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Browne, Belmore, Quest of the Golden Valley.
Burnett, Mrs. Frances Hodgson, Little Princess.
Crump, Irving, Boys' Book of Firemen.
Daviess, Marie Thompson, Phyllis.
Defoe, Daniel, Robinson Crusoe.
Dix, Beulah Marie, Merrylips.
Dodge, Mrs. Mary Mapes, Hans Brinker.
DuBois, Mary Constance, Lass of the Silver Sword.
Eggleston, George Cary, Last of the Flatboats.
Ford, Sewell, Horses Nine.
French, Allen, Story of Grellir the Strong.

Junior Cup.
Greene, Frances N., and Kirk, Dolly W., With Spurs of Gold.
Greene, Homer, Blind Brother.
Gregor, Elmer Russell, Red Arrow.
Hamp, Sidford Frederick, Treasure of Mushroom Rock.
Hawkes, Clarence, Shaggycoat: the Biography of a Beaver.
Hudson, William Henry, Little Boy Lost.
Inman, Henry, Ranche on the Oxhide.
Irving, Washington, Rip Van Winkle.
Jacobs, Joseph, Indian Fairy Tales.
Johnston, William Allen, Deeds of Doing and Daring.
Kipling, Rudyard, Jungle Book.
Lang, Andrew, Red True Story Book.
Little, Francis, Camp Jolly.
Lothrop, Mrs. Harriet Mulford, Five Little Peppers.
Munroe, Kirk, Flamingo Feather.
Page, Thomas Nelson, Two Little Confederales.
Pyle, Katharine, Theodora.
Rankin, Mrs. Carroll Watson, Dandelion Cottage.
Roberts, Theodore, Red Feathers.
Seaman, Augusta Huiell, Boarded-up House.
Seawell, Molly Elliot, Little Jarvis.
Seton, Ernest Thompson, Wild Animals I Have Known.
Stockton, Frank R., Bee-Man of Orn.
Stoddard, William Osborn, Red Mustang.
Swift, Jonathan, Gulliver's Travels.
Wade, Mrs. Mary Hazelton B., Wonder Workers.
Wallace, Dillon, Arctic Stowaways.
Wesselhoeft, Mrs. Elizabeth Foster, Jack, the Fire Dog.

Adams, Joseph Henry, harper's Indoor Book for Boys. Harper's Outdoor Book for Boys.
Alcott, Louisa M., Jo's Boys. Old-fashioned Girl. Under the Lilacs.
Altsheler, Joseph Alexander, Forest Runners. Free Rangers. Young Trailers.
Barnes, James, Hero of Erie: Oliver Hazard Perry. Yankee Ships and Yankee Sailors.
Browne, Belmore, White Blanket.
Bullen, Frank Thomas, Cruise of the Cachalot.

Burton, Charles Pierce, Boy's of Bob's Hill.
Canavan, Michael Joseph, Ben Comee: a Tale of Roger's Rangers.
Day, Holman Francis, Eagle Badge.
Deland, Ellen Douglas, Oakleigh.
Dix, Beulah Marie, Little Captive Lad.
Dodge, Mrs. Mary Mapes, Donald and Dorothy.
Drysdale, William, Beach Patrol. Cadet Standish of the St. Louis." Fast Mail. Young Supercargo.
Foa, Eugénie, Boy Life of Napoleon.
Garland, Hamlin, Long Trail.
Greene, Homer, Pickett's Gap.
Grey, Zane, Young Forester. Young Pitcher.
Grinnell, George Bird, Jack among the Indians. Jack in the Rockies. Jack, the Young Ranchman.
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, Grandfather's Chair.
Henley, William Ernest, Lyra Heroica: Book of Verse for Boys.
Hill, T., Fighting a Fire.
Hough, Emerson, Young Alaskans.
Hughes, Thomas, Tom Brown's School Days.
Jackson, Mrs. Helen Hunt, Nellie's Silver Mine.
Jacobs, Caroline Emilia, Joan's Jolly Vacation. Joan of Juniper Inn.
Kieffer, Henry Martyn, Recollections of a Drummer-Boy.
Munroe, Kirk, At War with Pontiac. Cab and Caboose.
Pyle, Howard, Otto of the Silver Hand.
Quirk, Leslie W., Baby Elton, Quarterback.
Roberts, Charles G. D., Kindred of the Wild.
Seton, Ernest Thompson, Two Little Savages.
Stockton, Frank R., Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coast.
Stoddard, William Osborn, Red Patriot. White Cave. Lost Gold of the Montezumas.
Tolman, Albert Walter, Jim Spurling, Fisherman.
Tomlinson, Everett Titsworth, Search for Andrew Field. Three Colonial Boys. Red Chief.

