Orange. Sir G. Kneller. 799 Dobson and his Wife. Dobson.

THE QUEEN'S STAIRCASE, 800 Mary, Queen of James II. Verelst. 801 Admiral Lord Keith.

An ornamental Ceiling, painted by Vick; 802 Lord Hutchinson. T. Phillips, R. A.

also a large Painting representing 803 Spencer Perceval. Joseph. 804 Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

856 Charles I. and his Queen, as Apollo and 805—813 The Triumphs of Julius Cæsar, con

Diana, sitting in the clouds; the Duke sisting of nine pictures in water colours,

of Buckingham under the figure of painted by Andrea Mantegna, for the

Mercury introduces to them the Arts Marquis of Mantua; they are the most

and Sciences, while several genii drive esteemed of his works, and were pur

away Envy and Malice. G. Honthorst. chased with the rest of that celebrated

From the lobby of this staircase we collection by Charles I., for 80,0001.

turn into 814 Sir Jeffery Hudson. Mytens. 815 Alderman Lemon. 816 Henry VII. and his Queen, Elizabeth ;

THE QUEEN'S GUARD-CHAMBER. Henry VIII. and his Queen, Jane 857 The Triumph of Bacchus. Ciro Ferri.

Seymour. Remee, after Holbein. 858 A Fruit Piece. De Heem. 817 Portrait.

859 Christ in the House of Mary and Martha. 818 Portrait of a Lady.

Vriese. 819 Schachner of Austria.

860 The Murder of the Innocents.

Old 820 Portrait of a Lady.

Breughel. 821 Lord Darnley and his Brother. L. de 861 An Incantation. J. Bos. Heere.

862 A Portrait of Gentz. Sir T. Lawrence. 822 Two Portraits.

863 Fair Rosamond Clifford. 823 Jane Shore.

864 C. F. Abel, an eminent musician and com824 Duke of Wirtemberg. Mytens.

poser (he died in 1787). Robineau. 825 Edward III.

865 Philip III. of Spain. 826, 827, 828 Portraits.

866 A Portrait of a Man in Armour, at the age 829 The Daughters of George II. Maingaud. of 72, the date 1617. 830, 831, 832 Portraits.

867 A Portrait of a Youth at the age of 17 : 833 Haydn.

inscribed on the Picture u Genus et 834 Portrait.

Genius, 1617."

868 Mrs. Delany. Opie.

913 Portrait. 869 Portrait.

914 View in the West Indies. F. Post. 870 Duke of Gloucester, son of Queen Anne. 915 Venus and Satyr. Albano. Kneller.

916 Portrait. Titian. 871 Mary de Medicis. Pourbus.

917 Italian Peasants. M. A. Ba 872 A whole-length Portrait of a Child, with a 918 Virgin and Child. J. De Mabuse. wreath of flowers in her hand.

919 Portrait of Titian, by himself. 873 Henry IV. of France. Pourbus.

920 An East Indian Scene. 874 A Portrait of a Lady, in a large ruff. 921 A Dead Christ. N. Poussin. 875 A Portrait of a Lady, with a fan of feathers 922 Portrait of Raphael. in her hand, dated 1594.

923 The Judgment of Paris. L. Cranach. 876 Sir I. Newton. Sir G. Kneller.

924 The Shepherds' Offering. T. Zucchero. 877 Sampson and Dalilah. Vandyke.

925 Portrait of Giorgione, by himself. 878 John Locke. Sir G. Kneller.

926 Nymphs and Satyrs. Poelemberg.
879 The Assembly of the Gods. B. Sprangher. 927 Worshipping the Host. Bassano.
880 The Burning of Rome. Giulio Romano. 928 Portrait of Holbein, by himself.
881 The Earl of Moira. J. Hoppner.
882 The King of Oude receiving Tribute. Home.
883 Over the fire-place, a Wild Boar Hunt.


929 Rear-Admiral Sir Charles Knowles' Squa884 The Comic Muse. J. Hoppner.

dron attacking Port Louis in St. Do885 Francis, Duke of Bedford. J. Hoppner.

mingo, March 8, 1748. 886 Virgin and Child. Carlo Cignani.

930 A Dock-yard. J. Clevely. 887 St. Jerome. J. De Hemessen.

931 Deptford Dock-yard. R. Paton. 888 The Marquis del Guasto and Page. Titian. 932 The Royal Yacht in a Storm. R. Wright. 889 A Sea-port. Parcelles.

