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Children are such omnivorous readers that teachers and parents are constantly at their wit's end, not only in naming enough books to supply their demands, but in grouping these books according to the order of difficulty. Most public libraries can furnish such lists based upon their experience with children. In fact no modern public library can carry on its work successfully without an especially prepared librarian in charge of the books for children. The arrangement of any list by grades must at best be only approximate, but if done in the light of a wide experience may be of the greatest practical help to the young teacher or to the parent. The following list is one issued by the Chicago Public Library, and is used here through the great kindness of Miss Adah F. Whitcomb, supervisor of the children's room and director of the training class. Any well-selected collection for children will contain a large proportion of these titles, and the list is extended enough and varied enough to furnish attractive reading material for any young person. At need it may be supplemented by the more elaborate lists found in some of the guides mentioned in the General Bibliography (p. 2).

Banta, N. Moore, and Benson, Alpha B., Brownie Primer.
Blaisdell, Mary Frances, Mother Goose Children.
Brooke, Leonard Leslie, Johnny Crow's Garden.

Johnny Crow's Party.
Buffum, Katharine G., Mother Goose in Silhouettes.
Craik, Georgiana Marion, So-fat and Mew-mew.
Crane, Walter, Beauty and the Beast Picture Book.

Bluebeard's Picture Book.
Cinderella's Picture Book.
Goody Two Shoes Picture Book.
Mother Hubbard, Her Picture Book.
Red Riding Hood's Picture Book.
Song of Sixpence.
This Little Pig, His Picture Book.

Buckle My Shoe.
Fox, Florence Cornelia, The Indian Primer.
Gaynor, Mrs. Jessie Love, and Riley, Alice C. D., Songs of the Child-World.
Greenaway, Kate, Under the Window.
Haaren, John Henry, Rhymes and Fables.
Howard, Frederick Ward, Banbury Cross Stories.
Lansing, Marion Florence, The Child's World Garden.
Le Fèvre, Felicité, The Cock, the Mouse, and the Little Red Hen.
Lucas, Edward Verrall, Four and Twenty Toilers.
Mother Goose, The Real Mother Goose (illus. by Blanche Fisher Wright),

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Noyes, Marion, The Sunshine Primer.
Saxby, Lewis, Life of a Wooden Doll.
Seton, Ernest Thompson, Wild Animal Play for Children.
Skinner, A. M., and Lawrence, L. N., Little Dramas for Primary Grades.
Smith, Elmer Boyd, Chicken World.
Varney, A. S., The Robin Reader.
Welsh, Charles, (ed.), Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes.
Wiltse, Sara E., Folklore Stories and Proverbs.

Adelborg, Ottilia, Clean Peter and the Children of Grubbylea.
Æsopus, Fables (Dalkeith ed.).
Bannerman, Mrs. Helen, Story of Little Black Sambo.
Bass, Florence, Nature Stories for Young Readers: Animal Life.

Nature Stories for Young Readers: Plant Life.
Bryce, Catherine Turner, Stevenson Reader.
Burgess, Gelett, Goops, and How to Be Them.

More Goops, and How Not to Be Them.
Caldecott, Randolph, Come Lasses Picture Book.

Hey Diddle Diddle Picture Book.
Coe, Ida, Story Hour Readers. Vols. 3, 4.
Cooke, Flora J., Nature Myths and Stories for Little Children.
Craik, Georgiana Marion, Bow-wow and Mew-mew.
Crane, Walter, Baby's Own Æsop.
Deming, Therese Osterheld, Little Indian Folk.

Little Red People.
Dodge, Mary Mapes, Rhymes and Jingles.
Greenaway, Kate, Marigold Garden.
Haaren, John Henry, Songs and Stories.
Hix, Melvin, Once-upon-a-Time Stories.
Ivimey, John William, Three Blind Mice.
McCullough, Annie Willis, Little Stories for Little People.
Moore, Annie E., Pennies and Plans.
Murray, Clara, The Child at Play.
Poulsson, Emilie, The Runaway Donkey and Other Rhymes.

Through the Farmyard Gate.
Smith, Elmer Boyd, Farm Book.

