Queensland Agricultural Journal, Volumen9

Government Printer, South Africa, 1901

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Página 513 - Hour after, you may give another spoonful, which never fails. If the Roots are dried, they must be moistened with a little Water. To the wound may be applied, a Leaf of good Tobacco...
Página 466 - Elementary instruction in agriculture should be addressed less to the memory than to the intelligence of the children ; it should be based on the observation of daily facts in country life and on simple experiments, applying material resources at hand, and designed to prove the scientific fundamental ideas of the most important agricultural operations. Children in rural schools should...
Página 228 - The power of absorbing nutriment from the atmosphere, with which the leaves of plants are endowed, being proportionate to the extent of their surface, every increase in the size and number of these parts is necessarily attended with an increase of nutritive power, and a consequent further development of new leaves and branches.
Página 27 - that which passes freely from hand to hand throughout the community in final discharge of debts and full payment for commodities, being accepted equally without reference to the character or credit of the person who offers it and without the intention of the person who receives it to consume it or apply it to any other use than in turn to tender it to others in discharge of debts or payment for commodities.
Página 401 - Such material should not be used, as eggs preserved in it will not keep well. Only pure water should be used in making the solution, and it is best to boil it and cool it before mixing with the water glass. The solution should be carefully poured over the eggs packed in a suitable vessel, which must be clean and sweet, and if wooden kegs or barrels are used they should be thoroughly scalded before packing the eggs in them. The packed eggs should be stored in a cool place. If they are placed where...
Página 397 - To horses predisposed to scour water should be given frequently and in reduced quantities, and in winter the chill should be taken off by mixing it with a very little warm water. Perhaps the best plan is to leave water always before such horses, because when so supplied they drink less than when watered at intervals. A diminished quantity of water taken into the system by lessening the secretions of the intestines decreases the tendency to purgation.
Página 421 - ... in New South Wales. By the natives the fruit is eaten on all occasions. It has, when roasted, the flavour of a Spanish chestnut ; and...
Página 513 - Hound, (in Summer Roots and Branches together) a sufficient Quantity, bruise them in a Mortar, and squeeze out the Juice, of which give, as soon as possible, one large Spoonful; if he is swelled you must force it down his Throat.
Página 575 - These are a class of bodies containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, in which the hydrogen and oxygen are present in the same proportion as in water, namely two atoms of hydrogen to one atom of oxygen.
Página 466 - It was desired to give the graduates of such schools an exact knowledge of the soil, the means of improving it, the methods of cultivation, and the general management of farms, gardens, and stables.

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