933 Rear-Admiral Sir Charles Knowles's Ac890 Portrait of Giacomo Bassano, by himself.

tion with a Spanish squadron off the Ha891 Portrait of Sir Peter Lely, by himself.

vannah, in the Isle of Cuba, Oct. 1, 1748. 892 Portrait of Tintoretto.

934, 935 The Hull of the Sphynx, sixth rate, 893 Portrait of Holbein.

Marshall. 894 Portrait of Giulio Romano.

936, 937 The Hull of the Enterprise, sixth 895 Portrait of Michael Angelo.

rate, 28 guns. Marshall. 896 Portrait of P. Del Vago.

938, 939 The Hull of the Kingfisher, a sloop, 897 The Triumph of Bacchus, Venus, and

14 guns. Marshall. Ariadne, by Romanelli, after Guido. 898 Interior of a Hall with Figures. Van Delen.

The next apartment is known by the 899 St. George and the fair Princess Cleodo.

name of linde. Tintoretto. 900 Virgin and Child. Tintoretto.

THE QUEEN'S PRESENCE CHAMBER. 901 Cleopatra. L. Caracci. 902 Still life. Roestraeten.

940–943 Over the doors are four pictures, 903 A Landscape with Cattle. Swaneveldt.

representing George III. reviewing the 904 Christian VII. of Denmark,

Fleet at Portsmouth. D. Serres. 905 Charles XII. of Sweden.

944 Charles I. returning from Spain. H. C. 906 Frederick II. of Prussia.

Vroom. 907 The Queen of Frederick II. of Denmark. 945 The close of the Action of November 4, 908 Mademoiselle de Claremont.

1805, in which Sir Richard Strachan, 909 Marianne, Duchess de Bourbon, daughter with four ships of the line and four of the Prince de Conty.

frigates, captured four French ships of 910 Madame Pompadour, mistress of Louis the line ; the Hero, Captain Gardner, XV. Greuze.

took a distinguished share in this action, 911 Cherries in a Dish. Daniel Nes.

and suffered a greater loss of men than 912 The Holy Family. F. Lauri.

the other ships. Pocock.

20 guns.


946 The commencement of Sir Robert Calder's 966 An Action between English and Dutch. action, July 22, 1805, at the time when

Vandevelde. the leading ship, the Hero, Captain 967 The Earl of Sandwich. Dobson. Gardner, had found herself, on the 968 The British Fleet attacking the French clearing of the fog, near the van of the Fleet in a Harbour. Vandevelde. combined fleet, which was composed of 969 The Dock-yard at Chatham. R. Paton. the Spanish division, which the Hero 970 The Battle of Camperdown--the Close of engaged. The Ajax, Triumph, and the Action. J. T. Serres. Barfleur are the other British ships 971 The Dock-yard at Woolwich. R. Paton. represented, and the Sirius frigate, 972 Sea Piece, a Calm. Vandevelde. which was fired at by the Espana, 973, 974 The Hull of a Vessel. the fourth ship of the Spaniards. 975 A Sea Engagement. Parcelles. Pocock.

976, 977 Two Pictures, representing the burn947 A British Ship engaged with three Spanish ing of the French ships, Soleil Royal, Advessels. Vandevelde.

mirable, and Conquérant, by fire-ships 948 The close of the same Action, Vandevelde. and boats at La Hogue, May 23, 1692. 949 The destruction of a Dutch merchant 978 The Burning of a Fleet in a Harbour.

Fleet and two Ships of War, and the Vandevelde.
Town of Bandaris on the coast of Hol. 979 The Burning of a Fleet. Vandevelde.
land, by Admiral Sir R. Holmes, on the 980 The English Fleet Attacking the Dutch
29th of July, 1666. Vandevelde.

Fleet in a Harbour. Vandevelde. 950 The Battle of August, 1673, in which 981 The Burning of a Fleet. Vandevelde.

Prince Rupert commanded the French 982,983 The Hull of the Barfleur, Second
and English, the former of which kept Rate, 90 Guns. Marshall.
out of the action, and the brunt was 984 A Sea Piece.
borne by Sir E. Spragge against Van 985 View of the Thames at Greenwich.
Tromp ; both were obliged to change 986 A Sea Piece. Elliot.
their ships, and Spragge was drowned 987 View of the Thames at the Tower.
in a boat in doing so to change his flag 988 Blackwall. J. T. Serres.
to a fresh ship. Vandevelde.