Marching against the Iroquois.
Wiggin, Kate Douglas, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.
Zollinger, Gulielma, Maggie McLanehan.

Adams, Andy, Wells Brothers: the Young Cattle Kings.
Ashmun, Margaret Eliza, Isabel Carlton's Year.
Barbour, Ralph Henry, Behind the Line. Crimson Sweater.
Beach, Edward Latimer, Annapolis First Classman.
Bennett, John, Master Skylark.
Catherwood, Mary Hartwell, Story of Tonty.
Cervantes-Saavedra M. de, Don Quixote.
Clemens, Samuel L., Prince and the Pauper.
Coffin, Charles Carleton, Boys of '76.
Cooper, James Fenimore, Deerslayer.
Dana, Richard Henry, Two Years before the Mast.
Doubleday, Russell, Cattle-Ranch to College.
Driggs, Lawrence La Tourette, Adventures of Arnold Adair, American Ace.
Duncan, Norman, Adventures of Billy Topsail.

Eggleston, George Cary, Bale Marked Circle X.
French, Harry W., The Lance of Kanana.
Gilbert, A., More than Conquerors.
Gordon, Charles William, Glengarry School Days.
Goss, Warren Lee, Jed.
Hamp, Sidford Frederick, Dale and Fraser, Sheepmen.
Hill, Frederick Trevar, On the Trail of Grant and Lee.
Homer, Adventures of Odysseus. (Colum ed.)
Hughes, Rupert, Lakerim Athletic Club.
Johnston, Charles Haven L., Famous Scouts.
Kipling, Rudyard, Captains Courageous.
London, Jack, Call of the Wild.
Macleod, Mary, Shakespeare Story Book.
Malory, Sir Thomas, Book of King Arthur and His Noble Knights.
Masefield, John, Martin Hyde.
Meigs, Cornelia, Master Simon's Garden.
Moffett, Cleveland, Careers of Danger and Daring.
Montgomery, Lucy Maud, Anne of Green Gables.
Nicolay, Helen, Boys' Life of Abraham Lincoln.
Ollivant, Alfred, Bob, Son of Battle.
Parkman, Francis, Heroes of To-day.
Pendleton, Louis B., King Tom and the Runaways.
Pyle, Howard, Men of Iron. Story of Jack Ballister's Fortunes.
Rice, Alice Caldwell H., Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch.
Richards, Laura E., Florence Nightingale.
Richmond, Grace L., Round the Corner in Gay Street.
Roberts, Charles G. D., Heart of the Ancient Wood.
Rolt-Wheeler, Francis William, Boy with the U. S. Foresters.
Schultz, James William, Quest of the Fish-Dog Skin.
Seaman, Augusta Huiell, Girl Next Door.
Singmaster, Elsie, Emmeline.
Tappan, Eva March, In the Days of Queen Elizabeth.
Thompson, Arthur Ripley, Gold-Seeking on the Dalton Trail.
Thompson, James Maurice, Alice of Old Vincennes.
Thurston, Ida Treadwell, Bishop's Shadow.
Trowbridge, John Townsend, Cudjo's Cave.
Verne, Jules, Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea.
Verrill, Alpheus Hyatt, Marooned in the Forest.
Wallace, Dillon, Wilderness Castaways.
Wallace, Lewis, Ben Hur.
Waller, Mary Ella, Daughter of the Rich.


(A number in blackface type refers to a page on which appears a literary selection under the title, by
the author, or from the book preceding the number. Book titles are in italics; selection titles and index
topics in roman type; names of authors in capitals and small capitals; and first lines of nursery rhymes
within quotation marks. See Bibliography for authors and book titles not given in this Index.)