Santa Claus Book.

Seashore Book.
Smith, Gertrude, Lovable Tales of Janey and Josey and Joe.

Roggie and Reggie Stories.
Tileston, Mary Wilder Foote, Sugar and Spice and All That's Nice.
Tolman, Stella Webster Carroll, Around the World, Vol. 1.
Turpin, Edna Henry Lee, Classic Fables.
Weatherly, F. E., The Book of Gnomes.

Aspinwall, Mrs. Alicia, Short Stories for Short People.
Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin, Boys and Girls of Colonial Days.

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Brocks, Dorothy, Red Children.
Brooke, Leonard Leslie, Golden Goose Book.
Brown, Abbie Farwell, Christmas Angel.

Lonesomest Doll.
Browning, Robert, Pied Piper of Hamelin (illus. by Hope Dunlap).
Chisholm, Louey, Nursery Rhymes.
Deming, Mrs. Therese Osterheld, Children of the Wild.

Little Brothers of the West.
Dodge, Mrs. Mary Mapes, New Baby World.
Field, Eugene, Lullaby-land: Songs of Childhood.
Foulke, Elizabeth E., Braided Straws.

Twilight Stories.
Francis, Joseph Greene, Book of Cheerful Cats and Other Animated Animals.
Gates, Mrs. Josephine Scribner, Story of Live Dolls.
Gerson, Virginia, Happy Heart Family.
Grimm, Jacob L. K., and Wilhelm, K., Fairy Tales (Lucas ed.).

Fairy Tales (Wiltse ed.).
Haaren, John Henry, Fairy Life.
Lang, Andrew, Prince Darling, and Other Stories.
Lansing, Marion Florence, Rhymes and Stories.
McMurry, Mrs. Lida Brown, Classic Stories for the Little Ones.
Morley, Margaret Warner, Seed-Babies.
Peary, Mrs. Josephine Diebitsch, Snow Baby.
Perkins, Lucy Fitch, Dutch Twins.

Japanese Twins.
Pierson, Clara Dillingham, Among the Farmyard People.
Pyle, Katharine, Careless Jane, and Other Tales.
Shute, Katherine H., Land of Song, Vol. 1.
Tappan, Eva March, Dixie Kitten.

Golden Goose.
Thorne-Thomsen, Mrs. Gudrun, East o' the Sun.
Trimmer, Mrs. Sarah K., History of the Robins.
Valentine, Mrs. Laura Jewry, Aunt Louisa's Book of Fairy Tales.
Woodward, Alice B., Peter Pan Picture Book.

Alden, Raymond Macdonald, Why the Chimes Rang.
Andersen, Hans Christian, Fairy Tales (Lucas ed.).
Barrie, James Matthew, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.
Brown, Abbie Farwell, John of the Woods.
Brown, Helen Dawes, Little Miss Phoebe Gay.
Browne, Frances, Granny's Wonderful Chair, and Its Tales of Fairy Times.
Campbell, Helen LeRoy, Story of Konrad, the Swiss Boy.
Carryl, Charles Edward, Davy and the Goblin.
Craik, Mrs. Dinah Maria, Adventures of a Brownie.
Crichton, Mrs. F. E., Peep-in-the-World.
Drummond, Henry, Monkey That Would Not Kill.
Faulkner, Georgene, Italian Fairy Tales.

Russian Fairy Tales.

Grimm, Jacob L. K., and Wilhelm K., Household Fairy Tales, tr. by L. Crane.
Hopkins, William John, Sandman: His Farm Stories.
Houghton, Mrs. Louise Seymour, Russian Grandmother's Wonder Tales.
Ingelow, Jean, Mopsa the Fairy.
Lang, Andrew, Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp.

Nursery Rhyme Book.
Pretty Goldilocks.
Snow Man.

Snow Queen.
Lindsay, Maud, and Poulsson, Emilie, Joyous Travelers.
Lorenzini, Carlo, Adventures of Pinocchio.
Lucas, Edward Verrall, Book of Verses for Children.
Macdonald, George, Princess and the Goblin.
Morley, Margaret Warner, Donkey John of Toy Valley.
O'Shea, Michael Vincent, Old World Wonder Stories.
Paine, Albert Bigelow, How Mr. Dog Got Even.

