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that the ground chosen has been so wide that a time may arise, and that not very remote, when broader minded ethico-religious communities will find the book valuable as a Lectionary, displacing “Bibles” of narrower historical scope and of far more mixed co ent.

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It remains to indicate the obligations of the promoters of the work to the various contributors and co-operators. The translations very kindly specially prepared for this volume

as follows:--The extracts from the Roman Stoics, by the Rev. North PINDER, M. A., (with biographical notes): extracts from PostBiblical Hebrew Literature, selected by Dr. FRIEDLAENDER, Principal of Jews' College, London, and translated by the students, with revision by the Rev. MORRIS JOSEPH: selections from the Arabic by Prof. D. S. MARGOLIOUTH, M. A., of Oxford: selections from old and new Persian, contained in the sections Sûfîism and Babíism, by Mr. E. G. BROWNE, M. A., lecturer on Persian at Cambridge. (The remaining extracts from other scholars in the Sûfi section were also suggested by Mr. Browne.) Extracts from the sacred literature of the Sikhs, rendered by Mr. FREDERIC Pincott. Mr. H. M. BAYNES has also contributed a few translations, referred to in the Notes.

In addition to the valuable services just mentioned, useful suggestions and advice have been received from many quarters, in particular from Mr. ARBUTHNOT of the Royal Asiatic Society, Mr. E. Sibree of Oxford, and Prof. D. G. Ritchie of St. Andrews.

No work of this kind could be executed without the generous co-operation of the owners of copyright. In this respect especial thanks are due to the Delegates of the Clarendon Press and others possessing proprietary rights in the works issued by them. It is not too much to say that without the permission to extract from the famous series entitled Sacred Books of the East, edited by Prof. Max Müller, the design of this Anthology must have proved abortive. Numerous other translations have been laid under contribution; and cordial thanks are due to the several authors and publishers of them for their unanimous permission that they should be utilized for this book. Special thanks are also due to the owners of original

copyrights for similar sanction. A list of these is appended; it is hoped that it is quite complete.

To the general unanimity only one exception of importance is to be noted, which could not be passed over in silence, as the reader might otherwise have been perplexed by the omission in his place of one of the most eminent exponents of spiritual faith in recent times. We regret our inability to include in the collection any fragments of the eloquence of the late FREDERICK WILLIAM ROBERTSON, of Brighton.

The summary of indebtedness would not be complete if the name were passed over of the honorary secretary of the South Place Institute Committee, Mr. W. SHEOWRING, whose untiring exertions in planning the present work and executing many of the important preliminaries are known to no one better than




From whose Copyright works extracts have been permitted.

Abbott, Rev. T. K.--Translation of Kant's Critique of Practical

Reason. Alexander, General G.-Confucius the Great Teacher. Arbuthnot, Mr. F. F.-Mirkhond's Rauzat-us-Safâ, translated by

E. H. Rehatsek. Arnold, Mrs. Matthew, and Smith, Elder & Co.- Matthew Arnold's

Culture and Anarchy, and Literature and Dogma. Arnold, Mrs., and Macmillan & Co.-Matthew Arnold's Poems. Asher & Co.-D. F. Strauss' The Old Faith and the New. Translated

by Miss Blind. Bagster & Sons, Ld., and Prof. A. H. Sayce.- Records of the Past,

New Series. Pall & Suns. - Translation of Spinoza's Tract. theol.-polit. and Ethics

by R. H. M. Elwes; Translation of Goethe's Faust by Anna Swanwick; Adelaide Anne Procter's Poems.

Bennett, Sir Sterndale.- Chorale Book for England.
Burnett & Co.- Norman Macleod : Extracts from his Writings.
Bicknell, Mr. Herman.-Selections from the Poems of Hafiz : translated.
Burns & Oates, Ld.--Caswell's Lyra Catholica; Card. Manning's

Religio Viatoris; Card. Newman's Sermons and Verses.
Campbell, Prof. Lewis, and Kegan Paul & Co., Ld. - Translation of

Seven Plays of Sophocles. Chapman & Hall, Ld.- Translation of Renan's Future of Science, and

Recollections of my Youth. Charles, Mrs. Rundle, and Nelson & Sons.-Translation of Luther's

Hymn. Clarendon Press. -Plato's Dialogues translated by Prof. B. Jowett;

Sacred Books of the East [translated], edited by Prof. Max Müller. Clark, T. & T.--St. Augustine's Works [translated), edited by Dr.

Marcus Dods; Lotze's Microcosmus translated; Schleiermacher's

Christmas Eve, translated by W. Hastie. Clodd, Mr. E., and Kegan Paul & Co., Ld.- The Childhood of Religions. Congreve, Dr. Rich.-Translation of Comte's Catechism of Positive

Religion. Davies, Rev. J., and Kegan Paul & Co., Ld.- Translation of the

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Longmans & Co., --Lyte's Miscellaneous Poems; Catherine Winkworth's

Lyra Germanica.
Lynch, Mr. E. Melville.-Rev. T. T. Lynch's The Rivulet.

Macmillan & Co.-A. H. Clough's Poems; Rev. Chas. Kingsley's

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Principles of the Reformation. Wesleyan Conference Office.--Dr. W. M. Punshon's Lectures. Whinfield, Mr. E. H., and Kegan Paul & Co., Ld. -- Translation of

the Quatrains of Omar Khayyam. Williams, Mr. L.- Translation of Bruno's The Heroic Enthusiasts. Williams & Norgate.. Prof. J. Drummond's Philo-Indaens.

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