Abou Ben Adhem, 414

Beauty and the Beast, 110
"A cat came fiddling out of a barn," 23

BEECHER, H. W., 290
Accumulative story; See Stories

Beowulf, 577
ADDISON, J., 294

Beth Gelert, 436
A diller, a dollar,” 23

Betty's Ride, A Tale of the Revolution, 496
ADLER, F., 53, 263

Beyond the Pasture Bars, 520
Admetus and the Shepherd, 337

Bible, The, 288, 289
Adventures of Arthur, 598

Bibliography: (a). General; 2-4;

Bible as
Æsop, 266-268, 272, 273-278, 264

literature for children, 3; collections of lit-
Against Idleness and Mischief, 407

erature for children, 2; dramatization, 3;
Age of Fable, The, 339, 343, 338

guides in teaching, 2-3; historical develops
AIKEN, J., 451

ment, 2; interpretations of childhood, 4;
ALDEN, R. M., 223

social and psychological backgrounds, 4;
Ali Baba, and the Forty Thieves, 579

story-telling, 3. (b). Special; biography
Alice in Wonderland, 405

and hero stories, 632; fables and symbolic
Allegory, 292, 294. See also Fables

stories, 262; fairy stories, modern fantastic
Allen-a-Dale, 628

tales, 170; fairy stories, traditional tales, 52;
Alnaschar, 279, 579

Mother Goose and nursery rhymes, 18; myths,
Ancient Legends of Ireland, 164

302; nature literature, 510; poetry, 368;
ANDERSEN, H. C., 179-203, 79, 134, 381, 390;

realistic stories, 442; romance and legend,
appreciation of, 172-173; work of, 179

576. (c). Special reading for teachers; biog-
Andersen's Best Fairy Tales, 179, 181

raphy and hero stories, 634; modern fairy
Androcles, 269

stories, 173; myths, 305; nature literature,
Androcles and the Lion, 270

512; nursery rhymes, 22; poetry, 370;
Anniversary, An, 34

romance and legend, 578. (d). Graded lists
Anxious Leaf, The, 290

for children, 12-14, 679-686
Apologue, 290, 291. See also Fable

BIDPAI; history of, 264
Apple of Discord, The, 332

Big Bear, The, 500
Arabian Nights' Entertainment, The, 579, 235, Biography and hero stories, 635-676; discus,
578, 579

sion of, 633-634; selection of, 633-634;
Arab to His Favorite Steed, The, 420

value of, 633
Arthur and Accalon, 603

Bird Habits, 549
Arthur, King, 595-603, 577, 578, 594

“Birds of a feather flock together," 23
ASBJÖRNSEN, P., 122-128; work of, 122

BLAKE, W., 400-401
"As I was going to St. Ives," 23

“Bless you, bless you, burnie bee," 23
"As I was going up Pippen Hill," 23

Blue Light, The, 134, 195
"As I went to Bonner," 23

Boats Sail on the Rivers, 394
Ass in the Lion's Skin, The, 281

“Bobby Shafto's gone to sea," 24
“As Tommy Snooks and Bessie Brooks," 23 Book of Golden Deeds, The, 671
“A swarm of bees in May," 23

Book of Legends, The, 620, 578
Autobiography; See Biography

Book of Nursery Rhymes, 21
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, The, 646 Book of the Dun Cow, 162
A Was an Apple-Pie, 34

Books for children; See Bibliography

Boots and His Brothers, 125
“Baa, baa, black sheep,” 23

“Bow, wow, wow," 24
Babes in the Wood, The, 39

Boyhood of Washington, The, 642
Baby Bye, 373

Boy's Life of Abraham Lincoln, The, 655
BAILEY, C. S., 59

Boy's Song, A, 389
BAIN, R. N., 160

Ballad, 425, 436, 628, 437, 628

Bramble Is Made King, The, 288
Ballad of Nathan Hale, The, 425

BRANDES, G., 179, 180, 196, 203
BARBAULD, A. L., 451

BreathessThere a Man, 424
‘Barber, barber, shave a pig," 23

Brier Rose, 142
Battle between the Fox and the Wolf, The, 591 BROOKS, E. S., 635
Bears of Blue River, The, 500