989 View of the Thames at the Temple.
951, 952 The Hull of the Royal George, First 990 A Sea Piece. Elliot.
Rate, 100 Guns. Marshall.

991 A Sea Piece. 953, 954 Sea Pieces, (sketches in black and 992 A Sea Piece. J. T. Serres. white). Vandevelde.

993, 994 The Hull of the Experiment, Fourth 955 The Dock-yard at Portsmouth. R. Paton.

Rate, 50 Guns. Marshall. 956 The Commencement of the Battle of Cam- 995, 996 The Hull of the Royal Oak, Third perdown. J. T. Serres.

Rate, 74 Guns. Marshall. 957 The Dock-yard at Sheerness. R. Paton. 997, 998 The Hull of the Ambuscade, Fifth 958 An Action between a British Ship and a Rate, 32 Guns. Marshall. Dutch Fleet. Vandevelde.

999, 1000 The Hull of the Intrepid, Third 959 Sir John Lawson. Sir P. Lely.

Rate, 64 Guns. Marshall. 960 An Action between the English and Dutch. | 1001, 1002 The Hull of the Portland, Fourth Vandevelde.

Rate, 50 Guns. Marshall. 961,962 Two Small Sea Pieces. Swaine. 1003 Sea Piece. Brooking. 963 The Battle of Trafalgar. Huggins. 1004 View in Holland. 964 The Day after the Battle of Trafalgar. 1005 View in Holland. Huggins.

1006 River in Holland. Solomon Ruysdael. 965 The Close of the Action of Trafalgar. 1007 A Sea Piece. D. Serres. Huggins.

1008 A Sea Piece. Monamy.

Our survey of the state apartments being now finished, we pass to the broad walk by the Grand Entrance of the east front. The first view of this walk, whether we approach it thus, or turn suddenly into it from the

[graphic][merged small][merged small]

Wilderness, is very striking and beautiful. After wandering from room to room, poring upon the living canvas, which really and truly is exhausting work, it is wonderfully refreshing to fling oneself on a seat beneath a shady yew-tree, and inhale the limpid air, pregnant with thousand delicious odours. After all, can anything that we have gazed upon within these lofty walls, compare with the pictures that are without ?

" Who can paint like nature ?
Can imagination boast, in all her gay creation, hues like hers?"

Although the disposition of the walks and flower plats is formal, yet the formality does not displease the eye; the surface of the ground is happily adapted to give effect to the long-drawn avenues and opening glades; the trees and shrubs, especially the evergreens, of which there are very many, contrast finely in their perennial verdure with the blaze of thousand flowers of various dyes which, in their season, overspread the grounds like a gorgeous carpet.

These gardens contain about forty-four acres, and were laid out in the Dutch style, or as others will have it, in imitation of the style of Louis Quatorze, by London and Wise, gardeners to William and Mary.

The formal disposition of the gardens was not in those days confined to laying out the walks ; the evergreens were educated to assuine fantastic forms, and great was the gardener who could produce the most ridiculous shapes in yew, or juniper, or holly. At present a more judicious taste prevails, and nature is allowed to dress after her own fashion.

The broad walk, terminating to the north at the Flowerpot Gates, leads us

[graphic][merged small]

to the Terrace parallel to the Thames to the south, where is a delightful prospect of the river and verdant meads on the opposite side; we can almost fancy, seated in conscious beauty beneath the awning of that gilded barge, Pope's Belinda, now floating without effort adown the stream, like life's prosperous career :

“ But now secure the painted vessel glides,

The sunbeams trembling on the floating tides :
While melting music steals upon the sky,
And softened sounds upon the waters die ;
Smooth flow the waves, the zephyrs gently play,
Belinda smiled, and all the world was gay."


A little beyond the south-eastern angle of the garden front, a gate generally closed, but which will be speedily opened upon the summons of the bell, leads into the Private Garden, without seeing which none can say that they have explored all the beauties of Hampton Court. Evelyn alludes to these gardens : “ In the garden is a rich and noble fountain, with syrens' statues, cast in copper by Fanelli, but no plenty of water. The cradel-walk of hornbeam in the garden, is very remarkable for the perplexed twining of

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