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A Book without a preface has been said to resemble a gentleman without a bow, or a lady without a courtesy. And yet a preface has been said to be the only part of a Book which is never read, except by women and children. Not merely however, in common politeness, but with heartfelt gratitude, the Editors desire, by way of preface, to present their annual greetings to their numerous friends. Often have they, during the year, been gladdened on hearing of the eagerness with which their periodical has been received of the impression which the private and public reading of many of its articles has produced of the kind recommendation from the pulpit, the press, and the desk, with which it has been favoured- and of the usefulness by which its general course has been crowned. May the thoughts and feelings it has imparted be sanctified by the eternal Spirit, and be found unto honour and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ. May that Spirit, as the source of every good, overshadow our Sunday Schools at all times. In those Schools, muy friendships, holy and immortal, be formed: in them may sound doctrine be taught: in them may the unity of the Spirit, as the bond of peace, prevail : in them may souls innumerable be savingly converted : in them may the Church of Christ find a people made ready for the glorious enterprize of subduing a world to the obedience of faith; and rich will be the reward of the Editors should God condescendingly employ their labours to aid in accomplishing these blessed results.

The Editors are happy in being able to announce that their list of able contri butors is increasing, while in the pictorial department they have plans in progress which will, they fully believe, command the admiralion of all.

With one question they close the labours of the year ; will the reader, kindly and resolutely, DETERMINE to increase the regular sale of this Magazine ?

The former Volumes of this Magazine, neatly bound, highly illustrated, and very suitable for Libraries, presentations, rewards, &c., are on sale at 2s. 6d. each, by Simpkin & Co. and all Booksellers.

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With Five Engravings. In this part of the world the beard is often thought an incumbrance. How different in the east. There the strongest form of benediction is this May God preserve your blessed beard! The severest rebuke is this— Shame on your beard ! The firmest pledge of veracity is this• Look at this beard, the very sight of it must convince you of the truthfulness of its owner?' The highest estimation of a thing is this — It is worth more than one's beard.' The most earnest entreaty is this Grant it by the life of

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