How Mr. Rabbit Lost His Tail.
Peck, Harry Thurston, Adventures of Mabel.
Pierson, Mrs. Clara Dillingham, Three Little Millers.
Pyle, Katharine, As the Goose Flies.

Christmas Angel.

Counter pane Fairy.
Richards, Mrs. Laura E., Joyous Story of Toto.

Toto's Merry Winter.
Schwartz, Julia Augusta, Five Little Strangers.
Scudder, Horace E., Book of Fables.

Book of Folk Stories.

Children's Book.
Segur, Sophie R. de, Story of a Donkey.
Thorne-Thomsen, Mrs. Gudrun, Birch and the Star.
Walker, Margaret Coulson, Lady Hollyhock and Her Friends.
Welsh, Charles, Fairy Tales Children Love.
Wette, A. H., Hansel and Gretel (illus. in colors).
White, Eliza Orne, When Molly Was Six.
Williston, Teresa Peirce, Japanese Fairy Tales.
Zwilgmeyer, Dikken, Johnny Blossom.

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Alden, William Livingston, Cruise of the Canoe Club.

Cruise of the Ghost.'

Moral Pirates.
Baldwin, James, Old Greek Stories.
Brown, Abbie Farwell, In the Days of Giants.
Burnett, Frances Hodgson, Little Lord Fauntleroy.
Caldwell, Frank, Wolf, the Storm Leader.
Coburn, Claire Martha, Our Little Swedish Cousin.
Colum, Padraic, Boy Who Knew What the Birds Said.
Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge, Alice in Wonderland.

Duncan, Norman, Adventures of Billy Topsail.
French, Allen, Story of Rolf and the Viking's Bow.
Golding, Vautier, Story of David Livingstone.
Gordy, Wilbur Fisk, American Leaders and Heroes.
Grinnell, George Bird, Jack among the Indians.
Hall, Jennie, Viking Tales.
Jacobs, Joseph, Celtic Fairy Tales.

, English Fairy Tales.
Jenks, Albert Ernest, Childhood of Ji-shib, the Ojibway.
Kaler, James Otis, Mr. Stubb's Brother.

Toby Tyler.
Kipling, Rudyard, Just-So Stories.
Lucas, Edward Verrall, Book of Verses for Children.
Mabie, Hamilton Wright, Norse Stories.
Mighels, Philip Verrill, Sunnyside Tad.
Olcott, Frances Jenkins, Fairies and Elves.

Arabian Nights.
Paine, Albert Bigelow, Arkansaw Bear.
Pendleton, Louis B., In the Camp of the Creeks.
Pyle, Howard, Garden behind the Moon.

Story of King Arthur and His Knights.

Wonder Clock.
Pyle, Katharine, Nancy Rutledge.
Richards, Laura E., Captain January.
Schultz, James Willard, With the Indians in the Rockies.
Seton, Ernest Thompson, Lives of the Hunted.
Spyri, Mrs. Johanna, Heidi.
Stockton, Frank R., Fanciful Tales.
Stoddard, William Osborn, Little Smoke.
Tappan, Eva March, Robin Hood: His Book.
Thackeray, William Makepeace, Rose and the Ring.
Wesselhoeft, Lily F., Sparrow, the Tramp.
Wiggin, Kate Douglas, Birds' Christmas Carol.
Wiggin, Kate Douglas, and Smith, Nora A., Fairy Ring.
Wyss, Johann David, Swiss Family Robinson.
Zollinger, Gulielma, Widow O’Callaghan's Boys.

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Alcott, Louisa M., Eight Cousins.

-, Jack and Jill.
Baldwin, James, Story of the Golden Age.

Story of Roland.

Story of Siegfried.
Bennett, John, Barnaby Lee.
Bond, Alexander Russell, Pick, Shovel and Pluck.
Bostock, Frank Charles, Training of Wild Animals.
Brooks, Elbridge Streeter, Master of the Strong Hearts.
Brooks, Noah, Boy Emigrants (illus. ed.).

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