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Raeph Barton Pin

Folk-Lore Readers

Book One

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6. Hot Cross Buns......Mother Goose 7. Three Little Kittens 11. Pussy and the Bird.

-From the German 12. The Mouse, the Cat and the Rooster.

..Dodsley 14. The North Wind Doth Blow ..

-Mother Goose 15. The Story of Chicken Little 18. The House that Jack Built 22. The Crab and His Mother... Æsop 23. There Was a Crooked Man....

-Mother Goose 24. The Old Woman Who Lived

in a Shoe... ...Mother Goose 27. Molly, My Sister, and I Fell Out 28. Sing a Song of Sixpence.....

-Mother Goose 30. The Three Bears..

- Retold

from Robert Southey 36. The Egg in the Nest 38. Where Are You Going ?.....

-Mother Goose 39. Ding, Dong, Bell....Mother Goose 40. The Dog and His Shadow... Æsop 41. The Mouse's House...

-Dieffenbach 42. The Frog and the Ox........ Æsop 43. Little Frogs at School 44. The Dog in the Manger... Æsop 45. Calling Pussy Willow 46. Hush, Baby, My Doll 47. The Two Frogs..

Æsop 48. The Crow and the Pitcher. Æsop 49. A Riddle 50. The Stars in the Sky 53. A Little Boy's Dream..

--Nursery Rhyme 54. The Fox that Lost His Tail.. Æsop 56. The Wise Mouse.

-Grimm 57. The Star.....

Jane Taylor 58. How the Pig Built a House

62. Who Stole the Bird's Nest? ...

-Lydia Maria Child 67. The Man and His Goose

Æsop 68. The Lion and the Mouse. . Æsop 70. Old Mother Hubbard...

-Mother Goose 72. The Young Mouse...... Dr. Aikin 74. The Fisherman and the Fish. Æsop 74. When I Was a Little Boy 76. Little Bo-Peep 76. Baa, Baa, Black Sheep...

-Mother Goose 78. The Little Man.. From the German 80. The Breakfast That Flew Away

-From the German 82. A Little Yellow Chicken 83. The Rats, the Fox and the Egg

--La Fontaine 84. The Three Little Pigs 89. The Little Elf..

-John Kendrick Bangs 90. The Ten Little Rabbits..

--Kate N. Mytinger 92. Little Miss Muffet ...Mother Goose 94. Things to Guess 95. When We Have Tea....

- Thomas Tapper 96. The Kitten and the Mouse 97. Ding Dong! Ding Dong!...

-Eliza Lee Follen 98. The Gingerbread Boy. 102. Cock Crows in the Morn

SONGS 103. Humpty Dumpty 104. Little Bo-peep 104. See-saw, Margery Daw 105. Mary Had a Little Lamb 106. Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

107. About the Book 108. Vocabulary

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