Brown, T. E., 418

BROWNE, F., 210, 209

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BROWNING, R., 399, 398

DASENT, G. W., 122-125
Brown Thrush, The, 374

Day Is Done, The, 410
BRYANT, S. C., 70

Day, T., 270, 456, 270
BRYANT, W. C., 417, 416

Death of Balder, The, 360
Buddist Birth Stories, 282, 283, 281

Destruction of Sennacherib, The, 416
BULFINCH, T., 339, 343

Diamond, or a Coal, A, 394
BURGESS, T. W. 515, 514

Didactic period, 443
Burial of Poor Cock Robin, The, 44

"Diddle, diddle, dumpling, my son John," 24
Butterfly's Ball, The, 397

Ding, dong, bell," 24
“Bye, baby bunting," 24

Ding Dong! Ding Dong! 372

Discontented Pendulum, The, 297

“Doctor Foster," 24
Camel and the Pig, The, 281

Doctor, The, 64
CANBY, H. S., 496

Can You, 398

Dog and the Shadow, The, 276
CARROLL, L., 405

Don Quixote, 607–618, 577
CARY, P., 377, 378

Doyle, F. H., 427
Casabianca, 400

Drakestail, 107
Cat and the Mouse, The, 60

Dramatization, II-12, 190
Celtic Fairy Tales, 162

Droll, or noodle story, 63, 71, 150; defined, 67

Duel, The, 387
Change About, 49

DulcKEN, H. W., 190–203, 179
CHILD, L. M., 375
Children's Book, The, 642

EDGEWORTH, M., 459, 458
Children's Literature; See Literature

Egg in the Nest, The, 49
Child's Guide to Reading, A, 8

"Eggs, butter, cheese, bread," 24
Christmas stories, 505

Eldorado, 415
Cinderella, 102

Elves and the Shoemaker, The, 137
Circus-Day Parade, The, 388

Emerald Is as Green as Grass, An, 394
City Mouse and the Garden Mouse, The, 268 EMERSON, R. W., 424, 423
Classic Myths of English Literature and Art, 340 Emperor's New Clothes, The, 181
Cock a Doodle Doo, 37

English Fairy and Folk Tales, 67, 84
Cock and the Fox, The, 284

English Fairy Tales, 58, 61, 73
Cock Robin, 42, 44

Evenings at Home, 451
Cock, the Cat, and the Young Mouse, The, 285 EWING, J. H., 478, 381, 477
COLE, H., 586, 591, 578

Eyes, and No Eyes, 451

Fables, 266–289; discussion of, 263-265; defined
COLLINS, W. L., 285

264; presentation of, 264-265; selection of,
"Come when you're called," 24

264, 284; use in school, 264; symbolistic and
Concord Hymn, 424

allegorical stories, 290-300; Æsopic, 266 ff.;
Connla and the Fairy Maiden, 162

Biblical, 288 ff.; Buddhistic, 281 ff.; Eng-
Cook, E., 402

lish, 270, 286; French, 273, 278, 284, 285;

Indian, 281; Roman, 269; Russian, 287;
Cossack Fairy Tales, 160

Sanskrit, 283; Spanish, 287
Country Mouse and the Town Mouse, The, 269 Fables of Æsop, The, 266, 267, 269, 278
Course of Study, 8, 9, 10, 13-16, 512, 577, 633 Fairy Book, The, 73, 80

Fairy Scene in a Wood, A, 423
Courtship of Cock Robin and Jenny Wren, 42 Fairy stories: (a) Modern fantastic tales, 174-
Cow, The, 381

260; discussion of, 171-173; some qualities
Cow, The, 392

of, 172. (b) Traditional or folk tales, 56
Cox, R., 112

168; discussion of, 53-55, 56; how to use, 55:
CRAIK, D. M.; See Mulock

vs. myths, 303; English, 56-92; French, 92-
Croesus and Solon, 299

122; Gaelic, 162–164; German, 131-150;
Crossing the Bar, 414

Indian, 150-156; Irish, 164-168; Japanese,
"Cross patch,” 24

156–159; Norse, 122-131; Russian, 160-162
Crow and the Pitcher, The, 266

Falcon, The, 429
“Curly locks! curly locks!" 24

Famous Passages from Dr. Watts, 408

Fanciful Tales, 234
Daffodils, 419

Farmer Went Trotting, A, 38
Dairywoman and the Pot of Milk, The, 278 FIELD, E., 385-387
Daisies, 385

FIELD, W. T., 21
Dame Wiggins of Lee and Her Seven Wonder Field Mouse and the Town Mouse, The, 268
ful Cats, 45, 245

Fir Tree, The, 190
"Dance, little baby, dance up high," 24

Fisherman and His Wife, The, 138
Darius Green and His Flying Machine, 432, 336 Flying Kite, 385

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